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One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot is when we start getting in our heads about marketing and how best to get our stuff out to the world. This is only going to leave you spinning out in confusion, wondering what you’re doing right or wrong, and ultimately, not serving your ideal audience.

The fourth episode in the Next Level Your Biz series is all about how to market and brand your business with soul. It’s so important to stay in your heart and create a brand and business that you love because that’s how you’re going to attract your people.

Tune in today for some tips and real talk when it comes to marketing and branding your business. I want you guys to be intentional and enjoy the whole process because whoever said marketing couldn’t be fun?

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why there isn’t a “right” way to market.
  • What you have to consider when building your branding and marketing.
  • How you need to show up when marketing to your audience.
  • What the purpose of your marketing and branding should be about.
  • How I help my clients get clear on their branding.
  • 5 tips of what to include when marketing your brand.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello. We are on number four of Next Level Your Biz, and what I mean is episode number four. And I cannot wait because we are talking about marketing and branding, and marketing with soul.

So, something that I think is really important to understand about marketing is that it’s just the way that you get your stuff out to people and in front of people. For me, how I market is through social media and now I have an email list and now I have this podcast, which I guess in a form is marketing, getting my stuff out in front of people.

And I think the biggest thing when it comes to marketing is understanding that there isn’t a “right” way to do this. I think that’s important to understand about business in general because when you get stuck trying to do it right, you believe there’s a wrong way, and when you believe what you’re doing is wrong, you get confused and you spin out.

And so I think the powerful thing to understand about kind of this idea is just trusting that there is no right way. How do you want to market? How do you want to build your brand? How do you want to get your stuff out into the world at a whole new level?

Now, I think one of the biggest things is when we get stuck in our head about it, we stop speaking from our heart. We stop marketing from our soul and creating a brand that we love because we’re just trying to get clients. So the biggest things when it comes to marketing is get your mind off of trying to get clients.

Now, I want you to be intentional, but stop taking actions just from the place of like, I hope this gets me clients. Create marketing and a brand that you love. Create something that would attract you. Create something that’s fun. Going back to episode number one of this series. You have to enjoy it first and foremost.

Yes, it’s important to get into the minds of your audience, and we’re going to talk about that as well. But I really want you guys to come to this marketing and branding section with the intention of I am getting clients no matter what, how do I want to build my branding, how do I want to build my marketing, how do I want to talk about it? Because as soon as you get stuck in your head, you lose all of the passion. You lose all of the just umph behind what you’re putting out in the world.

So today, we’re going to talk about marketing with heart, and essentially that also folds into creating a brand. And so I wanted to first touch on understanding what your desires are. So I want you guys to think about like, you have a six-figure business, you have a multiple six-figure business and you are marketing your business. What does that look like? What does she do? Does she have fun with it? How does she approach it? Does she tell stories?

I think that is a huge component of it because again, when we get stuck in thinking like, I have to do all these things I don’t want to do to market and get my people in, that doesn’t give off a great vibe. Now yes, you do have to show up, you do have to be consistent. But how does that next level version of you, how does she want to market? What does that look like? What does she want to say?

The reality is tapping into your desires is very important because you have to love what you’re putting out. Again, I’m not here to help you guys just grow a business. I’m here to help you grow a business you love. And I think it’s important to understand your ideal client and what they want and what they need to hear, but first and foremost, it’s important to understand what you want to give them.

Because I don’t care if your branding and marketing rocks. If you hate it, then that’s going to come through and even if it speaks to your ideal clients and you have hundreds and thousands of people signing up for stuff and you’re not in love with it, you’re still going to feel unfulfilled and not happy about it.

So I really want you guys to first get really clear on what do you envision your branding and marketing look like at the next level, when you’re making six figures, when you’re making multiple six figures, how do you build your brand? What feelings do you have when you go into branding and when you go into marketing? And how can you start to implement that now?

How can you start to create your brand and marketing in a way that feels really good right now, that’s fun for you, that you enjoy? Because if you were at the million-dollar level, do you think you’d be like, I don’t know, this picture looks a little off. You might approach it in a specific way like I’m particular about my marketing and what I put out in the world, but I love it and it’s coming from that energy. It’s not coming from an energy of needing to get it right.

So first thing’s first with marketing and branding, what are your desires, what do you want it to look like, what do you want it to be? If you already had the result you wanted, what would that all entail? Then the next piece of this is what does your ideal client want.

So I think something that’s really important and a lot of times we market and brand from our own perspective and again, I want you to love it, first and foremost, but it’s kind of like a process. It’s really important to get in the head of your person.

