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When you live in a world of limitless possibility, magic happens. And now you’re thinking, “Yeah, right, Lindsey. But that’s not where we live.” Right.

Except it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little practice, you can learn to tap into that magical place.

Join me today as I share how you can create a world of limitless possibility that will open you up to the life you’re dreaming of. Push through that disbelief and touch that place inside of you that dreams big and believes her dreams can come true!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why most of us don’t see our world as one of limitless possibility.
  • How the rules and restrictions we set on our lives hold us back.
  • How we lost the ability to dream BIG and how to get it back.
  • Why you need to do some thought work to recognize where your mind is setting up roadblocks.
  • Why you should start making decisions from a place of limitless possibility rather than fear and lack.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? Welcome, welcome, welcome, and Merry Christmas. I hope you guys, those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had the most amazing day yesterday being with family and just soaking up all of the goodness that the holidays have to offer. And I also know sometimes holidays bring challenges and growing opportunities, so hopefully you were able to just really lean into everything that the holidays have to offer and just really enjoy yourself.

So before we jump into today’s topic, I am so excited to share some news with you guys. So I’ve talked about it a little bit on here but I wanted to officially – if you guys are listening to this first thing in the morning, you are actually going to hear about this first. So I am opening Mango Magic Business Academy up once more before the end of the year.

And what is so exciting about this is that I have spent the last couple months taking it to the next level. So the original program has been completely mind-blowing. I have women in there who are having their first five-figure months in their business. I have women in there who came to the program without a business and have launched a website and have a business up and going and are starting to build their brand.

I have women who are making more money in their business in a few hours than they are in their entire day at their job. The original Mango Magic Business Academy has been amazing, but what I have done is worked on taking it to a whole ‘nother level, and I’ve worked on creating it even more specific to help more of you guys, to serve more of you guys.

So for those of you listening, if you’re already in Mango Magic, don’t worry, you’re going to get access to all the amazing new stuff that I’ve created, and for those of you who have been waiting to work with me or waiting to really create the life and business of your dreams, now is the time to get in on this program.

Because what I’ve done is built it in a way to give you what you need when you need it, in terms of taking your business to the next level. So it’s for you if let’s just say you started a business, maybe you have a small network marketing business, maybe you started something but you really haven’t seen your dream business come to a reality, so maybe it hasn’t replaced your corporate salary yet, maybe you just have a couple of clients and you really haven’t gotten it off the ground yet.

I have built it in a way for you to walk down this path and through this process to get the mindset when you need it. The things that we talk about here, to help you dig deep on these specific strategic things that you need to have to take your business to the next level.

And it is so cool, the layout of it, because I envisioned where I was when I first started my business and I really thought about what I needed and when, and when I needed tangible action things to implement and when I needed to work on my thinking and my mindset and the fear that was showing up for me. So it is like, I’ve perfected the flow of this program to help you get what you need when you need it.

And so I’m super excited, and it’s not just for people who already have a business. It is also for those of you who want to take what you love and turn it into a business. So the way that I’ve built it has actually – it’s really cool because it allows you to go through this process and either take your passion and figure out how to turn it into an actual business and what you’ll actually do in business, or to go through this exact same process and take your business to a whole ‘nother level by getting like, clearer than ever, than getting clearer on your value and creating a next level of confidence and belief in what you have to offer.

And also walking you through the tangible things that you’re going to need in order to create the business of your dreams. So that is actually opening today. So just make sure you check out the episode notes. I will have the link to my Mango Magic Business Academy so that you can check out the details and just make sure it’s the right fit for you and the link is going to really explain the entire program, who it’s for, and just offer you the clarity that you need.

So just check that out. I’m super excited. This class of Mango Magic Business Academy is going to just totally blow your mind, and not only do you get access to these videos and these next level worksheets, you also get access to an amazing community for six months to grow with other women, alongside other women, and grow alongside me.

So you get access to me in the group, you get Facebook Live coaching sessions in the group. That alone is worth the investment. But check that out. Let me know if you guys have any questions and I’m just super excited about what I’ve created, where it’s going to take the ladies who are already in there, and what it’s going to help you guys create in 2019. I know we still have a week but like 2019 is right around the corner and I am ready to take hundreds of thousands of you to the next level, to help you create lives and businesses that you are just completely obsessed with.

So check that out. Let me know if you guys have any questions. So I’m going to jump in. That took a while. I’m just super pumped and I just know there’s a lot of you that have been asking me about how you can work with me and this is it. So just make sure to look in the episode notes.

So today what we’re going to talk about is living in a world of possibility. So I want you to really think about like, limitless possibility. Because some that I’ve realized is that that’s where the magic happens. When you live in a world of limitless possibility, when you let your mind wander to a place where the possibilities are completely endless.

And what I’ve realized was I mean, pretty much every human being is that we don’t live in a world of limitless possibility because we have fear, because we’re worried, because making decisions based off the best-case scenario doesn’t protect us from the worst-case scenario. And so what happens is we start making decisions based on all of these rules and the confines of what we create in our mind of what is actually probable or possible in our lives.

