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Take back control. Become the author of your story and choose to expand into what’s possible for your business, your relationships and your life.

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To The Woman Who Knows She’s Capable Of So Much More…This Is For You.

To the woman whose FAILED before.

Imagine if you saw failure as an opportunity, as fuel to drive you toward your goal.

You can.

To the woman who is super busy.

Imagine having time to spend on what’s most important, being able to honor you, your dreams and desires…all without guilt.

It’s obtainable.

To the woman who is staying safely practical.

Imagine if anything were possible and it were simply a matter of training your brain to see what’s possible.

It is.

To the woman whose worried about the money.

Imagine believing and knowing any investment you make will come back ten fold in growth, happiness, and financial abundance…because you will make it so.

You will.

To the woman who struggles to be consistent.

Imagine feeling the “new commitment” energy, every day…and knowing how to create those feelings to follow through, no matter what.

You can.

To the woman who gets stuck in the “HOW” or “WHAT”.

Imagine creating so much alignment with what you desire, your passions, and yourself that you let that passion carve your path to fulfillment.

You’ll love it.

To the woman who doubts herself and her value.

Imagine a space where you are supported and encouraged to blossom into the most true and authentic version of you.

I’ve created that space for you.

Enough Is Enough

Everyday I encounter women who are busy, who have a passion deep inside of them for something more and who have a vision for their life…but aren’t sure how to make it a reality.


I coach women on this journey because I’ve been there.

Just under 3 years ago…I was stuck.

I was working a job I didn’t love, “earning” 10 days of vacation and spending my weekends catching up on house stuff all while worrying about money!


I wanted to feel significant and make an impact on the world.


I saw successful people on social media and knew the life I wanted was possible, clearly they had figured out the secret!

I knew deep down that I had what it took to be successful. I just needed someone to tell me what to do, so I could do it!


(I know you can relate because you’re here, reading this!)

I started a network marketing business, TWICE. I latched onto a glimmer of hope dreaming of what was possible.

I started reading personal development books. And then one day, I went to a networking event on a cold, dark, rainy night and met my coach, Stacey.  

I look back on that day as one that changed my life forever.


I never knew what was going to work. I wasn’t even really looking for a coach. But I believe, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

And somehow that entire path brought me in that very moment to be “ready”. I wasn’t “ready” I was scared sh*tless, but I finally decided to listen to the signs.

I hired Stacey and knew that if I wanted to create a lifelong business and happiness, I needed to find a way to pay her no matter what.

I didn’t realize at the time but finding a way to make that happen, no matter what, created a commitment to my dreams and the actions I needed to take NO MATTER WHAT.


It didn’t happen overnight but little by little, I created my DREAM life.


I attracted the most amazing relationship with a man who understands my business, who shares my passion for personal development and makes me feel like I am in a romantic movie, EVERY DAY.


I’ve attracted $230,972 in the last 18 months alone and am on track to do it again in 2018 working with the most amazing women, whose lives I’ve watched transform before my eyes and who have become my very best friends.


I brought the vision of my perfect day to life along this journey from little things like leisurely waking up in the morning to journal and enjoy breakfast…to taking extra long shopping lunches with my girlfriends…just because!


I figured out the secret!!

Working with Lindsey and my fellow CEOs has been one of the most profound and eye-opening experiences of my life (and it’s only been 4 months!!)! I’m not just a better coach or business owner as a result of her training: I’m a better student. I’m a better  daughter. I’m a better friend. Most importantly, I’m a better version of myself as a human being.

Lindsey doesn’t just hand you answers; she walks with you and identifies the very heart of the issue…and then she guides you through to your solution.

Working with Lindsey has opened doors for me I never knew existed. She supports and believes in you so fiercely, you have no option but to believe in you too! She practices what she preaches and as long as you are willing to do the inner work, you’ll see your mindset and life begin to shift right before your eyes!

I had no idea this current version of myself even EXISTED before working with Lindsey!

If you’re looking for a quick fix, this may not be your cup of tea. If you’re looking for profound growth, genuine relationships and constant support, SoulCEO is the place you want to be

Sydney Cawvey

Physical Therapy Student| Mindset Mentor| Life enthusiast|

I’ve created the SoulCEO Mastermind to teach and guide my clients to bring their own inner dreams to life.


I know you feel….

  • Like you’re being unrealistic with your expectations

  • Scared that you’ll start a business and nobody will hire you (or like you!)

  • Like you’re just not enough (pretty enough, interesting enough, skinny enough!)

  • Uncomfortable where you are…but super scared to try and fail

You deserve the freedom you long for.

You have what it takes inside of you to bring your vision of your perfect life, into reality. If you didn’t, that vision would be there.

Take back your power.

Are you ready to become that woman?