So I really want you guys to think about like, who is it that you’re serving? Whatever program you’re offering or whatever you’re offering out into the world in your branding and marketing, it too, what are they thinking? What do they need help with? What are they struggling with? What are they excited about? What’s going to inspire them?

Really get into their mind. What’s going to connect with them? You want them to read your marketing and branding and think, “Oh my gosh, she gets me. She’s in my head. She understands me. She knows how I’m feeling in my life, which means she much have the solution.”

Again, always in integrity, always telling what you do offer the world. But understand like, really when you’re launching a program, when you’re launching anything, doesn’t matter what it is, understand how they’re feeling. Understand where they’re getting stuck, understand what stories are going to inspire them, what they need to hear, what you need to tell them as the expert. It’s such an important part. So get in their mind.

That is something that I do every time I build my branding or my marketing around anything. I get in the mind of the person who needs what I’m offering. And then I speak to them. And then I have fun and I talk about my things from a place of passion and excitement. This is a whole ‘nother phase of this process.

So you get tapped into your desires, you get in the mind of your ideal client. Get clear. Who is this person? What do they need? What are they feeling? What are their pain points? What are they excited about? Then I want you to approach your marketing from a place of like, hundreds of people are dying to read this. I don’t care if nobody is liking your stuff.

Your job is to show up from a place of like, hundreds of people are waiting for me to launch this or create this or put this out in the world and speaking to them and speaking from that energy. It’s one of the biggest things I see with people when they’re branding or marketing anything is they talk about it in a way that’s like, “Oh yeah, I’m kind of launching this thing, I’m super excited, here it is.” And I’m like, is that how you would show up if you knew 100 people were waiting for you to offer this thing?

You’d be like, “Oh my gosh, something is coming. Prepare yourself.” They’re all waiting at the line, there’s only 50 spots. They’re going to want to know that, they’re going to want to know exactly when it’s opening. They’re going to want to know why they should be excited, and that is a super important piece of your marketing and branding.

I don’t care if, again, you are just brand new or you are at that next level. Get really clear on what the next level audience looks like. So if you’re just starting, is it 100 people watching what you’re doing? If you’re at the next level, is it a million people? I want you to think about how you would feel and how you would show up and what you would say if you were marketing to that audience. What intensity would you bring to the table? How would you offer something?

And offer it like that. Getting into that energy is super important because if you come from the place of like, “Oh my god, nobody – hey guys, just so you know, I’ve got this program tomorrow,” I’m not trying to be an asshole but I’m just saying, just get really clear. Your job is to hold the belief the whole time when you’re launching and when you’re offering something and showing up from the place that 50, 100, however many people are dying for you to offer this thing.

They’re dying to read your stories, they’re dying to hear your inspirational moments, they’re dying to hear the transformations from your clients. They’re dying to hear it all. Write it like that. That is going to be huge.

Now, the other piece of this is branding. I believe that you are building a brand, whether you know it or not. Marketing to me is like getting a message out here what you’re saying. Branding is kind of like a feeling and a vibe that you create. I believe that people are brands. Not in like a company, corporate, stiff kind of way. I mean like, I believe that every time I interact with somebody, I’m being my brand because I’m being me, and I think that’s one of the most important parts about branding and marketing is that it needs to be you.

When I talk about stepping into your next level self or your highest self, I don’t mean being someone that you’re not. I mean being the person that you truly want to be. I mean stepping into that next level and accepting the parts of yourself that you would accept if you knew it was acceptable – I’m going to say that like three times – to be who you are.

And owning the parts that you don’t love about yourself but you know you would love at the next level, as well as stepping up and showing up at a different level. If you want to be more confident, step up to that level and create a brand from that place. You already are enough exactly as you are. You don’t have to be anything different. You just get to create a brand that you want to create.

So make sure that when you’re creating your brand, it’s coming from a place of like, fun. It’s coming from a place of this is what you want to put out in the world. Yeah, like, you’re a business, I talked about this before, treat your business like a business. So make sure that you’re putting stuff out there that you would like to stand for as a business and that you want to represent as a business, but also make sure that your brand is you.

Biggest thing. Your brand is you. I don’t care what you sell. The reason why people buy is because of you, in the most amazing way. Not in like, if people don’t buy it’s your fault. In a way of like, if you’re being you, you’re going to attract the right people and I talked about that in selling without selling. This is why I created this series because it’s all interconnected.

So remember, you are the brand, which also means that there’s more to your brand than just your product or service. So here’s what I do when I talk about branding with my business ladies. We get clear on what are the five things that make you you. What are the five things that are most important to you in your life?

