What would be POSSIBLE if you devoted 6 months to YOUR growth and elevating ALL areas of your life?

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5 Pillars of 

Mango Magic Life School

I created EVERY module, worksheet, and training to help you bring your dream life to a REALITY. 

Pillar 1 Mindset 

Your mind will either be your greatest asset or biggest weakness. In this module you will learn the mind-blowing basics to stop the mind drama (constant inner chatter), stopping fear in its tracks, and eliminating all the limitations holding you back.

Pillar 2 Money 

Imagine if money made you feel FREE instead of limited. In this section we are going to change your money story so you can feel EMPOWERED. Learn how to become CAPABLE of attracting the amount of money you desire so you can live a life of FREEDOM.

Pillar 3 Purpose/ Passion 

Purpose and passion are the heartbeat to living the life of your dreams. In this section we will get clear on what your true purpose and passion are, and infuse these into your career or future business so you can wake up everyday on fire with purpose!

Pillar 4 Relationships 

 I have a sneaky surprise on this section... Whether you’re searching for your person, dating, or have been married for years, in this section Chris (my fiance who is also a life & business coach) and I are going to give you the tools you need to have the relationship of your dreams.  

Pillar 5 Health 

If you have everything except health, you have nothing. In this section we are going to cover how to have a healthy relationship with your body and create the health you dream of having. Having success will mean nothing if you spend every day unhappy in your body!  

LIVE Coaching with Me

I WILL NEVER OFFER THIS AGAIN. Because this is the first enrollment of Mango Magic Life School you are getting an EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Instead of 2 lives per month for support you will get 3-4 live coaching sessions every month in the group where you can learn concepts in REAL time. This means even more support and coaching than EVER.  

Worksheets & Journal Prompts

Every single module has a worksheet (+bonus worksheets) to create the tangible things you need in business (for instance, program titles/content and copy for your sales pages/branding/etc.) to set you up for success.  


Communication and Connection

6 month access to my EXCLUSIVE Mango Magic Life School community where you will be surrounded by other women GOING FOR IT too. Here you will have FULL access to coaching and asking questions from me at all times.  


Exclusive Membership Portal

 At the end of this program, you will get your own personal login with LIFETIME access to the videos and worksheets from the Life School.  

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I’m a better version of myself as a human being.

Lindsey doesn’t just hand you answers; she walks with you and identifies the very heart of the issue…and then she guides you through to your solution. Working with Lindsey has opened doors for me I never knew existed. She supports and believes in you so fiercely, you have no option but to believe in you too! She practices what she preaches and as long as you are willing to do the inner work, you’ll see your mindset and life begin to shift right before your eyes!  

I had no idea this current version of myself even EXISTED before working with Lindsey!

Sydney Cawvey Physical Therapy Student| Mindset Mentor| Life Enthusiast| 

Mango Magic is an incredible way to peel back layers of yourself. You’ll understand what makes you tick, gives you passion, and what’s holding you back. You’ll find understanding in yourself that you may not have known without taking the time and investment.  

The program has given me assurance it’s “okay” to be myself. Not to question myself but to trust my inner knowing and to be unapologetically me.  

I used to question myself all the time and what I should post on social media. I’m now believing in MYSELF so much more and realize that there are people that need me exactly as I am and that I’m worthy…just the way I am.  

Milissa Bradshaw Milissa Bradshaw Coaching

About Lindsey

Hi Love!!  

I'm Lindsey Mango, a Life & Business Coach and master at helping women create lives they LOVE.

It all started 4 years ago, when I hit my breaking point. I was in my second long term relationship, my 6th or 7th new job, had just started a network marketing business (for the second time)…. And I finally REALIZED something...  

I felt EXACTLY like I did 2 years before.....and then 4 years before that....and then it HIT me like a ton of bricks...  

My life wasn’t bad at all... It just didn’t WOW me the way that I wanted it to.  

I had changed jobs. I had changed boyfriends. I had tried every health routine under the sun. And I found myself STILL feeling like I always had before:  

Stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated, and definitely NOT living the life I was dreaming of.  

I knew in my soul, if I didn’t change, in 4 years I would have a new boyfriend, new job, new exciting exercise routine, maybe a small increase in income at my job and would wake up one day.... Feeling the EXACT same way.

The thought of that made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t let it happen.  

So I didn’t.....But I had to face a HARSH and EMPOWERING truth:  

I was the reason I was stuck  

I would also be the reason I created the life I REALLY wanted  

And that’s when it all began...I decided to hire a Life Coach to help me break the cycle and grow into the person I knew I was meant to be with the life I always dreamed of having.

Today... I have everything I want.

I am in the best shape physically and mentally of my life, I fell in love and attracted my soul-mate (who I marry in October at The Biltmore), I found my true passion and purpose in life and developed a business I LOVE, I make more money than I could have ever dreamed...

I feel FREE, happy, inspired, excited, fulfilled… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

The BEST part about all of this is that I get to share this with women just like you.  

I get to help you DECIDE what you want your life to look like, and make it happen!  

I want you to wake up to your life in total disbelief that it's the one YOU'VE created!

This is WHY I am here. And this is why you're here reading this. Because you KNOW you are meant for it too!

Let's do this!!



"I could not be more grateful for the light (and grace and inner growth) that Lindsey has shed on my life. Before working with her, I had a life that was picture perfect - on paper - but wasn't serving me in reality. As I searched for answers, it was Lindsey's vibe that pulled me in and made me realize I could be *that* happy if I wanted to. And when I say, "happy," I mean self confident, outspoken, honest, vulnerable, open. I signed up with her expecting to figure out a few career goals...and what I got was an entirely new perspective on life…..Now, I have my own business, blog, website, and coaching clients. But more than that, my business and personal life are interconnected to who I am and what I stand for.”

Rose Richardson