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So I highly doubt you all have missed it because I have been talking about the past week and a half, but  I am excited AND I don’t want you to miss this huge opportunity to elevate your life by being a part of the Passionista Movement.

There are so many things I want to share about this group and the specifics of it (See the Mind tab for this info), but WHAT it is doesn’t inspire action, WHY inspires action. 

So here’s why I created this:

I have always had an inner voice that said I was meant to live a really BIG life. I wasn’t really quite sure how or what on earth I would be doing, but this voice whispered for quite some time.  I tried to shut it out, ignore it, make myself believe that it was ridiculous to think I really could have IT ALL; the best relationship and friendships, total and complete time freedom, a fulfilling career or business that inspired me, the ability to make as much money as I wanted, etc. 

This whisper regained its voice through watching other women create the most amazing versions of their lives where they really did have IT ALL.  As I watched, the whisper turned into a yell and finally one day I felt inspired enough to listen… 

Through listening to this voice, taking action, and hiring a coach, an even BIGGER life became attainable. My belief in it grew because I was aware there were people out there really creating the life of their dreams.  Without that, I may still be sitting behind a desk ignoring this voice on this Wednesday afternoon!

This is what I want to do for women. I want anyone and everyone I come in contact with to feel like ANYTHING is possible.  I have realized the value of being surrounded by such powerful women in my life, whether it was just watching from a distance or involved in my daily life.   

So, I wanted to create a Movement where women around the world can feel supported, can dream bigger, and can learn and grow in the process. I want women everywhere to know, no matter where they are and who they know, there are always Passionistas that support her and that her dreams ARE possible.

I have learned (and truly believe) that us women and business owners “co-create.”  This simply means my success, happiness, and business were all co-created with the amazing ladies who have put it all on the line to invest in themselves and trust me to guide the way.  My success is partially theirs and their success is partially mine. 

No one is in this alone! We ALL need support, love, and other humans to co-create and have the life of our dreams.   And if you think you can do this all alone, I am sad to say you are mistaken.  My posts and brand would not be what it is without every single person and woman who follows me, likes them, and reaches out.  We are all the sum of each other’s successes.

And I want more people to co-create.  I want to teach my best tools in my most inspired moments and share them with my Passionistas.  I want to connect Passionistas across the country to support each other; this is what my movement is about… It’s all about YOU:  Your dreams, your vision, your growth, and the pursuit of everything amazing with the support of me and all the amazing boss babes and women who are listening to their inner voices too!

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