Then what are the five feelings that you want to create in your brand? What do you want for people to experience when they come to your brand? Meaning when they come to your social media, when they experience you in person, any of it, when they come to your website, doesn’t matter. What are the five things that make you you? What are the five feelings you want to create for them?

For me, five things that make me me is personal development of course, business and mindset, and then there’s family and my love and my relationship, and then there’s travel and adventure, and then there’s fashion. I would probably say one other one would be like, health and wellness. You could probably see all of those things in some capacity in my branding.

I don’t just talk about one thing. I talk about lots of different things that have to do with that, and so I think sometimes people get caught in doing it right. You can talk about your family. Connect it back to what you offer in the world. Connect it back to joy, connect it back to one of the feelings that you want to create for your people.

So get a clear list of that. That’s what will guide your brand in what you’re building. Then work on creating those feelings. Photos create feelings. Texts and content creates feelings. Choose the five feelings you want to create and know you can change this at any time. You can let it evolve. Your brand should evolve, your marketing should evolve with you.

So the worksheet is going to help you guys walk through the branding pieces, the five things about you, the five feelings you want to create, and then I’m also going to add in – holy crap, this is valuable. I’m giving you guys probably – I’ll try to work up five to 10 journal prompts that will help you generate marketing content to put out in the world.

Remember, marketing is how people connect with you. It’s really, really important to get out there, get in front of people, make sure you’re sharing your message, make sure you’re sharing your truth. So those journal prompts in the worksheet will really help you come up with some new content ideas, but here’s just some examples of what you can use to market, just generalizations.

Tell stories. People love stories. Tell stories where they can see themselves in your story. Tell stories that inspire them. Tell stories that create the feelings that you want to create. Explain how you had a crazy hot mess day with your kids and what you realized was this, or explain how you have this really cool lunchbox that you’re selling and you used it today when you were at work and it was so helpful. I come up with some crazy examples, but I’m just flying by the seat of my pants on this.

But really just tell stories. Make it exciting. Make sure you’re writing a story that you would want to read and that you would enjoy, and that your ideal client is going to get something from. Remember, your marketing and your branding is about adding value to your audience. It’s about inspiring people, it’s about connecting them to you.

Make sure it has a purpose. For me, even posting a photo in the middle of a Thursday drinking a coffee with like, coffee on a Thursday – I don’t do that a lot, but to me that is being an example of what’s possible and one of the things I want to do is be an example of what’s possible. So just remember, you being you and you living your life is being an example for your business, your brand, and all the things.

So tell stories. Have fun. Show, don’t tell. I talked about that before. It’s all connected. Make sure you connect with their feelings. Give them tips. Give them things that they can apply to their life right now. Say, here’s my best five tips to have a highly productive day. Here’s my best five tips to eat healthy throughout the day. Here’s the best five things I do to help get my baby to go to sleep. Here’s the best five things I do to take a good picture for photography.

Give them something that they’re going to want to come back to, that they’re going to want to go – give them a recipe. I think that’s a great example. I love recipes. I would totally screenshot and save something and be like, ooh, this girl gives awesome recipes.

So tell stories, I kind of got lost in telling you all the ways that you can do things, but tell stories, give them tips and tricks, show up as the expert, tell them what do they need to know about your product or service. What do they need to know about the market? What do they need to know that maybe is something that is false that they’re believing? Show up as the expert. Teach them something. Tell them something. Offer them something that’s going to help them see that your product or service and you are the person that they want to connect with.

Be vulnerable. That’s another thing. These are all kind of different areas that I really hone in on with my clients to help them dig into all – the telling the stories, the adding the value, the giving the tips. These can all be separate posts. They don’t all have to be in one, and they can all be in one in different ways.

So be vulnerable. The best thing you can do is tell a real story that your people are going to connect with you. People don’t connect with perfect. I get this a lot, like my life is really well put together and I’m truly being authentic though. Like, I mean, shoot, on my Instagram stories I had stuff in my teeth the other day and you guys ate that up.

And I didn’t do it like, as a media stunt. It was just me being me, but make sure you’re vulnerable. Share your real stories. Share how you feel and share how you got yourself out of it. Share how your product or service changed your life, and tell your fears. Tell the way you used to feel. People really connect with that too.

And it’s going to be a little uncomfortable and it’s going to be a little scary, but go back to that. And then have fun. Like I said before, make sure that your content and your posts are fun and your marketing is fun and your social media is fun. Like, if you guys don’t enjoy your own branding or marketing, other people are not enjoying it.

And know that you get to create it in whatever way you want to. Approach that from a place of fun. Like, that is so fun and exciting to me. You get to build the feeling that people get when they come to your brand. You are building a brand whether you know it or not. So even if you’ve started your business on social media or you haven’t, you still can build a brand.

