Ep #33: The Mental Tug of War Game

Growth and aiming big in life and business is something I discuss all the time on the podcast and it’s something I always encourage my clients to do. While that’s great and can be a lot of fun, the reality of the process includes some low moments and...

Ep #32: How to Believe

Do you have 100% belief in everything you’re doing? Belief is something I talk about all the time with my clients, and the reason this topic is so important is that I see so many people get confused about what belief really means. On this episode, I’m...

Ep #31: How to Create Opportunities by Saying No

Are you currently saying yes to things in your life that aren’t necessarily what you really want? There are so many reasons we stay in this place – out of comfort and fear a lot of the time – but today I want to highlight this concept to help you...
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