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This week is going to be a little bit different, guys. I’m turning 30 this month, and to be honest, I couldn’t be more excited. The idea of turning another year older used to make me anxious, but not this time. This is a celebration.

I spent my 29th year on this planet making my dreams come true. And the more I create my own reality and take inspired action to create the life I want, the more excited I am to get started with my next year of life.

Join me on the podcast this week as I share my top 10 lessons from my 29th year of life. 29 was so amazing for me and so much came up in my life and business that I will carry for the rest of my life, so I’m unbelievably excited to share these inspiring lessons with all of you.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why my 29th year on Earth was my best yet.
  • What I learned in my 29th year of life.
  • Why getting older is a privilege.
  • How to look more positively at another year tricking by.
  • How I’m going to use these lessons to grow in my 30th year.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? I am so excited for today’s episode. I always say that. But this week, it’s for a little bit of a different reason. So this episode comes out the morning that Chris and I are on our way to Cancun to celebrate my 30th birthday. Yes, I’m turning 30.

If you thought I was 30 or older, don’t tell me. If you thought I was like 25 or 26 or 27, please tell me. I’m just kidding. I think it’s such an honor to get older and I think it is so interesting because I think birthdays used to make me nervous and anxious because it meant I was getting a year older.

But I have found that the more I create my reality and the more that I take inspired action to create the life that I want and have it manifest and actually come true, the more inspired and excited I am for my next year of life, because I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose.

So if that ever comes up for you, if you ever are dreading your birthday or dreading getting older, maybe it’s just a sign and an opportunity for you to start fulfilling the life that you’re meant to live and create the life you’re meant to live, instead of feeling like, oh my gosh I’m running out of time.

So again, I’m just so excited because life has been so amazing. It just keeps getting better and better. And I know my 30th year is going to be one of the best years of my life. Like, it kind of chokes me up thinking about it. I’m getting married this year to just the most amazing man and I’m just watching the momentum build for so many of my amazing clients and the lives and the businesses that they’re creating.

And 29 was just so amazing. It’s like part of me, it’s hard to think and believe that it can be better, but I know it’s going to be. And I know it’s going to be because I’m choosing to create that and constantly create the life and design the life that I am living. So I’m just so excited for what’s in store.

So today, like I said, I’m doing things a little different. I was going to just record a regular episode, but I was like, I’m turning 30 and I’m not turning 30 until January 20th, so that’s not until Sunday, but I thought it would be so fun to share the top things that I learned in my 30th year of life with you guys.

Because I know I’m just constantly sharing and teaching you guys things, but I also think – and something that I do on my social media is share, like, my story too. Like, I’m the expert in this, and I want to share my story because I know that it’s really powerful.

And I know that it’s powerful for you all to see that I have struggles and I have challenges and I grow and I get uncomfortable and I get scared and all of these things, because it helps you see that you can still create the life that you want, having your crap, having your worry, having all the things that you experience. And so, that’s kind of why I wanted to share this with you guys today.

So I have a list of the top 10 things I learned in my 30th year. And I’m just going to go through them. So, number one is, you are enough exactly as you are. This is the thing that I learned this past year, in my 29th year. I am enough exactly as I am.

I truly believe, as human beings, we all have the innate fear that we’re not enough in some way, that we’re all constantly trying to prove our enoughness to ourselves and to other people. And I’m human. I am no different.

This year, I struggled with worrying that what I did wasn’t enough for people, that the mindset and the action and the things that I teach weren’t enough, that I needed to be more in order to make the impact and create the business that I wanted.

And it made me feel inferior, it made me compare myself to other people and worry and all of these things. And what’s so interesting is I started manifesting results because of that. I started manifesting evidence that I wasn’t enough and seeing it as evidence instead of just seeing it for what it was, which is just a sign that people are going in their right direction.

And for some people, I’m the right fit, and for some people, I’m not the right fit. And that’s amazing and that’s okay and it’s all a part of the journey. And for me, I realized, a moment in my 29th year where it all began. And to me, it had been the start of evidence that I wasn’t enough, when in reality, I just was afraid in the moment and didn’t stand powerfully for myself.

And that was it. It wasn’t that I wasn’t enough. And so I want to share with you guys that you are enough exactly as you are and the moment you see that, your life is going to change. I hope that’s powerful. This is one of my top lessons that I learned and it’s something that you might not see completely or feel until you really get to experience it for yourself too.

Alright, number two, your life will be a product of the experiences you choose to create. I’m going to say that again, your life will be a product of the experiences you choose to create. I’m like breathing hard, guys. I’m intense and excited about this.

I feel I have it all. I really do. I’m healthy. I have an amazing life. I have freedom. I have an amazing future husband. I have a healthy family. I mean, I just really truly feel like I have it all.

And I’ve realized this past year that if I don’t choose to create the feelings that I want to experience in my life and choose to exercise the freedom and the things that I desire and choose to be present and experience the love and all of the amazing things I have in my life, my brain will do what it always does, which is look for the fear, look for the worry, and will steal all of that from me, even if my life is damn near perfect.

And it’s not, guys. Things go wrong, all of that, but you know what I’m saying. I really do feel like I have it all and I’ve realized this past year, every single year of my life, it’s my responsibility to create the life that I have because even when you do have it all, even when I do have the freedom, if I don’t actively choose to create freedom and experience my freedom and leave my house instead of working all day – because I love to work, but sometimes I can overwork – then I don’t experience my life the way that I want to.

And I know it may be easy for me to say because I have this life, and I know when I was in a corporate job I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah okay, whatever, you have freedom.” This isn’t true, but the reason why I’m sharing this is because wherever you guys are in your journey, whether you’re at your job still, whether you’re stuck somewhere, frustrated, or having a horrible experience, you still can create the experience that you want.

