In this mastermind we help more people and sign more clients, while creating the Anything but Average life we REALLY want.


20 spots available.

You started your coaching business to do 2 things:

Help People

Create an Amazing Life

The more clients you sign, the more people you help, and the more freedom you can create for yourself, your business and your family. The goal of this mastermind is to first create a FULL TIME coaching business, then a six figure business, then multiple six figures while creating an Anything but Average life.

Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February 2022

Creating an Anything but Average coaching business doesn't mean...

Grinding your way to more clients doesn't mean sacrificing your life for your business. It doesn't mean becoming someone else with a more organized desk or website and it doesn't mean adding fancier marketing, more offers, opt ins, funnels or ANY of that.

It means,
helping more people and signing more clients, while creating the life we REALLY want.

It means our businesses grow WHEN we enjoy our lives not at the expense of our lives. 

It means we lead by example.  We create the lives our clients are inspired by.  And we sign more clients in the process because of it.

First we create your full time business this way.

Then six figures and beyond.


Building this will require you to show up at different level for yourself and your business.

It will require you to commit in a new way.

It will require you to believe in what you're offering your clients with more conviction.

And it will require you to take simple action and work on the belief that it's enough to create the business you want.

That's how you create an Anything but Average Coaching Business.

That's what I will teach you in this Mastermind.

Applications for the next round of theAnything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February2022.

"The difference between the business you have and the one you want, isn't what you do, it's WHO you are being"


Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February 2022.

WE impact the masses and live the most amazing lives.

We are Anything but Average Coaches.

Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February 2022.

Here's what the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind students have to say:

"This is my second round of the mastermind and I am now $20k away from my first $100,000 year. Before the mastermind I made a total of $12,000 in 18 months.  The biggest shift has been learning how to be ALL IN on my goals and create massive results in my business without burning myself out.  I feel better than ever, enjoy my life more than ever and have created more clients and income than ever”

- Whitney Uland (Coach for Artists)

“I am on track to hit six figures in my first full time year in business ($53,000 so far just in 4 months in the mastermind) all while being fully present for my brand new baby girl. My husband just put his notice in at work because my business can support us AND we are following our family dream to move to Hawaii.   What I realized through this mastermind was creating a six figure business in my first year wasn’t about WHAT I was doing.  It was about WHO I was being.  I didn’t actually have to put in all the extra hustle into my actions to get what I wanted, I just had to spend my time working on who I wanted to be throughout this process and watch the results recalibrate with where I was at. This is what the ABA Coach Mastermind taught me and this is why I have the life and business I have today.” 

- Saren Eads

"I have been able to create $40K 4 months into the mastermind and that blows my mind. Not only has this mastermind transformed by business, but it has allowed me to create the life I wanted to live, making memories with my family and having the freedom without being a slave to my business.

I joined this mastermind right after taking maternity leave and this was the best decision I could have made. Receiving weekly coaching from Lindsey as well as the support of my fellow coaches taught me how to market from a clean place, how to show up in the best service for my clients, and of course make a lot of money."

-Laura Clowdus (RN, BSN)

Before starting the Mastermind, I had made $14k in 2019 and 2020 combined. So far this year and while being in the Mastermind, I've made almost $28k and there are still 4 1/2 months remaining! While this increase of income is a noticeable difference, the bigger transformation for me has been in how I FEEL about my business and how I take action.

Prior to being in the MM, I was all about the hustle, setting giant goals, and taking every action possible. I thought that's what would create clients. All it created was a lot of burn-out and feelings of frustration and disappointment.In this mastermind I learned how to create more by doing less.. I'm so grateful for this Mastermind and all that it has taught me. I can't wait for the next round and to keep growing and upleveling!”

-Laura Hinton

Here's what we will do:

Set a strategic goal for the 6 month Mastermind that sets you up for both long term and short term success AND more freedom in your life.

Create a simple action plan that breaks down what actions to take and who you have to be to hit this goal.

Spend 6 months coaching on executing this plan and who you need to be to create the ABA Coach bu

Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February 2022.

If you're READY...

To help more people than EVER and make more money than ever, while truly creating the life you dreamed of having when you started your coaching business, join us.


Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February 2022.

Here's what you get:

+ 6 month Mastermind

+ Weekly Mastermind calls for real-time coaching as you execute your action plan

+ Access to the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind FB group
(where you can post and get coaching as you work to hit your goals week by week for 6 months!)

+ The Anything but Average Coach Workbook filled with concepts I have personally tested and mastered to create over $1 Million coaching business in less than 4 years

+ Access to a community of coaches and some of the greatest minds in the entire industry

+ Once you enroll, you receive the first of 5 videos teaching you how to make this investment worth it BEFORE you even have your first coaching call!

Only 20 spots available.
If you are selected, it is ONE payment
of $5,000.

Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in Febraury 2o22.


Applications for the next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind open in February 2022.

Here's what the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind students have to say:

“I’m in my first round of the Mastermind and I’m on track to more than quadruple my coaching income since last year. That’s if I sell nothing else. And it’s only August! Even after a mere couple weeks in the mastermind, I started having massive shifts. One of the biggest changes that I’ve had has been being able to fully stand in my power knowing that I am THE dating and relationship coach for my people. Every woman searching for love NEEDS to know what I know, and WANTS the results MY coaching helps them get.  This has changed the way I market, the way I talk to clients and ultimately the way they are attracted to me.”

- Victoria Miretti (Dating and Relationship Coach)

I’ve made 38k in the last 4 months and am on track to have my first 6 figure year.  My motto used to be ready, fire, aim.  I was doing everything I could to sign clients and kept finding myself stuck in the same place.  It became a heartbreaking experience for me- I stressed myself out, burnt myself out, doing everything, that’s when I hit a wall and I knew I needed another way.  Joining this mastermind and working with Lindsey has taught me how to adjust my mindset so I can take simple and effective action that actually signs clients and creates money. "

- Shaina Leis

The year before I joined the mastermind I made $2500 total in my coaching business. I came to the Mastermind motivated by the worst emotions because I thought I had to change EVERYTHING about myself and hustle to get results. Since joining I have been able to motivate myself from feeling GOOD and realized I can create a massive business without overhauling myself. In one month I have made $8500, while having more fun and feeling calm! That's almost 4 times what I made all of last year in one month.

-Meagan McNally Norris (The Stressed Mom Coach)