⇒ She trusts herself

She knows what to do next

She takes action

She has doubts and fears and doesn’t let them decide

She is committed to her dream life, no matter what

She can create whatever feelings necessary to keep moving forward

She knows her value

She fails and doesn’t define herself by it

She makes her desires and happiness a priority

She believes ANYTHING is possible

She attracts and creates her money

I’d like to introduce you to the SoulCEO Mastermind


A 12 month group coaching experience for the woman who wants to become the CEO of her business, her life and her soul and needs support to make it happen.

I’ve created an environment that makes your goals, my goals.

I’ve created a safe place to do the inner work, provided the tools you’ll need to finally see change, surrounded you with a close knit community of women who “get it” and I’m here to support you along the journey.

Here’s what one of my ladies had to say after just a few months…

SoulCEO is like a digital boot camp for growth, a virtual “grad school” course in emotionally intelligent entrepreneurship – but it’s something that can’t be confined to a book or classroom discussion.

Lindsey pushes you to dig deep, to do the inner work, and ensures your business ideas are born from within and “light your soul on fire”, as she would say!

It’s perfect for those with up and coming businesses, or even women who are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

Rose Richardson

Advertising Account Director & Aspiring Blogger

The SoulCEO Mastermind is for you if…


  • You have a business (or idea) that hasn’t gained traction yet and you’re getting frustrated

  • You want to connect with your authentic self and dare to show up as her everyday

  • You know there is more to life and are committed to finding it for yourself

  • You want a community of women who get you, your vision for life and support you in your most vulnerable of moments…because they are going through the same stuff

You’re probably wondering at this point things like, “Lindsey, will you teach me how to find clients and have gorgeous branding like yours?”…(we’ll just assume you love my branding!! lol).

After testing this combination of training on countless women, I’ve found the sweet spot in a flow that focuses on the inner work first as we build up to the specific business pieces.

Of course you can get coached on anything at any point…and honestly, the inner work will lead to inspired action way before that section of the mastermind.



There are 4 core elements we’ll cover over a year:




Before you can begin any journey, you need to have a self-awareness of where you are.

In this portion of the mastermind, we identify your current mindset and what’s not serving you.

You’ll discover the tools to unlock the potential inside of yourself at every level (I’m using these same tools on my journey to a million).

We’ll dig into the concept of love vs. fear and how to make decisions from your most creative energy.

You’ll learn how to identify opportunity all around you.

You’ll learn how to quickly identify what’s lacking inside of you (and your clients) and how to fulfill that need in a way that serves you and your live vision.

This portion of the mastermind sets the foundation of your inner work and is the launching point to discovering and blossoming into your most authentic self.




You’re aware…now it’s time to shift into the next version of yourself.

You’ll master how to shift into a High Vibe (on demand!) to create the life you envision and my unique method for getting to the bottom of “what’s next”.

PLUS you’ll discover your perfect client and how tp attract this woman to you with your VIBE.

This is where you create a new version of yourself, the Highest Version of yourself.

Where you establish a level of self love that exudes and attracts what you desire, this is where you gain your confidence and attract clients and people just by being you.




Over this year, as you become more of the woman you are meant to be, you’ll have set backs. This section is devoted specifically to showing you how to continue forward, no matter what happens.

We’ll cover how to use your successes to fuel your continued action, how to create and re-create momentum and how to build strong relationships along this journey.

This is where you learn how to keep moving forward despite failure, where you will learn the power and importance of celebration, taking action, and creating habits.  

Stride is where you will learn to build strong foundational relationships that will lead to a fulfilled personal life and successful business.




Now it’s time to take the inner work and apply it to create success in your business.

We’ll cover how to attract money, opportunities and relationships. We’ll also get specific with handling objections, sales and building a magnetic brand that attracts your favorite types of clients.

This is where you will dig deep into the money beliefs that have been holding you back from bringing in the money you desire. You will have a deep knowing of how to trade your value for money and NOT time. You will learn sales and how to sell naturally, authentically, and from a place that doesn’t feel like you are selling. You will walk away with a clear brand that represents you and attracts and creates the business and success you desire.

We’ll do this over the next 12 months, inside of 48 intimate group video calls, a private Facebook community and supported by a workbook that holds everything I have learned in the last 2 years of success.



Here’s what Kati had to say about the mastermind…

I have Lindsey as my own personal life coach, and she has literally changed my life!

When I saw she created the SoulCEO Mastermind I KNEW I had to be a part of it. This incredible group of woman has been such a huge support system. Lindsey is the best mentor I could have ever manifested!

The SoulCEO Mastermind has given me a place to unscramble all my ideas, layout a successful business model, and given me the knowledge and confidence to take myself & business to the next level!

In the last few weeks I’ve gained new clients, raised my rates, and booked my first live event!

Kati Zuromski

Alpha Coaching

We’re starting next week, are you in?

Are you ready to bring your vision to life?

Investment: $7,000 in full or $625 a month ($7,500)

But wait…that’s not all! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)


For the next 10 2 women who join, I’m offering a HIGH VIBE VIP Branding Day.


Together, in person, we’ll develop the image and energy of how you show up and attract your favorite types of clients.