You still can actively be present and participate in your life, no matter where you are, and you can still create the feelings that you want to have in your life, no matter where you are. Because if you can do that with wherever you are, you will always be able to do that. and I have to be conscious and actively participate in that and create that.

Number three, my heart knows what’s best. A lot of times this year, my mind tried to tell me what the way that things were supposed to be or should be or whatever it was. And something that I always come back to is that my heart knows what’s best.

So the thing that I feel from an abundant place, from a purely, like, if I already knew everything I desired was on its way for me, this is what my heart would want, that is always the guiding factor.

Number four, lean into discomfort and don’t ignore what’s happening below the surface. Sometimes, I’m really good at shifting my vibe very quickly. It’s something that I teach a lot of with you guys. But some of the things that I recognize throughout the year is, some of the things that were causing me some fear and worry and anxiety, I kind of just scooted under the rug and ignored instead of looking them in the eyes and coming to terms with what was actually happening below the surface.

And so, for number four, really what I mean is pay attention to what’s actually happening and how you’re actually feeling about things and get real with it, and then work on it from there. Because if you ignore it, if you pretend it’s not there, if you pretend something isn’t triggering you over and over again, it will keep showing up. And that happened to me this year, but it was the greatest learning opportunity ever.

Number five, I have the most amazing women and followers and network and clients ever. That is a tribute to all of you guys who listen to this, for all of you guys in my Mango Magic Business Academy program, for all of my one on one clients, mastermind clients.

Everyone I’ve worked with this past year has helped me grow as a coach, has left a profound impact on my life, has shared something with me that I’m just so eternally grateful for, all of you guys. Whether you’re just a viewer, whether you watch or participate and interact or whether you work with me, I just really like reflecting on this past year. I’m just blown away at the amazing women that I work with and get to be surrounded by. So thank you, guys, for that.

Number six, it gets to be this good and get better. Sometimes, our brain likes to think that it can’t be this good, the other shoe has to drop. And something that I’ve realized is it gets to be – your life and business and all the things – get to be freaking amazing and the shoe doesn’t have to drop, and you can keep wanting more from that place. So it gets to be this good and it gets to be better.

Number seven, you’re building momentum, even when you don’t feel like it. what I learned in my 29th year is that I’m building momentum even when I don’t feel like it. So, what I mean by that is – and something I’m a huge representative of is – that just living your life and enjoying your life is being an example of what’s possible, and that’s making an impact on the world.

And so I’ve actively practiced this year and learned this year that my momentum is continuing to build. I have this body of work, I have this podcast with 46 episodes that is out there and continuously impacting people’s lives and my content on social media is something that people can read through and I have all these different things that are constantly impacting people, even when I’m not working, even when I’m sleeping, even when I’m at the spa, even when I’m spending time with Chris.

And it’s something that I challenge a lot of you guys to work on and see that you’re continuously building momentum if you’re taking action from this inspired place and not letting fear drive your car, even when you’re not working, even when you’re resting, even when you’re relaxing, even when you’re enjoying, your momentum is still building.

Number eight, everything is a gift. I love this thought, or this saying, or whatever you want to call it. I really feel like my 29th year, I grew a ton, I learned a ton, I had an amazing year, and I had failures and challenges. And I think when you view everything in your life as a gift, whether it be good or bad, it sets you up to just receive the information, receive what’s happening, and learn from it and grow from it.

And so this year, I got so many gifts, good and bad, and I learned so much. And I know it prepared me for my 30th year of life. So, view everything as a gift.

Number nine, just being me is being an example of what’s possible. So just being the joyful version of me, just being who I am exactly as I am right now, silly, crazy, fun, funny, on my high days, on my low days, is being an example of what’s possible for my audience or for my clients.

And I think this is powerful for all of you guys, whether you’re in business or not, being you authentically, vulnerable is an example for someone else. There’s someone that’s two steps behind you that is like inspired by you on your best days and on your worst days. So this year, I learned that just being me is an example of what’s possible.

Number 10, there’s plenty of time for what’s important. My whole life, I have this constant thought that there’s never enough time to get anything done, or get everything done. And I have a super high sense of urgency. And in some ways, it really serves me.

And in other ways, it pulls me out of the moment. It keeps me from really experiencing my life because I always feel like I have to bounce around from one thing to the next. And this year, I really practiced on this belief that there’s plenty of time for what’s important, because the reality is that I’m going to keep growing and things are going to be busy and one day I’m going to have kids.

And it could always be busy. There’s always things. When you have a business, when you are constantly growing, there’s always things you could be doing. But remembering that there’s plenty of time for what’s important and making sure that I’m making time for the things that are important is something I really learned this year.

The relationships that I have in my life, enjoying my life, having fun, traveling, all of the things, there’s plenty of time for that and to continue growing my business. And there’s plenty of time for you guys to do what’s most important and make sure that you’re prioritizing your time that way. And that’s something that I have practiced and will continue to practice in my 30th year and I learned a lot about in my 29th year.

So that is my list of the top 10 things I learned in my 29th year. I might have said 30th year earlier, but in my 29th year going into my 30th year. And I’m just so honored and grateful for each and every one of you. I’m just so grateful for my fiancé, Chris. He’s amazing. I cannot wait for this trip.

Check out my Instagram story if you want to see all the fun that we have @lindseymango_ and I’m just so excited for another year of life, another year with all of you guys, another year to do the thing that I’m meant to do and to just create and design the life that I envision. And I hope that this inspires you guys to do the same.

So I love you and I hope you have a beautiful week and I will talk to you guys next week, bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.

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