Start posting consistently. Just know that consistency is really important and just know when you’re marketing, talk to their feelings. Talk to what they need. Talk to your ideal client in a way that you love. I’ll give you guys a quick example of what this might look like if I were to just be in fear in market versus truly connecting to my passion, my emotion about something.

So let’s just say I’m in fear and I want to get clients signed up for a program or something. I’m trying to get into the mindset of that because I’m in such a high vibe right now but okay, so I’m like, nobody’s signing up, I’ve got to make a post today, I need to market, I need to say something. I’m thinking of this on the spot. Only one day left to sign up for my program, I’m so excited, don’t forget there’s a bonus and these are the five topics we’re going to cover.

Perfect. Got it, right? I’m like, okay, I’m just going to put that out there. This is literally just an example. Does that connect with you? Does that make you want to buy something? Does that make you excited? Does that inspire you? Does that get you into action?

Remember, people buy because of their feelings. You want to connect with your heart, their heart. So you have to connect to your own heart. Don’t speak from your head. The number one thing I tell my clients is details are somewhat important, yes. People are going to want to know those things, but you want to inspire them to action and you can inspire them to action through your marketing and branding by speaking from your heart.

If I tell you guys, there’s this great thing, you get five videos, you get coaching with me, you get all this, I do give that information, but first I connect with your emotion. First, I get excited about it, first I make sure you know this is what it’s for. So let me use another example.

This is for the woman who knows she’s meant for more. This is for the woman who sits at her corporate job and wonders, is this all there is to life? This is for the woman who’s been dying to get out of her box and do the thing she’s really passionate about in the world. Do you ever feel like you’re just stuck? Do you ever feel like you’re looking around at people and you’re wondering, is this all there is? Do you ever feel like you don’t really fit in? Here’s the thing, you don’t, and that’s because you’re meant for a bigger calling. That’s because you’re meant for something more. I’ve created this program to help you unlock your passion and blah, blah, blah.

So you guys see the difference? I connect with how are they feeling? And I talk about it in a passionate way because I really do think about what that’s like. I know what that’s like. And I speak to that. I speak from my heart. I work on creating emotion and it’s true and it’s authentic.

That’s what I talk to. That’s how I market, and that’s how I really want you guys to dig into practice marketing in that way because your ideal client needs you. They just need to know that you can help them, and you need to let them know you can help them by connecting to how they’re feeling right now, by knowing where they’re getting stuck, and by inspiring them to know that there’s another option, there’s another way, and inspiring them to know that something more is possible.

I told you guys I’m going to give you some journal prompts and some branding questions to work through to create some marketing, to create some content. I also have a killer bonus worksheet that is a sales page copy creator. It’s actually from one of my programs. But it’s just a bonus that I added on, but it’s freaking amazing.

So whether you create webpages or not with sales pages, or you’re just creating a post to launch something or offer something, this worksheet will really help you kind of dig into how to structure that, and I’m not big on telling you what to do. This has to come from you, but I have questions to help you dig into what you need to be saying that’s going to speak to you, that’s going to speak to your ideal people.

So I’ll throw that in as well. So you guys are going to get two worksheets again. Before I go, this is what I’m teaching my next level mastermind ladies to do on a whole ‘nother level. Marketing, branding, connecting with their ideal clients, stepping it up to the next level. I think the biggest thing that I find with that woman who’s at that $40,000, $50,000 mark is it gets really easy to get stuck there.

And maybe you even feel like you’re running out of time, and that is something that I’m going to help these women do, leverage their gifts, learn how to create money and income and impact with less time, learn how to connect to their audience, learn how to do it in a way that creates this ripple effect so they can build this momentum and create the impact and income that they really want.

Because it’s like, I know you guys are ready for your next level and this mastermind is meant to help you make the uncomfortable decisions, start setting higher standards, start marketing and branding at a whole new level, that’s a whole ‘nother thing, and that is what is going to elevate you to the next level.

Make sure you to go to This is for any type of business owner. This is for coaches. This is for photographers. This is for financial advisors. This is for realtors, boutique owners. I mean, this is for anything. This is going to help you step up to the next level.

So I’ve had quite a few ladies apply this week. I’m super excited to welcome some new ladies into the program. I’m starting it off with 10 spots, so just make sure that you go in there and apply and I’ll review it, I’ll get back to you. We can open up the discussing if you have any questions, and then I’m going to get ready to take these ladies to the next level in 2019, over the next six months.

So I love you guys, I’m so excited to hear how this work goes and I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.


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