You can have it ALL.

A business you're ON FIRE for, time with family, romance, a rocking body, abundance, passion, total freedom to travel when and where you want....

Together we will make this your REALITY in 2020.

Here's the thing

Women come to me all the time saying "I want your life".... 

BUT here's what you MUST know, 

You don't just wake up one day with the life of your dreams.... 

This is something you INTENTIONALLY build and create day by day.... 

Creating and living the life of your dreams does not come once:

>>"you hit the next milestone" or

>>"the kids go to school or get out of the house" or 

>>"once you have more time"

Your dream life is created NOW & your success can GROW exponentially because of it.... 

...IF you allow it.

Here's the thing,

You have realized that no amount of success will allow you to create this life....

You have a deep inner knowing there is ANOTHER way.

You know working harder and reaching more success isn't going to give you the THING you've been craving...

Because your dream life, business, health, fulfillment, romance, and everything in between doesn't happen when you get "there"..

It's happening here... NOW

It's time to create and LIVE a life beyond your wildest dreams & create more success while doing it. 

You get to have it ALL. 

You get to have MASSIVE success and impact, WHILE fully living your life. 

You get to have LOVE and romance while CRUSHING it in business. 

You get to experience each day the way you truly want, while hitting your Next Level of success.

I am going to show you how. 

Your Next Level Life awaits.

Are you ready?

For the woman who....

>> Finds herself constantly waiting to feel REAL freedom, abundance and success once she hits her next BIG goal..... Only to find herself, even with new levels of income and success, waiting to feel and live the way she wants

>> Wants to re-ignite her passion and excitement for her business and her life

>> Continues to push off how she really wants to live until she hits this next income goal, pays off house, or does ALL the things..

>> Wants to feel more fulfilled, present, and LIVE more intentionally and do life and business her way

>> Wants to continue to create MASSIVE success, abundance, and impact....WHILE living and loving her life 

>>Makes between 100k-250k a year in her career/business 

Are you READY?!?!?!

>> For a renewed sense of purpose and passion for your life & business

>> For a High Vibe community of women who "Get it" and are on the same journey toward creating the life of their dreams

>> For THE mastermind to get you to STOP waiting to LIVE until your next goal, and START intentionally creating the life you want now

>> To crush what's holding you back from believing you can have it ALL, so you can start creating and living it. (no more sacrificing freedome, health, love, fun for success)

>> To be more INTENTIONAL with how you live your life 

>> FINALLY create and LIVE the life of your wildest dreams

Each piece of this Mastermind has been intentionally created to facilitate MASSIVE growth for the busy, successful, high achieving woman.

Here's What You Get:

High Level Coaching

Lindsey is an expert at helping women expand their awareness of what's possible and getting them out of their own way to create it. You are going to get direct 1x1 access to Lindsey to be coached on how to create you Next Level Life via an initial 60 minute 1x1 strategy, 1- 1x1 coaching call each month devoted to only you and your goals, and 1 monthly group zoom coaching calls for 8 months in 2020.

YOU already have success, you are the only thing standing in your way of having the life you want.

(Valued at $30,000)

2 Luxurious Retreat Experiences

This is where A LOT of the magic is going to happen. Lindsey has curated 2 Retreat experiences, to expand your current reality to an entirely new level AND take you out of the busyness of your life, for 4-5 days of growth, next level experiences, and exercising your freedom the way you've always wanted.

You may be thinking, "how on earth am I going to get away for these types of retreats 2 times this year" and that's exactly what I want you to be thinking because whatever holds you back from this, is keeping you from FULLY living your life. 

(Valued at $40,000)

High Vibe Community

The Next Level of your life, doesn't mean it has to be "lonely at the top". There are women out there who connect with the way you do business and life, and will support you in your growth. I have created that space for you. When you enroll you get access to 6 other women who are on the pursuit of expanding their life and success to new levels. You get access to our group message, fb group community for celebrations and support, monthly zoom calls and the in person retreats. These women will become your tribe.

(Valued at PRICELESS really ;)

Total Value: Over $70,000

The Investment: $25,000 (30k when paying by payment plan. Available upon request**)


I’m Lindsey Mango.

I've built an nearly 7 figure business in just 3 years, not starting work until 11:00 AM everyday, definitly never working more than 40 hours week, while traveling and living the life of my dreams. 

3 years ago, life was a lot different. I had barely started my business and continued to get caught up in thinking, "once I get "there" then I will do more of what I want"


Today I am a LIVING example that massive income and business success doesn't have to come at a cost to LIVING your dream life. In fact, living, loving and enjoying your dream life can exponentially grow your business.

I know so many women know deep down, THIS is what they want, but are constantly stopped by the fear that if they STOP working so hard, they wont hit their goals, or that if they have more fun, they will miss out on opportunities. I can't stand the thought of amazing, successful women to spend their lives WAITING to live their dreams when they could have them NOW. 

This is why I created this mastermind. 

Women need to know the can have it ALL in life, business, success, family, love, health, without sacrificing one for the other. And that's what I am going to show you to do this year. 

2020 is your year to FINALLY have it ALL and create your Next Level Life.

The exact reason why you will think about "waiting" is the EXACT reason why you don't have it ALL right now.

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