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I know you just read the title and thought, yea, YOU do, but not me.  I am all about living every day to the fullest and not taking our time here on this earth for granted, but when I say this, we have an abundance of time, I am not referring to that.  What I am referring to is our mindset when it comes to how we spend our time.  

Yes, you are not mistaken.  I said, we all have an abundance of time. The question is are you happy with how you are spending it?  The biggest excuse I hear from people for not doing all the things they really want in life is time.  Typically, most of us spend the majority of our time working, taking care of kids, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, more working, sleeping, resting from being exhausted spending time doing the above things, leaving no time for ourselves or things that we love.  I get it! I once felt this way and I actually had a transformation just the other day about time; hence, this blog post.

 I have more time now to do the things I want than ever before, and I caught myself feeling overwhelmed because I didn’t have “enough time” to get everything I wanted to done.  I know you are probably thinking, how on earth does this girl not have enough time? She works for herself, travels a ton, seems to cook for herself a lot, shops, etc., etc.  This is how I know it’s a mindset! Because there was once a time in my life when I woke up at 4:30 AM to get my workout in, work on two businesses, while working a full-time corporate job, keeping up with a house, a dog, a prior relationship and so on.  I know what it feels like to have minimal time and some of you mommas and wives have even less time. But here is what occurred to me the other day.

I am CHOOSING to spend every minute of my time on what I am spending it on… And so are you.  The work and calls I grind out (and LOVE, don’t get it twisted) during the week, the new projects and programs I am creating, the website updates, the VIP Experience planning, the retreat ideas, the evenings with my new boyfriend, the cooking, the time for friends and clients, building new relationships, the weekends spent hiking and doing what I want…. I CHOOSE entirely.  Since I love doing all of it, it really feels like a choice, but when things get busy, it can still feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day.  As I lay on the floor after a run this past week, feeling overwhelmed to get everything done before I leave for a weekend at the lake and then first thing Monday morning for Miami for 10 days (for work and play ;)), I realized that I am choosing every single moment of every day.  And SO ARE YOU. 

If you have a negative reaction to this statement, you need to read this more than ever.  In everyday life, most humans don’t see their jobs as a choice, their obligations as a parent as a choice, the time they spend cooking, cleaning, etc., etc. as a choice.  But it is! When you realize this, you take back control.  Yes, you have mortgage to pay, food to put on the table, sports to pay for, debt to pay off, but you CHOOSE to work to fulfill those.  You don’t HAVE to do a damn thing.  I’m SERIOUS!  

Once you realize that you are choosing how to spend your time, now you have the power to decide if you are happy about how you are spending it. Really, think about it. If you had the choice, would you be working that soul-sucking job? Would you be committing to the extra meetings outside of work? Would you be staring at a TV for four hours a night to “unwind?”

Now, I don’t necessarily mean for you to go quit that job you hate tomorrow, unless you are feeling inspired to, more power to you! I support you one thousand percent.  But really see why you are choosing what you are. Are you choosing to work because it gives your family the opportunity to live in a beautiful home you ENJOY or does it give you FREEDOM to go on a vacation once a year? Do you choose to run your kids to weekend after weekend full of sports because the SATISFACTION of watching them grow and learn?  This is where you can transform.  Find out why you are choosing to spend your time the way you are.  And if you don’t like it or can’t find a single reason why on earth you would choose it, CHOOSE otherwise.  There are more jobs, options to outsource some of the things you hate, i.e.: cook, clean, etc., babysitters to hire to spend time with your friends or significant others and so on and so on.  OWN IT! Own your time or it will own you.

How we spend our time is how we spend our life.  How do you feel about you are spending yours?

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