Ep #72: How to Sign Clients and Get Results Out of Nowhere

by Lindsey Mango Coaching | Podcast

Just recently, I generated $4000 in my business passively, out of nowhere. There was no one key action I took that equaled this result, but I’ve practiced a method that has gotten me the life and business I’ve always dreamt of, and today, I’m sharing this simple four-step process with you.

As humans, we like the idea of specific actions producing a tangible result, and sometimes that’s just not how business works. Producing results you want involves a lot of mind work, and this process I’m diving into definitely requires questioning your thoughts and beliefs around your desired outcome.

This four-step process can be applied to achieve literally anything you want, so stick with me here to really get deep in this work. The amazing results you dream of are a direct byproduct of the way you’re thinking, feeling, and showing up, and practicing this method will get you there.

  • How I generated $4000 in one day passively.
  • Why we need to give ourselves more credit for the work we’re doing.
  • 4 key steps to achieve any result you want.

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Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? It is another beautiful week in California. Again, I’m recording this ahead of time. But I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be beautiful because it’s California. I will say that when Chris and I got here, we were a little shocked because there’s this thing called June gloom, which is like an actual thing that it’s like, grey all of June. We were very confused and thought we made a huge mistake.

No, I’m kidding. But part of the reason I did come is because we wanted to have nice weather all year long, but anyway, it was just really funny. But I, as always, am so excited to share this episode with you guys because I literally developed this method today and I practiced it and I generated $4000 out of nowhere in one day. Like, passively.

And it was so powerful. It literally created a result immediately, and you guys know I am here to help you create the life of your dreams, create the business of your dreams, just have it all. And a lot of you guys are business owners or in sales or really pursuing your best life, and that means being in a career that’s pushing you to your limits. And of course, who doesn’t want to attract and create more abundance or bigger results in their life?

So I find something that happens with this work is that we do the work, we do the mindset work, we change the way we feel, we start to show up differently, and then we get results. And a lot of times, what happens – and just so you guys know before I jump into this, I’m just going to reverse for a quick second and say that this process works for any result that you want.

It’s not just money, it’s not just clients. It can really be anything. But I wanted to share this process with you because it’s just so powerful. Anyway, let’s go back forward again. So we do the work, we get the result, but then the result sometimes doesn’t seem to come from the specific action we take. So maybe in business you reach out to people or you go meet people for coffee, and then out of nowhere, a client shows up. And it wasn’t anybody reached out to, maybe sometimes it is, but it wasn’t anybody you reached out to and it literally feels like magic.

And you’re like well, I took all these actions, hey, I mean a client showed up. It wasn’t like math. Like one plus one equals two where I said I picked up the phone and this person said yes and there we go. Sometimes that does happen of course, but I find with this work, as you continue to show up and change the way you’re thinking and the way you’re feeling and the actions you’re taking, that it almost feels like magic.

And then we kind of steal our ability to say look, this works. Practicing my mindset and practicing the way that I’m showing up and addressing my limiting beliefs actually creates tangible results. And I know that sounds crazy because this is what I teach like, my whole entire life, my business, everything is a result of this work, but our mind literally does this crazy thing because it feels kind of like elusive, which is why it’s so much easier for us to jump immediately to well, just tell me what to do.

And this is actually why so many people create success in results in different ways because there’s not a one and done method when it comes to the exact action you need to take. It’s really what you’re doing behind the scenes, how you’re approaching it, the way that you’re thinking and feeling and the actions you’re taking as a byproduct of that.

Now, I might be getting really deep with you guys and if this is a little over your head, stick with me. Go back and listen to some more of my podcasts and read some of my posts. It will help you really get acquainted with this work. But I think you can still get huge value out of this if you’re like, what is she talking about?

So here is the thing that I’ve realized. Like I said, when we don’t give ourselves credit for the fact that we’ve been thinking and feeling different and showing up and working on our mindsets and working on the way that we show up, we steal the evidence of hey, this works, and that continued belief in what we’re doing. So I want you guys to start to look at your lives from the perspective of – that sounded crazy. I want you to start looking at your life from the perspective of like, literally every result, every amazing result, every bad result.

It’s not my fault, but I created it some way. The way I showed up, even if it didn’t feel directly related to anything that you did, that the amazing results you’re getting is a byproduct of the way that you are thinking, feeling, and showing up. And this continues to be evidence to support this work because this is what works. This is what creates results. But if you just kind of pass it off as it’s just like magic or I don’t know, it was just a fluke, like I hear that a lot, you’re not really giving yourself credit for the work that you’re doing.

