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The more business owners I work with, the more I see this phenomenon called the “fraud complex.” This is the feeling, or the fear, that you’re not qualified to offer what you’re offering when you first launch your business, or even when you’re growing to another level.

I see this at every level – if you think that you are not fully capable of serving the person that you are trying to serve, then you’re not going to step into that power. Even if you’re not a business owner, I think you can relate to this feeling.

So today, let’s jump in and discuss how your thoughts about your qualifications affect how you show up in your business and how you can change them. I’m going to walk you through the process of finding and believing in your unique qualifications. You don’t have to be perfect to serve others but you do have to do the work and take action!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the fraud complex is.
  • Why the fraud complex will keep you from going to the next level if you don’t address it.
  • Why someone who doesn’t believe in your qualifications simply isn’t your “person.”
  • How our thoughts affect how we react to someone else’s belief about us.
  • What being “qualified” really means and how to find evidence of your qualifications.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, hello, how are you guys? I am back and I am better than ever. Things are amazing. Chris and I are actually leaving for Chicago because my sister is about to have a baby and we’re so excited. It is the first baby in my family, my immediate family, so this will be my first time being an aunt. And she is due super soon so I’m so grateful I have the flexibility. We’re going to go home, we’re actually going to go see a Pearl Jam concert for Chris’s birthday, I got him tickets a while back. And we’re super excited about that and then we are going to get to meet baby Demi once she comes to us.

Or however you call it, once my sister has her. She’s getting really close though and we’re super excited. So anyway, I am really pumped to talk about today’s topic because with the launch of Mango Magic, I have been working with a lot of amazing business owners and they have all types of businesses. Like, it is so cool to hear about the different types of businesses that they have, the visions that they have, the dreams that they have, and then with all of that, we get to work on the mind drama they have. We all have mind drama. When you play big in life and business, and when your business is like, an extension of yourself, mind drama comes up.

And so I am going to talk about something a little more business focused today but I feel like just like anything else, you can apply it to your life in any sort of way. So if you’re listening and you don’t own a business, I think this will still be super valuable and if you have a business, I think this will totally be valuable.

So one of the things that I find with so many business owners that they experience when they first launch their business, or even when they’re growing to another level is this fear of not being qualified to offer what they’re offering. It’s also called like, the fraud complex. It’s this idea that we feel like we’re supposed to be perfect or we’re supposed to have it all figured out in order to be able to help other people. And that we’re actually being like, a fraud by offering what we’re offering to people.

And it’s something that I see at every level, and it’s something that will keep you from elevating to the next level because if your thoughts are creating your feelings, the actions that you take, which ultimately create your results, if you are thinking that you are not fully capable of serving the person that you are trying to serve, then you’re not going to step into that power and the way you do things is going to be totally different.

So one of the things that I came up with is this idea that we are unqualified for the people who feel like we’re unqualified to teach what we’re going to teach. Now, I always say that what other people say and what that triggers within us is just a reflection of what we’re already thinking. So it really has nothing to do with the people that you interact with that maybe question your capability or question your ability to do the work that you’re doing in the world and really has everything to do with your thinking about it.

But I thought it was such a powerful thing to look at the fact that if somebody doesn’t think you’re qualified, if they don’t think you’re up to par, if they don’t think that you know enough to teach them or serve them or serve your purpose in the world, then they are not your person, right? Because your person in business has to deeply believe and trust that you are going to help them. Not that you’re necessarily going to have the answers, but that you are qualified to help them. Because if anybody is your client or works with you and is spending time questioning whether you’re capable of helping them get results, then that line of thinking is going to keep them from getting results, right?

Like, if they just decided and showed up at a super high level and said I’m going to get results no matter what, like, I believe and I trust that this person has what I need and is going to help me unlock whatever I have within myself to create the results that I want, then that is what’s going to be important about their transformation. That’s what’s going to create their transformation.

Now, I know I’m talking about this a little bit in a coaching sense, and if you’re a coach and you have coaching clients, but the same thing is true with any other product or service that you guys have to offer. So one of the things that I want you to really go back to when you’re questioning at every level, when you’re serving a new client or a higher level client, or you just started your business, say for example, and you’re like, questioning, am I qualified to offer this to the world, your first work is to recognize that you are unqualified for the people who don’t trust that you can help them.

So if you meet anyone that questions that, that has that feeling that you aren’t qualified and are questioning your capability, then you’re not going to be able to help them. And it’s okay to like, set them free and say that’s fine, if you don’t believe that I’m the person that can help you, then I’m not the right person for you. What they’re thinking and doing is just a reflection of that.

Now, the other thing is now, seeing that is really powerful to set yourself free from the expectation that you have to be able to help everybody or that you have to be qualified to help everybody because that’s not true. You are only qualified to help the person that you feel called to serve and the person that you want to work with. And when I say qualified, I mean really it’s just made up, it’s what we decide qualified really means for us. But what I’m really saying is how you feel about what you’re going to offer and how you’re going to serve your ideal client.

Now, when you’re in that place and you’re questioning your ability to serve your ideal person, then this is only your work to do. And so here is what you do next if you’re having that feeling that maybe you don’t know enough or you’re not good enough or whatever it is to offer this product or service. Your work is to look for physical evidence that you are the person that is meant to help this person, right?

For coaches for example, when people first start coaching and taking on clients, this is definitely something that comes up for them. They’re like, I still have mind drama, I still have fear. But here’s the thing: coaches aren’t saying they can help everybody. They’re saying they can help a specific person who maybe needs to grow through what they’ve already grown through at their level and that they can coach them through that. Not that they can help them with all the things all over the world and on the planet and all the issues that they’re having, right?

