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This weekend I had my business incubator with my coach.  Basically we spent 36 hours straight masterminding and creating where I wanted to take my business next and figuring why, who and how I wanted to help more women.

The thing about business and personal growth is over time you pull back more and more layers to become the most authentic version of yourself.  I am feeling more Lindsey than I have ever felt before, so identifying this focus was easier than it has ever been.

A part of this weekend we had a videographer film quite a few videos for trainings, promotions, my website, and for so many other purposes (but that’s my little secret for now ;))

Here’s the thing, I am constantly practicing my craft of coaching others and constantly learning through my own growth and any resources I can get my hands on, but let me tell you, creating these videos for me started off DIFFICULT.

There is something about being behind a camera and having to craft a transformative video that leaves me frozen in my tracks. Literally, you have to see the blooper reel 😉 it’s on my Facebook Lindsey Mango or Instagram @lindseymangoco)

Luckily we have the most patient videographer, Jenna Jaggars, because I probably spent 30-45 minutes trying to get the first short video created- mind you, it’s probably under 2 minutes long.  I have created a story in my mind that videos like this have to be “perfect” since they are professional.  I even put on this little “behind the camera” Lindsey voice that’s a proper version of myself and because it’s not ME, I couldn’t quite find the “right” wording or sentence structure.

Luckily, I have a kick ass coach who arrived in perfect timing and she in her powerful, girlboss, I am going to take care of you type of way said, “You need to put the Lindsey back into what your saying.”  From that moment forward, I tapped into my Lindsey and let it flow.

Here’s the thing, they aren’t going to be perfect either way.  Something I consistently teach is that people don’t fall in love with you or buy from you, for saying the perfect thing. They fall in love with you and buy from you because of your passion, knowledge and certainty behind what you do.

I want a tribe of people who choose to learn from me because I show up and give from my heart, not because of my perfect grammar or sentence structure.  And if that’s what you want, I am not for you and that’ okay! I love you any way.

This got me thinking, how often are you taking “The Your Name Here” out of your life.  How often are you taking the YOU out of your job, your relationships, your friendship, your business?

You are unique and amazing because of YOU! So I challenge you to put the Your Name back in your life! I promise it’s a lot more fun and fulfilling.

STAY TUNED! I have a HUGE launch tomorrow!

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