So that was a really long preface, but here is what I did that literally, like I said, I’m telling you, clients signed up for my passive program like literally just out of nowhere. $4000, one day, generated. And here’s what I did. It’s four steps, and again, this is for any result. Step number one, I literally decided fully that the result I wanted was happening.

Now, the result I got was a part of that process. My goal is to finish the year at a million dollars in my business. And I was working on fully deciding of course this is happening and being totally on board with it. Some of you guys might hear this and be like, well of course if I could just decide that the thing happened, then I would just decide. But at every level, you really do decide on certain things.

When I say decide, it kind of leads me into step two, but it’s really about committing, being fully committed and saying like, this is happening no matter what and I’m willing to do my part and show up and take all of the creative and aligned action all the way until the end, all the way until I sprint through the finish line. I’m not going to get caught up in exactly how it’s going to show up, I’m going to do my part and I’m deciding fully. This is happening, it’s not optional.

Maybe you haven’t really done that a lot in your life, but just practice it. So what is something that you really wanted? What would it look like to decide fully it’s happening no matter what? Now, when you go to decide, pay attention to what keeps you from fully being on board, what keeps you from believing that it’s happening of course, or what keeps you from really deciding.

This can be very telling to figure out what’s limiting you or blocking you. So number one, decide. Number two, commit no matter what. So what would it look like to commit to this thing happening no matter what? When I say that, I mean no matter what your financial situation is, no matter what is getting in the way, no matter if you had to work three jobs to make your dreams a reality. No matter what.

What things typically get in the way and keep you from being committed no matter what to get to your dream life? Do you not think you’re worthy of it? What’s coming up there? This whole process is very telling to what’s also blocking you. So one, decide, two, commit no matter what, figure out what’s getting in the way of that and work through it using some of the processes you guys have learned here.

Like, prove it wrong, what would you have to believe in order to be committed literally no matter what? Step three is from this place, what actions are you willing to take? If you were to come up with I’ve decided, I’m committed no matter what, I’m open to all possible ways to do my part and create this and make it happen.

Write a list of 20 ways you’re willing to show up and make this happen. And when you get to the end and you do all of them, when you’re committed no matter what, you come up with 10 more and continue to do your part. Now, here’s the thing; people get really caught up. Am I taking the wrong actions? Am I doing the wrong things? Am I doing the right things? Oh my gosh, this person’s telling me to do this.

The most important part of this is not that it’s necessarily the “right” action. Yes, you will find actions that work better than others, but it’s the energy that you’re choosing to show up in to try all of these things and being willing to fail and willing to try something else and willing to try. That is literally what’s going to help you create the results.

Even if, like I said at the beginning, it doesn’t directly correlate to that specific action. It might come from an action that you did 10 months ago. It might come from an action that you haven’t even tried yet. All of a sudden, somebody shows up. But what matters and what creates these results no matter what is showing up and taking action from this place. That’s what creates results. That’s the math of this.

It’s not about doing it right or wrong. It’s about showing up from this energy and taking those aligned actions. The next part is about trusting. So step four is trust. Trust that what you’re doing is working. Figure out why you’re not trusting that it’s going to work. Figure out why you are afraid it’s not going to work. Work through that. How can you prove it wrong?

Build trust. In order to build trust, you sometimes have to not trust and ask yourself why and work through it. Then you literally go back up to the beginning again and you decide fully. You commit no matter what. You take all of the aligned actions. You do your part and you trust, and you keep doing it.

This is literally what created this result. It’s literally as simple as this. Again, what people get so caught up in is that they’re doing the “right” or the wrong things. The thing that will create your result is showing up and doing the actions from this aligned place and your results will come. They will happen. Period. End of story. That’s the math.

So even though you may feel like when you do this stuff, you’re like, stuff magically appears because it’s not directly correlated again, as humans our mind like to have tangible things and be like, oh, I picked up the phone and this equaled this result. But this is the process that equals this result, and if you do this over and over again, there will be no stopping you from getting any result you want.

I saw in real life action today. I see it in real life every single day in my life. This is why I have the life, the business, everything that I have, literally. I love you guys. I’m so excited that you’re here. I’m sweating my butt off because I’m so passionate about this and I will talk to you guys next week. Bye.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you are ready to take this work deeper and you want to bring your dream business or a reality, I wanted to make sure that you knew that Mango Magic Business Academy was available to you. Head to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagic.

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