So I think part of the work for coaches or anyone who’s offering some sort of product or service is that they see the value of what they have to offer for their ideal person. And you can always help somebody who’s a couple steps behind you, who’s still learning the things that you haven’t learned. It doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect or you have to like, have everything together in order to help and coach people or in order to offer your product or service. Because I will tell you, if I waited until I didn’t have any more mind drama to start and to be “qualified,” then I would not have a business at all because at every level there’s new mind drama.

But what I know I can help people with is all the work that I’ve done up until this point in my life on my mindset and business and everything in between. And that’s all that you’re saying in business is that I can help my ideal person through this work. I can help them through this mindset work, I can help them with my product or service because I know that it helps with this specific thing. So if you’re feeling stuck in that, your work is to look for evidence where this is already true, where you have evidence that you can help them through this or provide an awesome service that is going to give them the value that they need.

How you do that is look in your own life, look for all the evidence for the transformation you’ve made through this product or service that you’re offering, and share that with them and show them that, and use that as evidence for yourself that you have an answer, that you have done the work and you have that to offer other people.

Now, the other thing is looking for evidence in people that you interact with. Maybe you have one client, maybe you have a couple clients, maybe you have tons of clients, but you’re working on getting to the next level, your work is to look for physical evidence that that exists too.

So it kind of ranges on this spectrum. If you’re first starting, you have to look for evidence within yourself. Like, when I first started coaching, I wrote down every transformation I had made up until that point and how I could powerfully help people through that work and through that mastery and through that transformation. And as I’ve grown, that has shifted and that has grown as well.

The same thing is true for all of you guys, whether like, I said, whether you have clients or you don’t, your work is to decide that you’re qualified. We have the story somewhere out in society that we have to have a qualification to do something, and while yes if it comes to being like, a doctor, something like that, there are rules and laws and tests and things that you have to pass to do that, but a lot of times, when people offer a product or service, there really is no “qualification.”

We’re the ones that get to decide if we’re qualified, and it’s your thinking that creates that space that you have the confidence that you are qualified. Now, I want to take this one step further and I want you guys to think about – for those of you guys who maybe, let’s just say you got a college degree and you maybe even focused on something like – for example, I focused on accounting. I have no idea why but yeah, that’s what happened. And I want you to think about what happened when you went to go get a job after college.

Your piece of paper said you were “qualified” in this specific area. But do you remember that first day of work? Maybe you got a job in your specific degree, maybe you didn’t, and do you remember like, the thoughts that happened when you showed up? Was it like, oh my god, I don’t even know what’s happening, oh my gosh, I have to learn all this, and then you learn through experience.

While yes, learning does help, typically, the most massive transformation and learning takes place through the action, right? I have a business degree, and to be completely honest, there’s nothing that I used that I learned in school in my business. Like, seriously. The only thing that I really took from that was the work that it took to put into it was the mindset of learning and growth and applying that to studying and all of that.

But in reality, I don’t use anything that I learned. The things that I have learned have been through the actions that I’ve taken and that’s the exact same thing that happens when you get a degree, typically, unless you’re like, a doctor and have something specific, but still, they have to learn through experience too. And some of that experience takes place in college and some of it doesn’t. You have to actually have tangible experience to learn. So the way that you become the expert, the way that you become “qualified” is to lean on what you do have evidence of, of why you are qualified and take action to learn and grow through that.

So here’s the thing that is so powerful about this is that you get to decide if you are “qualified” to teach your ideal client. And that if somebody doesn’t believe that you can help them, that’s all that you need to know that they aren’t your person. And that looking for evidence and creating evidence and taking action is what’s going to create even more growth, even more confidence, not a qualification, not a piece of paper, not someone saying that you did X, Y, and Z, and now you are qualified to do this work.

I know it’s crazy because we’ve been taught this as a society that this is the way it’s supposed to be and the way things are done, but the reality is that every day I see coaches go get certifications, and I have nothing against certifications, I think that they’re amazing, but I see coaches go get certifications to have the confidence to be coaches. And then they come out and they have this piece of paper and feel like they should have the confidence and the qualification to be a coach but then they don’t get clients because confidence and feeling qualified doesn’t come from a piece of paper or come from “going and doing something and getting qualified to do it.” It comes from our thinking.

Now, sometimes when you do go to get a certification, your thinking about it and what you learn helps you build confidence and feel qualified. But the most important thing is that your confidence and feeling qualified come from within you, through the actions that you take and through the thoughts that you have and through the evidence that you look for.

So I want you guys to see with whatever product or service or business that you have or anything in your life, that you get to be the one that decides that you are qualified for something. And that the people who don’t believe you are qualified are not your people, and that’s okay. And your work is to build that confidence, to build the thinking and to build evidence and look for evidence that you have what it takes to offer your product or service to the world. And then improve it as you go.

I’m not saying just say I’m qualified and not learn anything else. The way I got to be a – not just a good coach – I believe I’m an amazing coach. The way I got to be an amazing coach is by coaching people. And it was scary sometimes. I had to work on it, I had to actively do it, but I didn’t learn by sitting back and reading and learning and trying to be qualified. I did it by taking action and building evidence that I was qualified and taking action as though I was, and believing that I had something amazing to offer by looking at the transformation I made in my own life.

So whatever your business is, I know that this applies on some level. And your work is to decide what thoughts you would have if you felt qualified and how you can see your current situation through that line of thinking.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback. I’ve had so many of you guys post pictures of you listening to my episodes on your Instagram story. I absolutely love it. Please tag me if you do that, please let me know what you learned. If you want to take this work deeper, I have a free training at And I talk about the three mindset shifts I used to create my six-figure business, my multiple six-figure business, and have my first $60,000 month in business.

So check that out, link is in the show notes. And I cannot wait to hear what you guys think of this episode and what you think of that free training. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.


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