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So if you follow me on social media (and if you don’t, DO THAT NOW 😉 @LindseyMangoco), you have seen me in Miami in preparation and in the midst of this weekend; The VIP Experience for a beautiful client of mine.  

I want to explain what this is all about, but first I want to tell you a story….

There was once a girl who craved growth, fulfillment, and to live the life of her dreams in every single way. She hired a coach and for a year went to work to create the life she envisioned. She grew, her business grew, her inner trust grew, her ability to choose her grew and, in turn, her life changed drastically and with that, her desire to grow GREW even bigger.  With new opportunity in her awareness, she decided to take the biggest leap of faith of her life and invest the most money she ever had in a VIP Experience for herself.  The craziest part is, she had nowhere near the money to pay for it but set the date trusting that she would FIND a way to make this work and CREATE the income to pay for it. Through these efforts and belief, and over the course of two months, clients showed up, opportunities came and two days before the trip when the full investment was due, the last of the money showed up, not a dollar more or dollar less.

Here is the catch.  The VIP Experience is completely unknown and unexpected. She was investing a GIANT sum of money into an experience where the only piece of certainty was the time she had to be at the airport and that her beautiful coach Stacey Smith and Stacey’s coach Melanie Layer would pick her up at the airport in LA, California.  The rest was a complete mystery.  At this point, you probably think this girl is crazy. In fact, so did many people she loved dearly.  Weeks leading up to the trip these people begged her not to go, tried to convince her she was being taken advantage of, that the money was enough to buy a new car, or take three extravagant vacations and for a moment, while balling in the car because it felt like everyone she loved was against her, she thought she may have gotten sucked into something that wasn’t going to give her the transformation she so desired.  She could have given up then, but she forged ahead. Deep in her soul, she knew she would show up to this experience and Get what she came for (see the previous blog post on this mentality) even if she didn’t know exactly what that was. 

Yes, the trip was extravagant.  She got to experience things she couldn’t even imagine, but what was the most valuable was the growth; it changed her life FOREVER.  It gave her a vision she never knew existed and an inner strength that couldn’t be broken. 

That girl was me.

Looking back now, I know the people trying to protect me were coming from a place of love for me and projecting their own fears onto me, but what mattered was even with all of that, I still CHOSE ME and the life of my dreams.  I came back a different woman.  A woman who knew what she wanted, knew how to choose herself even if it meant going through deep pain to do so. From that trip forward, my entire life changed.  I left a relationship that wasn’t serving me, I exponentially built my business and within two months left my corporate job.  I went from worrying about my grocery bill being over $100 to buying my dream car and having the complete freedom I so desired.  It’s pretty ironic to look back and think I almost didn’t make the investment because I could have bought a car, and then was able to buy the car of my dreams four months later.

So what is this VIP Experience? It’s hard to explain.  My coach described it perfectly.  It’s like falling in love. You can do your best to describe what it’s like, but you don’t know until you have experienced it.  When this blog post goes live, I will be two days into running my first VIP Experience with one of my clients.  I have goosebumps thinking that I get to lead this experience along with my coach for another amazing woman.  The experience will be unreal, but the transformation will be magical through experiential learning and total immersion in coaching.

I will leave you with this, if you want to live a BIG life; you WILL be tested. The universe/life/God, whatever you believe, will throw things in your path that you couldn’t even fathom.  And what if it’s not the world trying to give you a sign that your dreams “aren’t meant to be” or that “it’s not the right time”, but the universe saying “oh you want this extraordinary life, well prove it”.  

These are the moments and choices that change your life. Are you willing to prove it? 

Oh and if you are curious about going on a VIP, just ask 😉

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