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I recently went to the dreamiest retreat EVER.  It was quite the experience from the boudoir shoot to the masquerade ball, from the 7-course meals to the private boat ride; and while, yes, it was tons of fun, we GREW a ton.  On day 1, we were told NO MATTER WHAT, “Get what you came for.”  The thing about retreats and coaching is that YOU are responsible for your transformation and how you show up to get that.   This statement echoed in my mind over and over again throughout the entire week and I showed up to do just that; get what I came for. 

One morning I walked down what seemed to be hundreds of stairs to the beach on Lake Michigan with a warm cup of coffee in hand, a journal, and a seat cushion to do some reflecting when this phrase popped into my mind; get what you came for. 

My purpose in life is facilitating change; whether that means helping clients through problems or lighting a path that is brighter and bigger than they ever envisioned, this is my mission.  So here is where this related:  I FACILITATE the change and light the way, but it is my clients’ responsibility to show up for themselves on our calls and outside of our calls to really create massive results and change.

They have to get what they came for. 

This is in life too.  You have to get what you came for in your life.  You have to take responsibility and show up for everything YOU want.  No one will give you happiness or fulfillment; not a husband or wife, a job, a boss, a friend, etc.  It really is all up to you. With this type of ownership comes massive responsibility, but the moment you take that responsibility, you now have the power to create the rest. 

So I will leave you with this thought:  Are you getting what you came for in life? Are you showing up for your experiences, your relationships, and your dreams the way you wish they would show up for you?

Get what you came for.

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