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Dear You,

I am SO excited to see you took the action to come to my site and read this! Every action we take outside of our norm gives us the opportunity to grow, and I must say I am happy you decided to take the time to read this letter for you.  I am going to give you a little secret today, so whatever craziness you have going on in your world, take 5 minutes to read this.  It won’t disappoint.

My answer to whatever you are searching for is, YES! Whatever you desire, whatever dreams you keep envisioning, whatever you see in me and my life that has intrigued you enough to be here; YES! It’s possible.  Maybe that little voice in your mind has been speaking to you for a while, or maybe this is your first time thinking things could be different; more happiness, more fulfillment, an abundance of all things amazing, more freedom, more money.   What I have created is possible and even BIGGER things are possible for you!

The key is in believing it…. Yea that’s it… That’s the secret.  You HAVE to believe…… here’s the kicker….without doubt.

Harder than it sounds, right?  That’s where your work begins.  You have to find out what thoughts and beliefs you are having that keep you from believing with 100% certainty that you can have whatever the hell you want in this one life you get. This can be challenging to see because whatever doubts or beliefs you have had, may feel so TRUE and real for you that you have never questioned them.  A HUGE part of my job as a coach is to help people see the things in their blind spots, but you can start doing some of this work on your own.  Question those thoughts, question everything you believe about yourself or life or that boring ass job that you are “supposed” to have that doesn’t support the life you REALLY want.

Wherever you are on this journey; frustrated, sad, lost, excited, uncertain, happy…

here is what I can offer on this.  I believe everything happens FOR us.  What if you were supposed to be in this moment exactly as you are.  I hope this can offer some perspective.  We really do get to believe what we want about things and so much peace can be found when we believe everything is happening in support of what we REALLY want in life.  We just have to be creative to see how.

I understand the feeling that there is something more and bigger out there for you.  I dealt with that for most of my adult life. I had the degree, worked the jobs, been in the relationships I thought I was supposed to be in; but that little voice in my head kept telling me I was meant for more.  I finally decided to listen and I hope that you reading this far, means  you are listening too; cheers to that.  It’s an uncertain place, but full of so much more happiness, fulfillment, and growth.

I am SO grateful for my life AND I want to give as many people as humanly possible the opportunity to live a life just as full, happy and abundant as mine.  It’s possible, I promise! I have SO much advice, perspective, and coaching I can offer you.  I have clients I coach every day to create the life of their dreams, and I know I can help you do the same if you are willing to go all in. Whether it’s with me as your coach, with your job, business, friendships, relationships, and everything else, please just make sure whatever you do, it’s with conviction, it’s with the action and energy of HELL YES ;).

Cheers to taking the first step in finding the life of your dreams.  I hope we get to talk.


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