Ep #8: How and Why to Choose Abundance Over Lack

This week, I have a lesson for you that I think will really set you free. The concept of abundance and what that entails is something I’ve worked on really hard over the last couple years and it has completely shifted my mindset when it comes to my business and...

Ep #7: How to View Any Rejection

A lot of people want to put themselves out there but can only bear to display the version of themselves that they think people will like. We’re avoiding major rejection by putting up barriers and not being our true selves. On this week’s show, we’re peeling back the...

Ep #6: My Love Story

Today’s episode is one of spontaneous inspiration. I was working out at the gym when the idea came to me and I was so excited, I had to leave right away to go home and record it – sweaty workout clothes and all. That’s how full of love I was when I...
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