And the reality is that you guys are here listening to this for a reason and that’s because you want to live your life and create a business at a whole new level, which means that you have to think at a whole new level, which means that you have to dream and think in a place of limitless possibility, not in the current restrictions and rules that you’ve set on your current life.

Because right now you have created the life you have based on the rules that you have on what’s possible for you, right? So let me explain how this works. When we are young, we dream. When we are young, we dream, we think we can be an astronaut, we can think we can create whatever it is what we want to create. And then as we get older, we learn all of these rules from society, from our families, from the people that we’re around, based on what things are supposed to look like.

Meaning that maybe you’re supposed to go to college and get a job and work there for 40 years and that’s the way it goes, or you have to stay at your job for at least three years or one year or whatever it is before you can move jobs if you’re not happy with it. Or maybe that it’s just not possible. You don’t just start a business. You need to do something else, you need to do something practical.

And all of this comes from a fear-based mindset. All of it comes from a place of trying to protect you. And so over time we stop dreaming. We stop living in a world of limitless possibility because it’s scary. It’s usually because of two reasons.

One, because it sucks to realize that we’re not living our life to the fullest and we’re not living to our fullest potential, so our brain would rather keep us safe and live in a world where the life that we have and the life that we’ve created is the only way to create it and is the acceptable way to create it.

Or we just like, don’t realize that it’s happening. We just don’t know that we’ve set all these rules. We’ve shut down our mind in a way that it’s not even possible. And so part of my mission in the world and what I want to do for you guys and what I want to do for my audience on social media and for all of my clients is first and foremost, bring into awareness that whatever you desire is possible, that whatever you want in life is possible, that dreaming is what creates the most amazing life, that the people who get what they want in life are the people who are crazy enough to think that something that doesn’t seem possible is possible.

So what I want to teach you guys today is how to pay attention to what happens when you try to live in a world of limitless possibilities and how to recognize it and how to practice living in a world of limitless possibilities. So I want you guys to take a second and think about what your dream life looks like. I really want you to like, let your mind kind of wander down that path.

Let’s say we flash forward a year and you literally are like, blown away by the life, the business, by everything that you have. Like, it just completely is like, holy crap, is this my life? I want you to think about like, what does it look like? How does it feel? What does your daily life look like? I mean, just everything. I just really want you to think about that.

Now, what I want you to do is pay attention to where your mind is like, but how? But how is that possible? Right? I’m in school right now, I envisioned having a business, how is that even possible? I still have three more years to finish school, or I’m in my Master’s program or I have family and kids. I envision myself owning a business like, how is that even possible?

I just want you to pay attention to where your mind creates roadblocks. Where your mind immediately shuts you down from dreaming of what’s possible. What’s important here is to practice this and to pay attention to where your mind starts to limit you because this will show you where you are putting a ceiling on yourself, where you are putting a rule on yourself that things can’t be the way you truly want them to be.

And these are going to be the barriers that you have to practice working through. So that is the first piece is kind of dreaming and thinking like, okay, well these are the roadblocks, my brain is confused and it wants to know how on earth am I going to make this happen. So instead of continuing to dream, your brain usually shuts it down, but I want you to practice moving through that.

What if it just was possible? How can you be creative and find a solution or find a way? Because for me, when I first started a business, I started in network marketing and I had this vision for what I wanted my life to look like and honestly, I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get there. And I didn’t know all the pieces. At the time I didn’t even know I was going to be a coach. I didn’t even know what that was, but I just knew what I wanted my life to look like and what I wanted my life to feel like.

And so what that allowed me to do was stay in that world of possibility and walk down this path to just kind of figure it out instead of getting stuck in how, instead of getting stuck by my own limits, just saying like, what if it was possible? What would that look like? How would that feel? And how can I just pay attention to the things that my mind is telling me is not possible? Because every time it does that it’s just limiting you.

The other thing is that this is a practice. So some of you guys may have not been dreaming about a dream life for a while. Maybe you have a little bit, but it really becomes a practice of living in limitless possibility and working on dreaming in limitless possibility.

So it’s something that you’re going to have to practice doing over and over again, and practice recognizing, kind of what I said in the first part of this, which is to see where your mind is like, oh no, that’s not possible, and push past it and say okay, let’s just say that’s not true. What could it look like?

Because the people who really just dream and then become resourceful enough to figure out a way to get there are the ones who really get what they want. So I want to challenge you guys to practice living in limitless possibility. I want to challenge you to start to pay attention to where your mind is putting ceilings on yourself and putting rules on you that you are following because those rules are creating your current life.

And if you want a different life, you’re going to have to expand the limits and the rules that you’re putting on yourself. You’re going to have to dream bigger than what you’re currently dreaming. I want you to practice just living in a world where anything is possible. If anything was possible, what would you guys do? What would your life look like? What would it feel like? If you could paint a picture of it, like, what does that movie life look like?

