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If there was an exact action or process that we all needed to be doing to get one particular result, wouldn’t we all be doing it? I get asked all the time by clients and listeners what specific actions they should be taking to get the results they want, and this is what I’m going to be addressing today.

There are literally billions of different ways to build a successful life, health, relationship, and business that works in alignment for you. I’m diving into why that is, and why my coaching style isn’t really about “selling” and more about asking questions.

Join me this week to learn the kind of questions you should be asking yourself to identify what your aligned actions are for the results you’re trying to achieve. This takes some practice, but really tuning into your desires and following your heart is going to get you to your goals, trust me.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to identify what your aligned actions are.
  • Why there are so many ways to build a successful life and business.
  • My goal with my coaching style.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? When this episode drops, we will be in California searching for our dream home. I’m so excited. I hope you guys have been following along on Instagram stories, and I’m looking at my calendar right now, I’m recording this ahead of time. But I’m putting it out there that by today when this episode drops, that we’ve found the perfect and most amazing home and it’s everything that we ever dreamed of having. And yes, it’s just everything.

Anyway, I’m so excited you guys are here and I cannot wait to dig into today’s topic because this is something that I am talking about constantly in my Mango Magic Business Academy, in my Mango Magic Life School, in all of my programs. And I just cannot wait to share it with you guys because it is so important to getting whatever result you guys are ultimately chasing or trying to create.

Are you guys ready? Put your seatbelt on. I’m just messing. I’m such a dork sometimes. But today what we’re going to talk about is how to identify your aligned action. So something I’m really big on in my coaching style is not just telling people exactly what they need to be doing because I truly believe that the aligned actions for everyone can be different.

Here’s my thought on this, this is my little soapbox. If there was the exact action that we all needed to be taking to getting one certain result, wouldn’t be all just be doing that and then we’d all have the result that we wanted? Yes. So the thing is, the aligned actions, the actions that create the insane results for you will look different.

So then the question becomes how do you actually identify what the aligned actions are and that is what we’re going to be talking about today. But really quick, I wanted to use a really good example of this. So, one of my friends and fellow coaches Stacey, a lot of you guys know her, we were chatting about how people think that the actions, the specific actions or the things that got us the results.

Like people will ask us things like what’s your morning routine, and I get it, that’s just fun to know too. I’m happy to share that so please keep asking away. But we want to know like, tell me exactly how many people did you reach out to every day or how many consults did you do or what are you eating for breakfast.

Anyway, we were kind of kidding about it because what we know so deeply is that it’s not about there being a perfect action. Our specific actions weren’t the things that got us the results. It was the thinking behind the actions and which actions we took based on that that got us results.

This is why there are literally 100 billion ways to do things differently and why there’s so many different ways to build a successful business, to build a successful life, to build a successful health. Anything. And that’s because there’s no right or wrong action. It’s all about the aligned actions for you and this is what gets so hard because people want to know exactly what they need to be doing, and of course, I share a lot of that in my programs, but really, I always start with questions.

Because I want you to trust yourself that you know the action, and I want you to create a life, a business, a health, a relationship that aligns with you. Not with what I believe to be true. That’s what’s important about this. So yes, actions create results, but the actions that create your massive results have to be aligned with you in order to create the results that you want.

It makes perfect sense. Why would you take my actions for health if they aren’t aligned with yours? Then you’ll just be creating a life that’s aligned with me and not aligned with you. Now again, success leaves clues so you can start to learn from those and maybe there’s something you want to implement that you’ve always dreamed of doing and you learn it from me or you follow someone and you take that action and you apply it.

But the reason why you’re choosing it is because it’s aligned. So how do you figure out what actions, what your aligned actions are? Are you guys ready? This is like, the secret sauce. So whatever result you want, if you’re stuck in like, what do I need to be doing, what actions do I need to be taking, how do I get there, the first question I want you to ask yourself is if you already knew the result was coming and it was on your way to you, like my clients are probably listening to this and they’re probably saying it exactly the same way with me because I ask it so many times.

But if your results were already guaranteed, they were already on their way to you and you knew it for sure, 100%, what actions would you be taking? What actions would you want to be taking? What actions would the version of you who already has the result that you want be taking?

