You’re READY to make money doing what you LOVE!

How long have you known you’re meant for MORE?


You’re done with ordinary!! You want EXTRAORDINARY!

You’re READY for your life to BLOW YOUR MIND!!

You’re READY for the freedom, the impact, the income, the passion, the fulfillment….

You’re READY to have a business making money, doing what you LOVE!

You’re READY to live your life on PURPOSE and not by default!

And I am COMMITTED to helping you make it happen.

Because when you make lots of money doing what you LOVE in business and serving the purpose you are meant to serve, EVERYTHING else falls into place… And when things fall into place, YOU will change the world.

How do I know? Because I was you. 

I have sat EXACTLY where you are: full of HOPE and POSSIBILITY all while feeling FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION about HOW to actually bring my vision to life…

And I VOWED once I discovered how to bring my dream life and business to a reality, that I would show you how too!


Today, I am scaling my business to 1 million dollars doing what I know I was put on earth to do. I have complete freedom to travel whenever and where-ever me and my fiance would like to go; I feel fulfilled and ON FIRE everyday, and completely IN LOVE with the life I created…

When I created this program, I honored that vow to myself!

So it’s time I teach you how to make money doing what you LOVE by getting you out of your head and into business!


  • You want to take what you LOVE and turn it into a successful business..

  • You started a business and you’re READY to make consistent income (so you can ditch your corporate job or support the lifestyle and freedom you’ve been craving)

  • You need help finding clarity and direction in your business 

  • You know what you want your business to look like, but you aren’t sure where to start or how to get it there

  • You are willing to do what it takes, but fear and doubt keeps getting in the way

  • You feel STUCK moving your business ideas forward because there are SO many things you feel like you need to do

  • You are taking SO many actions but feel like they aren’t getting you the MASSIVE results you’ve been waiting for.


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“I want to take a moment to celebrate that I have hit my first 5-Figure month!!

It feels like a huge milestone because it’s been such a massive journey of self growth to get to this.  …. Being in Mango Magic has helped me tap into my belief. My belief in myself and what I am here on this Earth to do. I haven’t suffered from a “down” day in months. Each day I feel strong and more in flow, where things feel easy and FUN!!!

Kim Carson-Richards

Life Coach

  • Mango Magic Business Academy Course: Your own personal login and access to the video modules and worksheets walking you through my step by step process to getting CLEAR, figuring out the tangible pieces of your business, working through the mindset to be confident in yourself and your business, standing out through your brand and marketing, AND building momentum that will take you to the next level.
  • Worksheets and Journal Prompts: Every single module has a worksheets (+bonus worksheets) to create the tangible things you need in business (program titles/content and copy for your sales pages/branding/etc) to set you up for success.
  • Community and Connection: Access to the Mango Magic Business Academy Community full of women just like you working toward their own personal grow and taking massive action where you can post to get coaching and to celebrate your wins. 
  • Live Coaching Sessions with me: 2 FB Live video group coaching sessions with Lindsey Mango herself (this is worth the investment alone), where you can get coaching on ANYTHING showing up in your life and business.
    BONUS worksheets: (these are just the BONUSES, the regular material is even more INSANE)
    • Next Level Program Creation Worksheet (to guide you through the process of bringing your creative programs and offers to life)
    • Sales Page Creating Worksheet (to walk you through creating sales pages (or posts) that sell)
    • Next Level Belief Worksheet (to drop all the BS holding you back from believing fully and next level the belief you have in you, your offers, and what you are creating)
    • Weekly Epic Business Planning Worksheet (to create a guide to weekly aligned actions to take to build income now AND long term in your business)
    • Name Your Shit Worksheet (to walk you through a brainstorming process to create a kick ass and meaningful name your business/community/free training or whatever you need to name)
    • Prelaunch or Relaunch plan Worksheet (to prepare for any INSANE launch whether you are launching your business or launching the next level of something in your business)
    • Copy and Content Creation Workbook (to help you create meaningful content and copy for your social media, webpage, etc. that attracts your ideal clients)
    • Copy/content Review Process (to nail your content once you write it)
    • Launch with Ease Worksheet  (to stay in good vibes and take aligned action as you launch things)
    • Nail Your Sales Convo Worksheet (to prepare you for your sales conversations so they are natural, authentic, and intentional so you can feel amazing about the conversations AND close the sale)

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I found Lindsey on IG and was immediately drawn to her. I went into her program without any idea of what I wanted to do business wise, but she had confidence in me and I just wanted more of what she was offering.

