Ep #58: When You Have Setbacks

I remember a time when I struggled with my mentality around my physical fitness – “I’ll start over on Monday,” was a common phrase in my life. One bad decision or one mistake and everything was out the window and old behaviors were back in...

Ep #57: If There Is NEVER Enough Time

Since building my business, I have truly learned how to be efficient and productive whilst maximizing my time. I know many of you have 10 times more on your plate with kids, a career, and trying to build a business all at the same time, and I’ve had many...

Ep #56: How to Start a Business

I’ve reached out to you guys on Instagram to ask what you would like to hear me talk about on the podcast, and I think this week’s topic is going to resonate with and be helpful to a lot of you. Starting a business is something I know many of you feel like...
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