THE VIP Experience

So if you follow me on social media (and if you don’t, DO THAT NOW 😉 @LindseyMangoco), you have seen me in Miami in preparation and in the midst of this weekend; The VIP Experience for a beautiful client of mine.   I want to explain what this is all about, but first...

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So What Exactly is a Passionista?

This past Wednesday I celebrated my first year being a Life and Business Coach and one year ago on this date I took on my very first client.  It was June 21st, 2016 that changed the entire trajectory of my year and, in turn, my life. This year I watched so many...

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This Isn’t Perfect…. And I am still Loved

What would it look like to know you are loved for being exactly who you are? I don’t mean the version of you that you allow the world to see, your friends to see, maybe even your significant other to see… I mean the most raw, authentic version of you that maybe you...

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Get What You Came For

I recently went to the dreamiest retreat EVER.  It was quite the experience from the boudoir shoot to the masquerade ball, from the 7-course meals to the private boat ride; and while, yes, it was tons of fun, we GREW a ton.  On day 1, we were told NO MATTER WHAT, “Get...

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Featured in Today’s Woman: Dress for your Dreams

Why Lindsey Mango believes you should focus on the future. What’s your brand? I’m not talking about your favorite brand of makeup or jeans. “Every person is his or her own brand, and what you wear reflects that,” says Lindsey Mango, who recently left a position as a...

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Welcome to the new Lindsey Mango Coaching Website! While we are still making additions, I would like you to explore, and find out more about what I do! My goal is to help you light the fire within you. Through personal one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or helping...

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