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Something I absolutely love about myself and makes me an amazing coach is my ability to see the good in people and to see what they are capable of.  I really believe deep in my soul that everyone is capable of whatever it is they desire.  I can SEE their potential. I can see past who they are showing up as now and believe that in any given moment they can make completely new choices to become the person they want to become with the life they desire.   It makes me extremely forgiving, hopeful, excited, able to get people pumped up about what’s possible for them, and gives me the ability to show up time and time again for people, even when they lack the enthusiasm or don’t quite take the action they said they would. It’s like my super power. 

However, it comes at a cost.

I am totally okay with it because I love this about myself, but I have become fully aware of it.  I find myself wanting peoples’ dream lives for them, more than they do. I find myself getting caught up in seeing people as the highest version of themselves when they don’t show up that way; I latch onto their potential, not who they are now.  

It really works for me as a coach that I can see the best in you; however, I cannot want your dream life or your potential, more than you want it.  That does not work and often it can leave me frustrated.  I want to stand for peoples’ dreams. I don’t want peoples’ best lives or potential to die with them, but I need to be met at least halfway. People can show me they want it over and over but then not show up to make the changes, and even on the 100th time when you say you want it, I will BELIEVE you.  I will get excited that this is the time you are going to make it happen. And even if you don’t, I will still believe you will the next time.

Some of you may be thinking this sets me up for failure over and over, but I would much rather continue to believe the world and you are capable of everything you want forever than to be tarnished by the fact not everyone does this.

You have to want this for yourself more than I want it for you.  It just won’t work if I want it for you because you have to do the work, you have to tackle the fears, and you have to make the transformation.

You are responsible for living your best life.  You have to decide that not living up to your potential of what’s possible for you is more painful than the fear you have to go all in and make it happen.  That point looks different for everyone and I hate to say it but most of us find a way to cope or buffer (distract themselves) from feeling the fact they are living nowhere near their potential. Because let’s be honest, it feels like crap to be aware you are living a life less than you are capable of.

I want you to be BRAVE! FEEL IT! Be aware of the fact you are showing up for yourself less than you know you are capable of, because then maybe you will decide you are going to do something about it.

You have to feel it in your soul, so you won’t just act on it when you feel excited, or when you have time or when you have the money.  You have to feel it so deeply that you will do anything in your power to change it; and, if you aren’t willing to do that, that’s totally okay, but don’t lie to yourself and don’t tell me you are READY to change your life. You’re not.

There is no judgement there, but all I ask is that you be honest with yourself; otherwise you will walk away convinced you “tried” or weren’t in the “right” circumstance with enough money, time, etc. and  can’t get the result you desired.  I promise if you were committed to the end result NO MATTER WHAT, for forever and ever and ever, you’ll get there eventually. 

You already are the person who is capable of having the life you want; you are just missing the action. 

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