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Okay, first of all, don’t pass over today’s episode thinking you’ve heard it all before or that this is going to be another formulaic “why” talk. We’ve all heard that knowing your personal “why” can drive you, motivate you, and it can… but I believe we have to go a step farther.

We need a “why” in the work that we do, as well as a “why” that is more about our personal life goal(s). Like, I want freedom. Freedom with my time, my future kids – all of that. But what drives me in my actual daily work?

Tune in for a different perspective on identifying what motivates the work you put into your business and building a life you’re excited to live every single day. If you already had the result of your personal “why,” what would you still be motivated, driven, passionate about doing?

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s important to not only have a “why” in your life, but also in the actual work that you’re doing.
  • The question to ask yourself to figure out what you desire for your biz beyond what money can buy.
  • How expecting to be driven in your work by your personal “why” can lead you to create something you’re not deeply passionate about.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you all? I hope you are having a beautiful week. I think I just sang that. I know I am, it has been so lovely. Chris and I are going to Asheville soon, we are actually thinking about getting married there so we want to go check out some of the spots. I love mountains and I just love the vibe of Asheville. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it.

We don’t have family there. A lot of people have asked. We just think it would be fun to get married there and it is so beautiful. So anyway, we’re super pumped about that. But I am super excited to talk about today’s topic because it is something that I think it’s talked about a lot and I had this really deep realization about it for myself and for my business and for my clients that I didn’t make a connection with early on.

And what I want to talk about today is your why. And some of you guys might go to hit the end button right now. Not that it’s not an amazing concept, but I will tell you that I kind of felt a little turned off by it not because of like, the concept, I think it’s amazing and beautiful but because it felt very robotic to me and it felt like just like everybody was talking about it, and so it just – I don’t know, it felt super systematic and sometimes I can be a little resistant to that.

But I do realize and believe that your why in your business and in your life is going to be the driving factor and force of everything that you do. And when you’re super clear on it, it is so impactful for your life and business that you just cannot even imagine.

Now, I feel like we’ve heard that before, right? We’ve heard like, find your why, why are you doing what you’re doing, and I do think it’s super valuable I think you have to get down to the core. You have to get down to the thing that like, gets you almost to tears, or maybe to tears that you feel so deeply passionate about that you feel connected to it, about why you do what you do.

Now, here’s the other thing that I realized is that I think your why also has to be connected to the actual work that you’re doing in the world. And what I mean by that is a lot of us – when I first started business actually, part of my why was my freedom, was having the freedom to have the time and to have the freedom that I desired for my life, for my future life, for my future kids and all of that.

And while that was amazing and it drove me forward, and I think a lot of you guys have a similar why, what I realized over time was that while that drove me, what really drove me was helping other women create that freedom. Like, I had to have a why within my business and what I was creating and the impact that I was making, not just about me. And I think a lot of you guys probably have whys that aren’t just about you, they’re probably about your kids, they’re probably about the freedom you want to create, they’re probably about so many things, but I think it’s super important to have a why in the actual work that you’re doing.

So I’m going to say that again. I think it’s important to not only have a why in your life, but have a why in the actual work that you’re doing. So what I mean by that is that I want to know what gets you in your soul about the actual work that you’re doing in the world, that the thing you’re creating in the world. Not just about the legacy you want to leave with your kids, which is beautiful and amazing and the freedom you want to create in your life, but I want you to develop a why that connects you back to why you’re building your business or building the life that you are, going to the job that you’re going to.

Because what I’ve realized is a question that I ask so many of my clients and take people through when I’m talking about manifesting is what action would you take if you knew the results were already coming. Or what would you do if you won the lottery? And I want the answer to that question because that’s trusting that the money will come and abundance is there and making decisions from a place of desire and for what your heart truly deeply wants.

I think a lot of times even when we do think we’re coming from an abundant place and when we’re trying to push our why forward, we focus on the path to creating that and not necessarily connecting with that path. So going back to what I said, just said about what action would you take if you knew the result was coming no matter what, why you do what you do is what is going to make you want to take an action.

