Ep #52: Extreme Ownership

We don’t always have full control over everything that happens in our lives, and we certainly can’t control other people’s behaviors, but how often do you consciously or subconsciously blame your kids, significant other, or life circumstances for the...

Ep #51: The BEST Marketing Advice

Having grown my business using social media, I get asked a lot of questions about creating a business this way and how to gain traction. The reality of social media – and this applies to meeting people in real life too – is the importance of being a human....

Ep #49: What to Do if You’re Doing It Wrong

Whether it’s in business, your job, a relationship, or really any aspect of your life, something I’ve seen a lot is this idea that we’ve done something wrong when we don’t get the result we hoped for. The usual feelings of frustration and...
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