And then go to work to say okay, I’m committed to finding this. How can I find creative solutions to get there? Because what that allows you to do is follow a path, even if you don’t know exactly how, you know what it looks like, you know what it feels like, and it allows you to be very clear on what fits and what doesn’t fit.

So as soon as something comes into your life that you realize isn’t a part of your dream reality, you immediately know that it’s not aligned with that and you can let go of it. But what we do is we create all these rules, like I said, to keep us where we are, to keep us stuck.

The other thing with this is that you can make decisions from limitless possibility. Like, that is such a powerful thing to do is say like, if I could get everything that I wanted from this, what would that look like? And then what would I decide when it came to whatever it was, whatever you’re deciding about, whatever action you’re wanting to take.

Because when you do that, you’re always working from best-case scenario, and that’s how you create best-case scenario. Like, if I believed that I couldn’t create a business unless I went and got a degree, then I would have been stuck in that kind of cycle and I would have said like, oh, I need to have a degree, I can’t do this, and that would have created the reality.

Versus just saying like, what if I could start a business now? What if I didn’t need to go to college? I did go to college, but what if I didn’t need to have this thing in order to get this result that I wanted? What would that look like? And how can I make decisions from that place?

Because when we make decisions from any other place, when we make decisions from a limited possibility, we create a limited life. I’m going to say that again. When we make decisions from limited possibility, we create a limited life. And so when we make decisions from a place of believing that best-case scenario isn’t possible or can’t happen, then we create that.

And I want you guys to live in a world of limitless possibilities. I want you to practice believing and seeing that there are no limits, that you really can have it all, that you can make decisions from best-case scenario. Because I was actually having a discussion with Chris about this the other day and I thought it was like, so powerful. And I thought it was the reason why so many people settle or don’t get what they want in their life.

And we were kind of discussing a decision that he was making and I said like, what would this look like if you could really have it all? Let’s take all the limits off the table and just look at you get to have it all, what does that actually look like when it comes to this decision? And we were just talking about it and I said you know, let’s compare it to us getting married.

I said, how would you feel if I decided to marry you because I was worried that there wasn’t anyone else out there or that I chose you because I thought this is good enough, I might not find anything better? And he said, well, I’d be really pissed. Understandably, right? And I said, exactly. And that’s not why I chose you. I chose you because I don’t believe that there’s another human being on the planet like you, and while there’s an abundance of humans, I truly deeply believe that.

So I chose him based off my best-case scenario and he is my best-case scenario. He is my limitless possibility. He is everything that I want. And so I said what’s so interesting is I got what I wanted, and had I made a decision from a different place, and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it because these rules and these ceilings feel so real, then I would have gotten a lesser result. I would have gotten something that I didn’t truly fully deeply want in my heart.

And so I think you can apply this same logic everywhere and say like, if I picked my job, if I picked my business, if I pick anything based on limited possibility and say like, this is good enough or this is what’s logical or this is what makes sense, then we’re going to create something that reflects that. And you guys aren’t here to just live in a world of limited possibility. You are here to create a life and business and everything of limitless possibility.

And I want you to choose everything in your life and walk a path that allows you to create everything that you want. Not just some of the things that you want. Not the things that make “sense.” Because that’s how you’re actually going to create it.

So I’m really excited to hear what you guys have to say about this episode. I want you to practice doing that. I want you to practice paying attention to where your mind starts to limit you, and I want you to think about this same thing when it comes to investing in yourself, whether it’s Mango Magic Business Academy, whether it’s anything else.

What would you have to believe about what’s possible for you to take that step, to take that leap? You would have to believe that it’s possible for you to have the business that you want, that it’s possible that you can create the life and business of your dreams in order to take that step.

And it’s still going to feel uncomfortable making those decisions, but making those decisions is what is going to create the life and business that you want. Like, jumping for possibility is what creates the opportunity for possibility. And that is why you guys are here because you can look at what’s probable.

I can tell you guys right now, if I lived in a world where I just went, made my decisions, or thought based on what was most likely going to happen, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be speaking in this microphone, I wouldn’t be talking through your headphones or your car speakers. I would be back where I was three years ago, living the life that I had because that was good enough, because that was what you were supposed to do.

I got here because I lived in a world of possibility and I want to challenge you guys to do the same. Going into 2019, going into the next week, going into the next 10 years of your life, practice living in a world of possibility. Practice making decisions from best-case scenario. Not worst-case scenario. Worst-case scenario, limited possibility equals safety, equals fear.

I want to challenge you to do the opposite. That is how you will create the opposite type of life. That’s how you will create the things that you truly deeply desire in your heart. Not from your mind, not from your fear.

So I love you guys. Please share this episode on your Instagram story. I will talk to you guys next week. I hope you have a beautiful week and a happy New Year and I guess I’ll talk to you next year. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.

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