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Having grown my business using social media, I get asked a lot of questions about creating a business this way and how to gain traction.

The reality of social media – and this applies to meeting people in real life too – is the importance of being a human. So many of us forget that getting in our heads about what to say or do can be detrimental to our brand and marketing strategy. I’ve come up with five of my best tips that will help you guys grow your businesses on social media without losing your authenticity.

Join me for the best marketing advice I can give you when it comes to truly connecting with your audience on a deep level. Gaining momentum in your business with social media is so much fun and I hope these tips I’m sharing will help you create a powerful brand and lock in your people!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you’re struggling to grow a business on social media.
  • 5 tips to connect with your audience on social media.
  • What your audience really wants.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hey guys, I hope you’re having an amazing week. By the time you hear this, I will be totally healthy, but right now I sound stuffed so I’m sorry about that but I’m so pumped to be here and share some of my weekly knowledge with you guys.

So today is going to be a little bit more business focused, but it still is really powerful and you can apply it to, let’s say, networking or meeting people. But what I’m going to talk about is branding and marketing on social media. And so many people come to me who are creating businesses on social media and they don’t feel like it’s really working or they don’t know what to say on social media, or they’re not really getting any traction.

And something that I’ve realized is so important is that you stopped being a human. I’m going to say that again. You stopped being a human on social media, and let’s just say you go to a networking event and you get all in your head, you stopped being a human when you started to wonder what you were supposed to be saying and what you should be doing.

And the reality is social media, meeting people and interacting with people and growing your business and growing your life is about being a human being, and social media is about being social and acting like a normal person, and that’s what people really crave. But what happens is we get in our heads and we try to get clients or we try to be something in order to get the result that we want when in reality, the best thing that you could have done is just been you and just be human.

So I have come up with five tips to help you guys to grow a business on social media and not completely lose your humanness because again, that’s how your audience is going to connect with you. Stop trying to be something else, stop “trying” to get clients. Yes, be available for clients, yes, be open for opportunity, but stop trying to manipulate how you show up on social media or in life to get clients and start being you because that is what your audience really wants.

So, here are my top five tips to connecting with your audience and I’m going to ask you questions to go along with each thing so you can dig deep into that. So number one is be you. Question is what would you enjoy sharing? Again, the best thing you can do is show up authentically as yourself and ask yourself what you want to share with your audience.

Not what you think you should share, not what you are supposed to share. I want you to share what you truly want to be share and be you authentically, exactly as you are. That is the best way that you can connect with your audience.

Number two, be vulnerable. What is real and something that your audience needs to hear from you? The funniest thing is that as human beings, we crave vulnerability. I’m sure you guys enjoy it when you hear not in a mean way, but enjoy when you hear that I tell you I still get scared, I still get nervous, I still fail, I still do all these things because you connect to my humanness.

Now, I don’t do this purposely. I don’t make up stuff to connect with you and try to be real. I just am real. And I think the number one thing that people crave from the people that they follow or from the people that they want to work with is vulnerability. So it might feel a little bit scary to share some of this stuff, but what’s something that if you weren’t afraid to share it, you would share it with your audience? What’s something that you know will inspire and connect you to your ideal people?

So the question again is what is real and something that you audience needs to hear from you? It could be a story. I’ve seen clients and people that I work with hide things about themselves and then show up one day and just decide to share their most authentic story and they’re afraid and it’s emotional but it makes an impact. People want that from you. So again, going back to being a human and connecting with your audience, it’s so, so important.

Number three, have fun. The minute that people start growing their social media businesses, something happen where they stop having fun and I don’t really understand it. One of my big values or the things that I try to do is always have fun in my life and business. Doesn’t always work but does most of the time. I intentionally work to create that, but don’t make your social media and don’t make your interactions with people so stiff that you’re not a human and you’re not having fun anymore.

Make it fun, make it interactive. You want to make sure that your social media and how you’re showing up and how you’re getting your business out there is going to connect with your people and your people aren’t just going to want something dry and boring, and you don’t want something dry and boring.

So the question I have for this one is what would be fun for you to interact with your audience? I see this all the time with stories. When you have fun on your Instagram story, people want to interact with you. When I’m a dork and just totally myself and just have fun with it, it’s perfect. When I try to be something that is like, perfect and well put together, all the things, and I stop having fun and start just treating it like this is a business – you should treat it like a business but when I stop treating my human connections like I’m just showing up to get on the story for my business and stop having fun, people can feel that.

So what would be fun for you to interact with your audience? Make the way you launch things fun for you and your people. If you’re not having fun, the people that are following you are not having fun.

Number four, be a human. If you weren’t worried about what you were “supposed” to post and share, what would you want to share? I see this so often. Again, people stop being a person and they start to try to think of like, what do I need to say, what am I supposed to say, how am I supposed to say this, and you suck the life right out of your social media. It doesn’t become social anymore and you stop being the person that you are, which is what will ultimately attract people.

So totally ditch this whole idea of your social media and the way you promote your business about being something it should be or supposed to be and just ask yourself, what do you want to share today? What do you feel inspired to share? What would you enjoy sharing? And be a person. Don’t try to be something that you’re not.

Number five, make it a party. How would you want to interact with people at a party? Interact with your audience like that. Remember, social media is a two-way street. So I wrote all these ideas out. That’s kind of why I’m reading them to you guys because I just thought it was so valuable. Like, one of my clients, Jenny Blake who is amazing, one time said like, I just treat it like it’s a party, and it’s so true.

Do you want to talk to people at a party? Talk to your audience that way. Interact with your people that way. Make sure that you know that your social media is a two-way street. A connection is created by having a conversation with your audience. So how can you make it conversational? How can you make it fun and like you are interacting with people on the social media world like it’s a party? Not like it’s this stiff business thing.

So those are my top five tips to connecting with your audience and being a human and creating a powerful brand and marketing and social media presence so that you can take your business to the next level. But I will tell you guys, this is also the same thing when connecting in a relationship, when connecting at a networking event, anything.

The best thing that you can give people is the real you, the you that isn’t should-ing all over herself and telling herself that she’s supposed to be something. The way people connect with you is by you being vulnerable and you being authentic and you just being a human.

So go back to being a human. That’s the best marketing advice that I could ever give you. So I love you guys, hope you have an amazing week and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.


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