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If you haven’t noticed by now…I take celebration SERIOUSLY and what perfect timing to talk about it than on my way back from a Bachelorette Party in Chicago for my best friend, celebrating her upcoming “end” to her bachelorette life ;).  

I love the thought of popping open a bottle of champagne, being conscious of an achievement or experience to be excited about for myself and for others, and creating a memory associated with the experience.  This has become an integral part of my success, happiness, AND what I give to my clients.  I see it as my duty to teach as many people as possible to celebrate themselves and for me to celebrate them.  

Celebration isn’t about becoming complacent. It’s about using every ounce of energy to consciously recognize what a badass you are!

Now, here’s the thing; I have had to LEARN this.  My coach will be the first to tell you this wasn’t my strong suit.

The reason I actually hired my coach in the first place was because I felt like NOTHING was ever good enough.  There were so many experiences, accomplishments and things in my life I could have been celebrating, but I was too focused on where I needed to make progress, what I wanted to accomplish next, where I could make a fraction of an improvement, instead of seeing all the amazing shit I had going on.  Some of this came from learning gratitude, but a lot of it also came from CELEBRATION. 

Celebration isn’t just about the bubbly. It’s about showing gratitude for yourself and your hard work, it’s about creating a memory, it’s about learning how to feel good for where you are and wanting more from an abundant place.

I would like to think I have mastered this now if you can’t tell from the many champagne popping pictures on my Insta and Facebook. 

In honor of this, I want to celebrate YOU.   

With the upcoming launch of my NEXT. BIG. THING. I am feeling incredibly grateful for ALL OF YOU; whoever is reading this, anyone who comments on my posts, likes them, reaches out to me, supports me, hires me, and even the people who don’t like me- Cue my extra motivation ;).

Without YOU I wouldn’t be here, living my kick ass life, on a mission to change the world one boss babe at a time. 

So how will I celebrate you?  I launched a new Facebook page so I could give MORE of me to you.  So for the next 5 days, starting tomorrow, I am going to do giveaways of some of my FAVORITE things. Here’s how it works:

Like my new page: and Tune in for a FB LIVE at 7:30 PM EST/ 6:30 PM CT on said page.  Everyone who likes the new page will be put into a drawing and I will pick one name every day for 5 days and present my one gift to that person.  If you want to hedge your bets and get your name in there a couple more times, share this post and/or comment on it!

Sending so much love, I CANNOT WAIT to celebrate YOU this week.



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