I help high achieving women have it ALL.


Hey girl!

How long have known you are meant for MORE?

How long have you been ignoring the voice, that keeps nudging you?

I know YOU…

You’re not interested in ordinary… You want EXTRAORDINARY!

You want a business you LOVE that elevates your life AND you want to design a life that elevates your business.

You want to be on FIRE for your business AND travel the world while building it.

Women come to me from all walks of life, all types of businesses, with different challenges, but they all want ONE thing… To have it ALL!

And you are one of them.

This is what I help women do.

Because YOU are the answer to all of your problems.

And YOU are the greatest asset to create your dream life.

Everything is connected. Everything can grow together.

And I KNOW that when women grow, find what they are deeply passionate about, and create crazy successful businesses they love…

Anything is possible and everything is impacted.

This is why I am BOTH a Life and Business Coach. Because you’re life impacts your business and your business impacts your life!

And to have it ALL, you have to work on it ALL.

It all starts with YOU.

I am SO excited you are here. Let’s get started.



Kim Carson-Richards  Life Coach

I want to take a moment to celebrate that I have hit my first 5-Figure month!!
It feels like a huge milestone because it’s been such a massive journey of self growth to get to this. …. Being in Mango Magic has helped me tap into my belief. My belief in myself and what I am here on this Earth to do. I haven’t suffered from a “down” day in months. Each day I feel strong and more in flow, where things feel easy and FUN!!!

Kim Carson-Richards Life Coach
Meg (YouTube Influencer)

Last year I started the year having 10-20k income months, but feeling overwhelmed and not like myself! Through working with Lindsey I ended 2018 having 35- 50k income months…. working LESS than I ever had before, traveling more and taking MORE days off with kids then before.

Meg (YouTube Influencer)
Rose Richardson

“I could not be more grateful for the light (and grace and inner growth) that Lindsey has shed on my life. Before working with her, I had a life that was picture perfect – on paper – but wasn’t serving me in reality. As I searched for answers, it was Lindsey’s vibe that pulled me in and made me realize I could be *that* happy if I wanted to. And when I say, “happy,” I mean self confident, outspoken, honest, vulnerable, open. I signed up with her expecting to figure out a few career goals…and what I got was an entirely new perspective on life…..Now, I have my own business, blog, website, and coaching clients. But more than that, my business and personal life are interconnected to who I am and what I stand for.”

Rose Richardson