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This past Wednesday I celebrated my first year being a Life and Business Coach and one year ago on this date I took on my very first client.  It was June 21st, 2016 that changed the entire trajectory of my year and, in turn, my life.

This year I watched so many amazing clients take charge of their lives.  And with a whole lot of work, support, love, and what I like to call magic, my business GREW; to a point that my one-on-one client practice is nearly full now, my Passion Project group coaching is constantly growing with amazing women, and my ideas for workshops, events, and programs are endless. 

My work in the world is my art.  It is my heart and soul; and as my wildest dreams came to fruition, I was left wondering, what was next?

I sat with the question, what do I want to create solely from desire? A truly remarkable space to be.  Here is what I realized…

It has become my purpose to find the women in the world that have an inner voice telling them they are meant for MORE, the women searching for a purpose, for growth, for support, for love, connection, and to live the most abundant and fulfilled lives they possibly can; I essentially am looking for the woman I once was. 

These women inspire me.  They are my people.  They are my purpose.

With this vision came the question of what to call myself and these women.  I sat with this for weeks; had writer’s block trying to force a name.  Until one day I sat in my backyard in Chicago, let go of the logic and let the magic happen.

And it came…… Passionista.  The combination of a word that is fiery and girlie, just like me.  Hence the name of this blog: The Life of a Passionista.

So what is a Passionista?

A dreamer, a doer, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mom, a single lady; it doesn’t matter.  A Passionista is a woman who wants more and chooses more, who dreams big, who chooses her happiness, and continues to live the life of her dreams through the ups and downs.  A woman who does it all and has it all; not striving for perfection, but embracing imperfection; not from a place she feels used up, but from a place that fuels her forward and fires her up. A Passionista chooses herself and her dreams and does so with grace and love.

There is a Passionista in all of us and I believe with the right support, love and community, she will create magic in the world.  

STAY TUNED! I have BIG plans for my Passionistas out there.

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