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You are meant for SO much MORE...

Beyond a 9-5 job.

Beyond grinding your life away.

Beyond a career you don't love.

I'm talking about a life that has EVERYTHING you want.

Powered by a business where you can make money doing what you love FROM anywhere.

A business that gives you total freedom.

A business that impact people's lives.

A coaching business.

That gives you all of that.

  • I know I'm meant for MORE, but I don’t know what that looks like...
  • I want to have a coaching business, but I don't know where to start..
  • I know I want to be a coach, but what do I have to offer, what should I charge, how to market it, how do I get clients. I have ALL the questions.
  • I want to have a business that impacts people's lives and gives me total freedom, but I am afraid I won't be able to help people if they sign up
  • I am a coach, but how to I ACTUALLY create consistent income so I can live my life the way I want?



I felt this EXACT way for 8. Long. Years.

I changed jobs... 7 times. I tried network marketing... TWICE. I spent years scribbling business ideas in an old journal. I even tried changing boyfriends, workout routines, everything, to create the life I REALLY wanted...

I knew I had so much potential.  I knew I NEEDED some sort of business doing what I loved.  I knew my life could blow me away in EVERY way possible. 

But no matter WHAT I did, my life didn't change the way I really wanted it to....

Until I met a coach.

Changed my life.

And turned that transformation, into a coaching business.

The first day I opened my business I signed a client.

And within 6 months of opening my coaching business, I replaced my corporate salary and quit my job.

Today I have the life I always DREAMED of. I travel wherever, whenever I want. I help hundreds of women change their lives everyday. I work 3-4 days a week doing what I LOVE. I wake up everyday with purpose and go to bed feeling accomplished. I have made over a million dollars SERVING people.

Today I have the life I daydreamed about everyday 7 years ago.

Having a coaching business was the KEY to making it a reality.

Now my life's work is teaching women like you, how to create Anything but Average lives..

By creating the coaching business they want.

  • Most programs teach you either how to become a coach OR sign clients.
  • Anything but Average teaches you BOTH.

There are 4 Steps to Create a Coaching Business

Step 1 - Change Your Life - Learn all the coaching tools you need to get results in your life (and in turn help your future clients), build confidence in what you offer AND create a valuable to offer by implementing coaching tools in your life

Step 2 - Find Your Unique Purpose - Identify exactly what type of coach you are. In this module you will learn what unique gift you have and how to turn that into a coaching business

Step 3 - Launch Your Business - Learn exactly how to get your business out into the world so you can start signing clients.

Step 4 - Change People’s lives - The best way you can change people’s lives is to sign clients.  Learn exactly how to market, do consults, and sign clients so you can create a viable, consistent coaching business.

In the program, I teach you how to execute the steps so you can get results.

Here's what you get when you join:

Your personal login to the Anything but Average step by step process with 35+ video modules.

Module 1: Change Your Life

  • Create transformation in your life so have the tools you need to help your clients get results (and be a great coach)
  • Create RESULTS so you actually believe you can help people because you have helped yourself
  • Changing your life will also bring clarity to what your PURPOSE is (in module 2)

Module 2: Find Your Purpose

  • Identify your unique purpose in coaching
  • Create your "job title" and mission statement (so you know what to tell people you do)
  • Get clear on what you will turn into your coaching business

Module 3: Launch Your Business

  • Create your offer (and price)
  • Identify your ideal client
  • Master belief in yourself, your offer, and your ability to get people results with confidence
  • Step-by-step process to launch your business

Module 4: Change People's Lives

  • Marketing & branding
  • Making powerful offers
  • Consultations
  • Handling objections
  • Signing and serving clients

Weekly LIVE Coaching

Get your questions answered by Lindsey and Lindsey's Team of Anything but Average Coaches on a weekly LIVE coaching session. This is an opportunity to ask ANYTHING to related to creating the life and business you really want.

Community Access

LIFETIME ACCESS to the Facebook community to celebrate your results and get support as you complete the modules.

Daily Coaching

LIFETIME access to the Facebook community where you can post for coaching on anything at anytime.

All for one payment of $2,000 USD.

Anything but Average is open for enrollment.

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  • You know you are meant for MORE and you want to have a business that serves a greater purpose
  • You know you want to be a coach
  • You are a coach but you haven't been able to create consistent clients & want a PROCESS to launch your business and successfully sign clients
  • You want to have it ALL. You want freedom, the ability to design your life, and to own a business that is successful AND fulfilling

Anything but Average is open for enrollment.

Results from the Program

"After 3 years of trying to get my business off the ground, within 6 months of joining Anything but Average I replaced my corporate income, left my job and started traveling around the country, and now I create 10-12k months. It took me three years to say YES to myself with Lindsey and my results waited too. The minute I invested was the minute my life changed."

Jillie Johnston

"When I started Anything but Average, I was not in the best place. I felt like I was drowning. My business was only three years old and steeped in debt with bills I couldn't pay because I wasn't making money. I was fighting with my children about school and going crazy because my home was a wreck and my husband's office had taken over our bedroom. And I wondered if my 6 employees were about to lose their jobs due to my incompetence.

Fast forward 4 months. My business is thriving. My family life is better than ever. My house is actually clean. I've put boundaries up so I'm only working at or on my office three days a week.

You can change your life so QUICKLY when you have this work."

Krysta Manning

"After wanting to start a coaching business for 2 years, I finally started and just signed my THIRD client for group coaching next week!! My goal from the beginning of ABA was to sign 3 clients. I "failed" every month, but kept going. Such a huge transformation to see myself push through and not give up. I know this is only the start and I'm so excited!"

Sydney Schmille

"This program in one word. EVERYTHING. Every human would wants to unlock their potential and create a life and business beyond their wildest dreams NEEDS this program."

Results from the Program

"After 3 years of trying to get my business off the By the end of this week  my company will have closed $92K in sales!! Which is +30K more than our best month ever historically and DOUBLE our average month this year!!

AND I am dating an amazing guy and it is going FANTASTIC!! The best part is, I am relaxed and enjoying the process of not stressing out and worried all the time like I have been basically in the full last two years of dating !!!"

Kylie Paul

"I was originally hesitant that I wouldn’t get results without a one-on-one coach, but I was totally wrong! I joined ABA because I knew I wanted a bigger life but I couldn’t quite figure out how to get there. I started the ABA work by focusing on my purpose - my acting career - but once I started creating results in my acting, I also started seeing results in my health goals (finally hitting my goal weight!!) and my life coaching business (I hit 2x my biggest month last month!) I love being able to do the modules at my own place, but also coming for Lindsey’s live coaching support and community that comes with ABA. It’s worth WAY more than the investment I made - and I feel like this is just the beginning in the results I can create in my life!!

Whitney Uland

"For years, I struggled to turn my business full-time. After working with Lindsey, everything changed in just 90 days! I went from making only $10,000 in one year to making $10,000 in one month! I could cry happy tears right now.  I’ve invested in several coaching programs, but this was hands down the BEST investment I could’ve ever made!"

Shaina Leis

Anything but Average is open for enrollment.

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