My Story

I was raised in Naperville, IL, a wonderful town, and came from a family of chronic over-achievers. By no means is this a bad thing; in fact, I attribute my work ethic, discipline and expectations to my upbringing, but I didn’t always look at this as an asset, since back then, deep down, I never felt like I was enough (this was my own doing, but we can get into that another time).

I grew up being a accomplished athlete and straight A student. I went on to play volleyball at University of Louisville on a full scholarship. I thought I had it all figured out; I was living out my dream, until it all came to an end. The sport that once defined me was no longer a part of my life. Maybe you didn’t play sports, but maybe this end was something else for you, the end of a relationship, the end of school, or maybe you have felt lost all this time, and that’s okay. This is for you too.

My struggles really began in college. The sport I once loved began to feel like a “job,” my body was changing and I began my cycle of binge eating and gaining and losing weight, finding no balance. I acted confident on the outside but never felt I was good enough, or pretty enough, and lacked a great deal of self-love. I am now so grateful for this time in my life for without it, I wouldn’t be who I am and I couldn’t relate to you, but back then it was quite the challenge.

Then when my sports career and college ended, the inner feeling of being lost became even more apparent. Sooo then…. I wandered… for a while….I still felt I was meant for more, but after quitting my third job since college and starting another, and realizing AGAIN that it wasn’t “the one,” I started to lose faith in the belief that I could have it all… My inner voice wasn’t as loud, but it continued to whisper.

When you find something that speaks to your soul, that whisper quickly regains its voice. Mine regained its voice when I began to find balance on my fitness journey and I came across a business opportunity that helped me BELIEVE again that anything was possible and I was meant for something bigger.

The opening of my mind led me to my life coach, Stacey Smith, to whom I am eternally grateful. I had a great life; things were “good,” but good was not what I wanted. I wanted mind-blowing amazingness! We get one life! Are we just going to settle for good? Hell no, not me!

In one year on the journey of building a fitness business and working with my life coach, my vision GREW so much more and the whisper turned into a yell; into a calling…to not only help women find balance on their fitness journeys, but to help them find their most amazing life, find an undeniable love for themselves, their purpose, and everything in between.

Whatever it is you are looking for, you can find it here and it is my life’s mission to help!

When I say I have it ALL, it doesn’t mean what you may imagine. I have bad days, I have times where shit hits the fan, I have failures, many, many failures; but that’s not what having it all means. Living the life of your dreams means believing that you have it ALL right now in this very moment! Hard to believe, right? But you do! Let’s get started.

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