Ep #28: What’s Responsible for Your Success?

I’ve been paying close attention lately to what has made my most successful clients, well… successful. You might not be surprised to hear that there is a practiced mindset that has helped them elevate their lives and get their results faster, and I’m...

Ep #27: How to Stay Motivated No Matter What

Okay, first of all, don’t pass over today’s episode thinking you’ve heard it all before or that this is going to be another formulaic “why” talk. We’ve all heard that knowing your personal “why” can drive you, motivate...

Ep #26: How to Make More Money

Where do you think money comes from? Do you think it comes from giving our time or energy or providing something? Nope. I know it’s hard to shift from the mindset of trading hours for dollars but I want you to stay with me here. Money comes from value. How do we...
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