Write down whatever comes to mind because this is what’s so interesting. Most of us try to take actions from a place of I don’t have the result so I must do x, y, z in order to get the result, which if you think about it, that’s not coming from a place of having the result already and in alignment with that. That’s making a decision from a place of where you are and where you are is what’s creating your current results.

It’s a little bit trippy, but this is how you step into that aligned version of you that already has the results. So then identify what are those actions. What are the things that you would be doing? This is why guys; I didn’t have a website for the first six months of my business and I built my income to replace my corporate salary and was able to leave my job before I had a website.

I don’t use my Facebook business page very much at all. I don’t do things the typical way like people do things and I don’t say that to say that that is your right way of doing it. I say it to say that was my aligned action. The actions I took were the ones that aligned with me believing that the result was already on its way to me and me doing the things that I would and wanted to be doing to create that result.

And that’s what creates the energy and the vibe that people pick up on. One of my clients from one of my past masterminds, I use this quote all the time, it’s brilliant. Her name is Emily and she said – when we were talking about this topic, she was like, “That makes so much sense. People don’t know how big of a deal you are. They only know what you put in front of them.”

And I realized that this concept, in quote form, people usually try to take action from a place of I don’t have clients, I don’t have health, I don’t have the relationship of my dreams, which is inherently coming from an energy of not having the thing that they want. Instead of showing up as the woman like, as the version of you who already knows that the man of her dreams is going to come swoop her off her feet and her focus is on creating her happiness.

Or coming from the mindset of clients are already dying to work with me, how would I show up? This is actually my marketing and branding is what it is. I get told so often that it doesn’t ever really feel like I’m selling much, which is funny because I feel like I sell a lot, but who knows. People always tell me like, I never feel like you’re selling or people tell me like, I don’t feel like you talk about your business a lot. You just kind of share your life.

And that’s because for me, the aligned action, if I knew I was at my million-dollar mark, I would just share what was on my heart, I would share about my life, I would share whatever I wanted to share, and that’s what’s created the results I have.

Now, if you guys are scribbling that down, I want you to identify is that your aligned action and if it is, by all means go do it. But if you’re like no, I’d probably be operating my business this way or my life this way, that is the aligned action you need to be taking.

And if you envision yourself doing Facebook Lives all the time as a million-dollar business owner, or six-figure business owner, whatever it is, that’s what you need to be doing right now. And that’s how you create the result and that’s how you identify your aligned action and that’s how you build a life, a relationship, a business, health and all of that that lines up with you, that you feel good doing.

Because here’s the thing; you guys are all here trying to grow because on some capacity, you want to do life your way. So your biggest lesson is going to be in trusting your aligned action and trusting yourself and the things you need to be doing that are in alignment with you already having that result because otherwise you’re going to build a life, a business, a health, a whatever, relationship, based on what you thought you were supposed to be doing and not was in alignment with you.

I’m super passionate about this and this is why I coach the way that I do because this is how I’ve gotten results. How my website looks isn’t what has gotten me results. My exact launch strategy isn’t how I got here. Now yes, I share that stuff. My mastermind ladies have a checklist. They get the deep dive into this work.

But it’s not really about that. It’s about taking the aligned actions that work for them, so it’s about using it and then saying how can I utilize this and make it my own. How can I make this line up with what I want to create, what would I be doing if I already knew the result I wanted was on its way?

Said that question like 100 times but I’m telling you guys, that’s how you take the aligned actions, that’s how you create the result that you want. And when they become your own and when you trust yourself for the answers, when you trust yourself that you know the aligned action, that is a powerful thing.

And that’s why honestly, I ask questions first always. When my clients come to me, I ask questions first because I don’t want you to believe I’m the one with your answers. My goal and my coaching style is to have you deeply trust yourself that when you have an idea, you have the tools that you need to know what actions you need to be taking.

Not going, Lindsey needs to tell me what to do. Kind of like what is Tony Robbins’ thing? I am not your guru. You are your guru. You already know and you have to trust that.

So anyway, I’m so excited. I love this topic. Please share this with somebody you know needs to hear this or share it on your Instagram story and tag me @lindseymango_. I love you guys and I cannot wait to talk to you next week. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.


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