Picture an intimate day, of gaining clarity on your brand and exactly what to post in order to show up as that woman. You’ll walk away with a ready to launch brand or re-brand.


In addition to the group energy, I’ve set aside time to spend one-on-one with you, giving you my complete attention to the details of your brand.


Finally, I’ll not only introduce you to my favorite photographer (who always makes me look great!) but guide you on how to show up as the women in your vision for your photos.


This won’t be like anything you’ve experienced before.  


These pictures will be yours to keep and ready to integrate into your public image on social media, your website and even your emails.


If you were to buy all of this separately, it would cost….

  • $5,000 for the VIP day with me

  • $1,000 for a high-end brand focused photographer

Value: $6,000


***travel NOT included.


Girl…you get all of that, INCLUDED, FOR FREE, with a year of SoulCEO Mastermind.


Not everyone is getting this…only the next 9 ladies who join. One spot has already been snatched up!


When these spots are gone, they’re gone!


Will you be developing your brand with me while we sip champagne?

Frequently Asked Questions 


What makes SoulCEO different?

So what makes SoulCEO different than one-on-one coaching and from any other mastermind?

I have built this mastermind to be everything I would have ever wanted at the start of my journey.  It has everything I have utilized when it comes to mindset, relationships, value, branding, business, etc. to create the life I have right now.

This program is the classroom AND the “liferoom” where you not only learn the concepts mentally and have a workbook to refer back to, but you will master them by implementing the concept immediately on the call and being coached on what’s coming up for you in the moment.  Every call you will leave with a SoulCEO action item to do even deeper work throughout your week.

TRUE mastery comes from doing the work and this mastermind is not only about giving you the tools to do that work, but give you the coaching to master that work.

It is the PERFECT combination for MASSIVE life transformation.

Most masterminds are just coaching. Show up every week, ask your questions and listen to other people get coached OR maybe those masterminds are coupled with hours of extra courses and materials you need to dig through in order to find your transformation.

A 1-1 coach, which most people see as being more attention and valuable will work with you week to week on what you’re experiencing. You’ll be coached through how your thoughts are impacting your life, but it will be as your thoughts come and not as a structured and focus build up to a solid business and inner life.

SoulCEO will give you the one on one attention and transformation you need while being supported and growing in a classroom setting.


What is the structure of the weekly call?

We meet on Zoom (a video platform). Every week we do a combination teaching, applying and coaching. Plus a workbook that guides you to going deeper with the content and laying out your specific action steps for the week.


What type of access do I have to you?

There are 3 ways you will be able to access me. Weekly on the group coaching call, bring your questions and we’ll coach! Daily in the Facebook community and privately via voice messenger.


How many people will be in the group?

I’ve found my sweet spot is 20 women, this allows the ladies to form that tight knit community while still allowing me to support each of you.


I don’t have a business, is the SoulCEO right for me?

It can be. This program is not designed to help you find your passion or business.

As you do the inner work though, you learn to create alignment and take action, which can lead to finding your business. (some people start this program and change their business to align better!)


My business is small (or not making money yet), is this right for me?

Yes. Absolutely, it’s perfect for someone in this phase because it allows you to work on aligning more fully with yourself as you bring your business to life.

Who you ARE BEING will impact how you show, how you care for yourself through the ups and downs and your willingness to continue forward as you face the hurdles of business.


Are you going to teach me how to find clients?

Yes. We focus first on the inner work because people buy WHO you are, not what you’re selling. This is why you can be confident no matter how many people are doing your business, that you’ll stand out and be successful.

In the monetize section though we will dig into the business foundations.


Will I be able to ask questions about my business before we get to the “Monetize” section of the mastermind?

YES. Every week you’ll be able to ask questions on the live call and inside of the Facebook community. You will be supported to blossom into your most authentic self as quickly as she rises from within you.


Who would you say this program is NOT for:

  • Someone who just wants business questions answered because they feel like they have already mastered their inner work.

  • The person who wants to be told the “right business” to choose, versus being guided to find their perfect alignment inside of themselves.  

  • Someone who has a lot of negative circumstances and aren’t yet able to see  their ability to shape their future.

  • Anyone who doesn’t believe that investing in themselves will pay off.  

After 12 months, no matter what changes Facebook or Instagram make to their platforms, you’ll be equip to attract your perfect clients by showing up fully as yourself, no matter what.


The ladies who get the best results the fastest, in any training, are those women who get what they came for.


They show up on every call prepared with questions to take their work deeper.


They take action between calls. They fail. They post in the group for support. They try again and they keep trying until they get the result they want.


They never complain that this isn’t “working” for them. They reach out to me personally, they accept guidance out of their darkest moments and they rise from the muck, dust themselves off and continue to strive towards their perfect life.


And as they see the light of their vision becoming reality, they learn to celebrate every step they take forward as evidence that it’s working. It is working.


Are you ready to say YES to yourself and your future self?


Let’s get started.

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