Ep #58: When You Have Setbacks

I remember a time when I struggled with my mentality around my physical fitness - "I'll start over on Monday," was a common phrase in my life. One bad decision or one mistake and everything was out the window and old behaviors were back in action. Today, I'm talking...

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Ep #57: If There Is NEVER Enough Time

Since building my business, I have truly learned how to be efficient and productive whilst maximizing my time. I know many of you have 10 times more on your plate with kids, a career, and trying to build a business all at the same time, and I've had many questions...

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Ep #56: How to Start a Business

I've reached out to you guys on Instagram to ask what you would like to hear me talk about on the podcast, and I think this week's topic is going to resonate with and be helpful to a lot of you. Starting a business is something I know many of you feel like you are...

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Ep #55: How to Let Go of Perfection

We all know perfection isn't a reality. Everything has some imperfection in one way or another, but for some reason, we still strive to be perfect. If you're currently trying really hard to be perfect and it's not serving you, this episode is for you. This week, I'm...

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Ep #54: The SECRET to Connecting with Your Audience

Do you ever feel like I'm talking directly to you on the podcast? Is this the kind of connection you dream of creating with your audience and clients? This week, I'm showing you how you can talk to your ideal person, get in their heads, and serve them fully from your...

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Ep #53: How to Inspire REAL Change in Others

My fiancé Chris always says, "Show, don't tell." I think this is so applicable to everything, whether it's in your relationships, business, or just general life. Taking actions towards the goals you want to see is so much more important than just talking about them....

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Ep #52: Extreme Ownership

We don't always have full control over everything that happens in our lives, and we certainly can't control other people's behaviors, but how often do you consciously or subconsciously blame your kids, significant other, or life circumstances for the results you have...

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Ep #51: The BEST Marketing Advice

Having grown my business using social media, I get asked a lot of questions about creating a business this way and how to gain traction. The reality of social media - and this applies to meeting people in real life too - is the importance of being a human. So many of...

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Ep #50: Why You Need to Work on Your Mind Drama Right Now

I recently got back from an event led by Chris Harder and I wanted to take the time on this episode to share some of my biggest takeaways. It was so cool to see a room full of super successful people and hear their stories, but guess what? They still have fears that...

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Ep #49: What to Do if You’re Doing It Wrong

Whether it's in business, your job, a relationship, or really any aspect of your life, something I've seen a lot is this idea that we've done something wrong when we don't get the result we hoped for. The usual feelings of frustration and despair start bubbling up and...

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