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Sign your first 5, or your NEXT 5 high-ticket coaching clients GUARANTEED

Every day I encounter coaches with huge hearts and AMAZING services capable of changing lives and the world: 

  • They know they can help people.  
  • They know their business is the WAY to LIVE out the life of their dreams...  

...But they’re stuck: Because they aren’t attracting enough clients.  

There is NOTHING more frustrating than knowing you can help people, with no one to help.  

There is nothing worse than knowing you have the POTENTIAL to live an amazing life, but feel stuck in the same spot over and over again. 

If you have huge vision and purpose, but you don’t know how to attract clients… You don’t have a business.  

If you don’t have anyone to sell to, it doesn’t matter how good your sales skills are.  

If you don’t have clients, it doesn’t matter IF you can help them..because you’re not.  

I am going to help you CHANGE this. FOREVER.  

With my 4 Step Process GUARANTEED to teach you how to ATTRACT clients (and sign them)


This is for you if:

>>You don’t have a coaching business,but know you want one >>You started a coaching business, but it’s not growing fast enough >>You have any type of online coaching business (a service based business where you are working to impact others with your work: Style coach, fitness coach, mindset coach, business coach, finance coach, health coach, brand coach) and you want a predictable way to grow your business >>You want a process to attract (& sign) clients over and over again >>You want to break free from the constant confusion and frustration of not having the coaching business and clients you want  

Here's what you'll learn: 

>> How to STOP feeling confused on how to get clients & start feeling confident & clear in what you have to offer >> A step by step process on how to attract clients & sign them >> How to build confidence in your coaching and your business >> The foundational skills you need to overcome doubt and fear as you grow your business >> The foundation tools you need to be a great coach >> Business Foundations: Your niche, your unique value, how to create your offer/pricing, how to sell, my consultation process, how to build a brand, and so much more

Here's what you'll get:

ACCESS to The Coach Business Academy Portal: With lifetime access to the modules, videos and worksheets and The Attraction Model Process to help you grow your coaching/ service based business. This portal is constantly evolving and growing with more content to help you.  

LIVE coaching sessions: Every month there will be 2 FB live coaching sessions to coach through the process of signing your first 5 or next 5 clients in real-time  

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Coach Business Academy Community: Get coaching and support in this community all day everyday as you work through the process. 

GUARANTEED or your money back 

( I guarantee you will sign a minimum of 5 clients or your money back)


" I want to take a moment to celebrate that I have hit my first 5-Figure month!!  

It feels like a huge milestone because it’s been such a massive journey of self growth to get to this. …. Coaching with Lindsey has helped me tap into my belief. My belief in myself and what I am here on this Earth to do. I haven’t suffered from a “down” day in months. Each day I feel strong and more in flow, where things feel easy and FUN!!! " 

Kim Carson-Richards Life Coach

"Signed a new self-care coaching client today, which makes 9 total! And a current client leveled up at the end of her intro program for my new 6 month “Self-Care Queen” program! This earned me a little over half my currently full-time monthly salary in one day!" 

Shana Hartman Body Mind Coach 

"In the past month, I've really started hitting my business hard and have signed 13 clients in 1 month. It's growing faster than anticipated!!!"

Kira Cauley Life Coach & Dietitian

" I signed my first client last night!!! And she’s more amazing than I could’ve imagined! I’m SO excited to continue building this momentum"  

Michelle Weber Business Coach

"I was stuck at $600-1200/month.... with no prospects in sight... After completing some modules, doing the work, increasing my belief, plugging into coaching more and more.... I am up to $2500 ONE month later!!! Just signed another client... have 3 more in the works.... 4 more consults scheduled."  

-Alicia Leigh  



Consultation Process Form

A worksheet walking you through the exact consultation process I have used from day 1 of my coaching business 

Contract template:

I hired a lawyer to create a contract just for you. Simple, fill in the blank, AND sets the terms you will need when you sign your first or next 5 clients. (This BONUS goes away Sunday at midnight)

Simple Accounting Document: 

An excel spreadhseet to simply track your business income and save for taxes. 

Payment Set Up

To have a coaching business all you really need is a phone and a way to accept payments for your services. There will be a video walking you through how to recieve and set up payments through PayPal.


I'm Lindsey Mango

I’m an expert Life and Business coach, who has created my own 750k+ coaching business changing women's lives. I have also helped hundreds of women start and build their very own coaching businesses and change their lives.

This is my purpose in the world.

 I am obsessed with helping women create lives where they have it ALL. For women like you and me, that comes with 3 requirements: living out your purpose in your business, helping humans change their lives, AND fully LIVING the life you are meant to.

Your clients are waiting.

Take the first step here.