So what I mean by that is for me, if I had a million bazillion dollars in my bank account and I already had all the results that I already wanted, I would still feel inspired to do the work that I do every single day because I’m connected to my why I do it, which is that I want to help women create lives and businesses that they are so on fire for and obsessed with that they just can’t stand it, that every day they’re excited to live the life that they get to live, that they get to live more life in their lifetimes.

And so regardless of whether I have the freedom that I want, which I do, and the money that I want and the amount of clients that I want, like, if I already have all of the results that I want, this why keeps me moving forward regardless. It keeps me wanting to take action regardless. What I think is so, so powerful is that a lot of times if we focus on our personal why and then we take action in our business to create that, we’re not actually creating something that is deeply connected to our heart and to what we truly want to do.

So I will tell you guys, for me, I think network marketing is freaking amazing, and it provides such an amazing opportunity for people. But for me, I was focused on wanting to create freedom. That was my why originally. And that’s why I started in a network marketing company because I wanted to create freedom and I saw that as a way to do that.

And I wanted to help people of course, but that’s what I was more connected to. I was less worried about the how I was going to do it and just connected to okay, this is what I want. I want to create freedom and this is the path that I see myself doing that in. But over time, what I realized is that I wasn’t that deeply connected to the work that I was doing through that network marketing company. What I found was that coaching was what I was deeply passionate about and that I would still do it if I had the freedom, and that I would still do it if I had all the money in the world and if I had all the clients because I was so deeply connected to my purpose and mission and why I was doing it.

So I feel like – I don’t even know, maybe this is the concept, who knows? But I think it is important to have a personal why. But I think what’s most important is to ask yourself that question is if I had the result, if I had the freedom, if I had the money, if I had all the things that I desire, would I still feel motivated to create what I’m creating in my business or in my job right now?

Would I still feel on fire to take action? And if the answer is no, I promise nothing’s gone wrong. What is so amazing is that you’ve created a space and an opportunity to find that thing because I will tell you guys, when you have a mission, when you have a why, a why that is way bigger than yourself and the freedom that you want for just you and your immediate family, which again, that’s a noble cause, that’s amazing, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But when you have a why that’s deeper than that, when you have a why that no matter how much money you’re making, no matter how many clients you already have, no matter how much freedom you have, that every day you still wake up on a mission to share that with the world, that if you already had the result you would still be driven to create more change and be driven by that why, that’s when I think you’ve found your true calling.

So I want you guys to really think about that. So deeply do the work on why you do what you do. Why are you doing what you do in your job, in your business? Would you do it if you had all the freedom and money and all the things that you wanted? And if the answer is yes, your work is to focus on that every day because it can get really easy to get sidetracked by the small goals, by the freedom, by the goals that you have financially, to try and get yourself out of where you currently are to create that freedom but I will tell you that’s taking action from a place of trying to do something to create this result and not from a place of your why and your mission.

So I truly deeply believe that if you connect to that heart-centered why of why you do what you do and why you have the business that you have and that you would do it regardless of how successful you already were and how amazing your life already was, then if you ask yourself from that standpoint of what would I feel called to do today if I already had the result that I wanted, you will come up with stuff. Because I will tell you, that’s the action that I take every day.

That’s what I’ve been really working myself into is taking actions as though the result has already happened. And guess what? I still post content and I still record podcasts and I still do lives and I still create free trainings because my why is so much bigger than just getting the result.

So I want you guys to take your why one step further. Everybody talks about it but I want you to figure out what your why is in your business or in your job or what you’re creating and ask yourself, what would I have to think or believe or what would I have to be driven by to be motivated to keep doing this every day no matter what result I had? Because that’s what will keep you forward on the really sucky days when it’s hard and things don’t go your way, and that’s what will keep you moving forward when you have all the success that you want. That’s what will keep you creating and keep you in the energy of doing what you feel really deeply called to do.

So find the why to your why. Make sure that whatever business you’re pursuing is something that you would do no matter how much success you saw, and that is where I think you will be driven by more and by something deeper than you could ever imagine.

I love you guys, I cannot wait to hear your feedback. Please share this on your story. If you want to take this work deeper, I have a free training at And I talk about the three mindset shifts I used to create my six-figure business, my multiple six-figure business and I have my first $60,000 month in business.

So check that out, link is in the show notes, and I cannot wait to hear what you guys think of this episode and what you think of that free training. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.


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