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How often in life do we resist speaking the truth that we can barely admit to ourselves? The one that seems so dark and ugly we can barely acknowledge it’s a thought we are having. 

What if I told you it’s the one thing that will set you free? The one thing that will heal the wound that created it? 

I take integrity SERIOUSLY… so seriously that if backing out of a prior engagement for comfort or for a legitimate excuse will compromise it… I won’t! Now don’t be fooled, I mess up and am always seeking to understand the areas I can improve! Integrity, to me, isn’t about other people, it’s about being true to myself and in turn this will always produce honesty and being true to others. 

Maintaining this is EVERYTHING. 

My self integrity means I can count on myself to deliver for my dream life, for my clients, for my relationships, friendships and everything in between; because if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am not willing to live a surfacelevel life full of some happy moments and somewhat fulfilling relationships. I crave the FULLEST life and integrity is the foundation of my inner world to create that!

I say all this with the understanding that I am by no means perfect! I still hit snooze sometimes and don’t execute on every commitment I make; i.e., this blog going out one day later than I said I would! I can make all the justifications in the world, all legitimate, but that’s beside the point and my brain trying to protect myself.   I also am aware that the only moment I can do anything about it is the current one, so I choose that! 

Now here’s the thing… I have mastered this to a certain extent, but with growth comes new opportunity to see where this is out of alignment and to have grace with myself to see it as an opportunity to rise up and change it! I have found the small commitments of doing things I say I will do or waking up to my alarm or showing up to my clients is the easy part; the hardest part of integrity is speaking the truth that you so desperately want to deny or believe!  We often resist speaking our deepest, darkest truth to protect ourselves and others, but it leaves so much shame and guilt and makes the deepest form of love and happiness inaccessible. Recently I decided to say and acknowledge the one thing I thought I could never say… the thing that made me feel ugly, awful and full of shame… and guess what, I have never felt more free, more loved and loving, and happier. 

Just speaking it, healed the wound that caused it. 

As a result, lately I have been wondering how many people deny themselves this and what the world would look like if we always spoke our truths; if we told people our deepest darkest thoughts! It could cause some hurt and pain, but also a world of freedom, real love, and real self acceptance.

I believe it will change your life and it forever changed mine….

It energetically shifted everything so quickly that in one day of speaking my truth, I was able to express my love and experience love on a new level, was shown gratitude by so many of my amazing clients, signed some of my newest badass business owners as clients, and accessed emotions I am not sure I have ever experienced. 

I hope this blog has given you the courage to look deeply within yourself and ask, What are you pretending not to know? What have you locked up so deep in your mind, spirit, and soul?

Free yourself.

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