You’ve KNOWN from the beginning you aren’t here to do this small. 


You are here on a mission….

To CHANGE the game on what’s possible for you, your business, your clients and audience, and in turn your LIFE.

You are ready to take this to the Next Level.

And what you’ve already created, is just the BEGINNING….

Here’s what I want to tell you:

Your Next Level is going to require a much different version of you.

She is more CLEAR than ever.  

She knows what she brings to the table and doesn’t hide her badassery!

She sets the bar high.

Your next level is going to require higher standards, more self care, more flow, next level belief!

You could hustle your way there, but you don’t want to!

You could do it alone, but you want to leverage your gifts!

You won’t get there, how you got here.

  • Ready to make six figures and beyond, in her business with ease

  • Who KNOWS she is on the brink of her NEXT LEVEL!

  • Who wants to do business HER way

  • Who hustled to her first level but desires harmony between massive action and flow

  • Ready to ENJOY the badass results you’ve already created and create more while doing so…

  • Ready to unlock the Next Level CEO Vibes it’ll take

  • Who wants to make MORE impact and money with less time

  • And is ready to be surrounded by the TOP women and business owners in my world

  • Continual coaching and masterminding each month

  • 60 minute strategy call with me upon enrollment

  • 2 fb Live Group training per month: One with Open Coaching (get coached on ANYTHING) and one focusing on everything you need to Next Level your business (see specifics in the details section)

  • Unlimited Group Messaging

  • 1 1x1 call each month (if you want to use it)

  •  Login access to ALL digital offers launched while you are in The Mastermind

  • The Mastermind is an ongoing year round group.  Your initial commitment is for 6 months, then you can stay as long as you would like and pay month to month after that.

Last year I started the year having 10k to 20k income months, but feeling overwhelmed and not like myself! Through working with Lindsey, I ended 2018 having 35-50k income months while working LESS than I ever had before, traveling more, and taking MORE days off with my kids than ever before.


This program is meant to have an open structure so you and Lindsey can tackle your SPECIFIC needs to grow your business.  In addition to keeping it open, she will focus on the details below to ensure you are equipped to double your business and step into your NEXT LEVEL.

Double your Business: We will focus on building the ground work to DOUBLE your business

Scalability: Learn how to get OUT of your business so you can make more impact and more money, while having the freedom you desire

Outsourcing: Focus on what tasks you are going to start outsourcing so you can create space to elevate your business and your life

Next Level Standards: The standards you have in your life and business right now, have created your current results, to create the Next Level you have to establish the Next Level standards

Increasing Prices: Stepping into the Next Level of business, means establishing a new level of value, we are going to dig into increasing your prices to increase the standard for your ideal clients.

Increasing Value: To create more income, your job is to create more value.  We will Next Level the example you set just by being YOU and be creating new ways to impact the masses.

10k in full


3k Deposit plus 6 payments of $1,500

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are only 10 spots available!!

Your application will be considered in ORDER of applying! You will receive a message within 1 week of applying letting you know if you are a right fit.


I’ve been in massive action with my business. Yesterday, I had 9 business prospect calls with my team and today, I have 7. I am back t doing the things I LOVE in my business. Last night we were 4k away from our largest month ever in business. Just under 300k in sales. I know August will be our largest. Thank you for all you do!

Amy (R+F Level RFx)

By enrolling you are agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions

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