WITHIN DAYS of joining, I came up with a business idea, put it into action the next month and launched it 4 months later. I now have an up and running online business with no prior experience.

I owe it to the mindset work Lindsey teaches and how she does it. You vibe up when in her presence. All she needs from you is just a little bit of belief and an open mind and she’ll be able to work her magic to get you the business AND life you absolutely desire and love!

Dana Mcmullen

EVERY single module, worksheet, and training has been created to help you bring your dream business to a REALITY. 

  • MODULE 1: Pre-Work How to go BIG in business.  I’ve been paying close attention to what has separated me and my most successful clients from other women in business and put it ALL in this module.  {SURPRISE} you get this IMMEDIATELY upon enrolling.


  • MODULE 2: Get Clear Clarity is confidence. In order to bring your dream business to a reality you have to be CLEAR on a few things; Why are you in or getting into business, what EXACTLY do you do (that makes you unique and different), why are you passionate about this work, what will your business creation or next level look like, who the hell are you helping (niche), how can you make sure your business supports your dream life, and how can you feel amazing and clear on what you charge and why.


  • MODULE 3: The Next Level Details The amount of action you take isn’t going to be what creates your next level, it’s the type of action you take.  In this module we will get you in alignment with the focused actions you WANT to take in your business that will create your next level results; we will work on how will you build your EPIC business, what type of action you need to be taking, what focused action you will take to not only create the business you want but to feel GOOD while doing it & some BONUSES: Brainstorming worksheet on Naming your shit, a Pre-Launch or Re-launch plan, and BONUS podcast on how to make sure you are open and available for business.


  • MODULE 4: Believing in You The BELIEF you have in yourself will directly correlate with your success.  To bring those next level results you have to have next level belief and a ROCK solid mindset.  In this module you will get the tools to build BELIEF at the next level, to understand how to navigate fear in your business, how to show up as the highest version of yourself, and how to build unshakeable inner trust.


  • MODULE 5: Stand Out You got into business to make an IMPACT and to make the impact you want you have to STAND OUT to your ideal clients.  In this module we are going to cover all the ways you will stand out in business and attract your first clients or next level clients; You will learn, how to lead with value and make the impact and income you want, how to build solid and authentic relationships, how to create compelling copy and content that attracts your soulmate clients, how to create a brand that is FULLY YOU and that you love.


  • Next Level Momentum Now you’ve got momentum, it’s time to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.  In this module we will dig deeper into things like creating a sales page or launch post, how to maintain the good vibes when you launch or offer things, how to feel good about selling AND close clients, and how to handle the ups and downs of growing a business.

Mango Magic is an incredible way to peel back layers of yourself. You’ll understand what makes you tick, gives you passion, and what’s holding you back. You’ll find understanding in yourself that you may not have known without taking the time and investment.

The program has given me assurance it’s “okay” to be myself. Not to question myself but to trust my inner knowing and to be unapologetically me.

I used to question myself all the time and what I should post on social media. I’m now believing in MYSELF so much more and realize that there are people that need me exactly as I am and that I’m worthy…just the way I am.

Milissa Bradshaw

Mango Magic is about getting into the mindset + space to take action and create the results you want.

When I started I wasn’t taking action from a good place, more from a place of fear and desperation. But now, I am getting in that space, confidence, + mindset to take action like the already successful coach that I am!

It goes back to the saying, “how you do life is how you do business.” I am discovering the importance and priceless value of doing the deep inner work on myself and really building that strong foundation.

Jessica Boan

Health & Wellness Coach


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“This morning I made DOUBLE the amount of money I’ll make all day at my job in a few hours with my own business.  Thanks so much for everything”

Ursula McDaid

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