Ep #65: The NEW To-Do List

by Lindsey Mango Coaching | Podcast

We are creating movements here on the Soul CEO Podcast, and today, I’m announcing that to-do lists should officially be a thing of the past. I know lots of you are high-achievers who absolutely love lists and crush everything on there, but how many of you also feel exhausted and completely drained by the end of the day?

I had a realization a few days ago when I was looking at the tasks on my to-do list and just did not feel like it. I had the opportunity to think creatively about how to get it done, and that’s what I’m sharing with you on the show today. Although you may feel a sense of accomplishment completing it, to-do lists don’t have to take away all your energy and I’m showing you how!

Join me this week as I explore a new type of to-do list that will leave you feeling so much more energized while at the same time getting your tasks crossed off!

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  • How you can change your life by changing your to-do list.
  • Why I look to do my tasks while energizing myself.
  • 2 ways to start transforming your to-do list to give yourself more energy throughout the day.
  • Why I decided to rename my to-do list.

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Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? I’m so excited to be here. It’s official. I am recording this podcast from our house in Manhattan Beach, California. We live here now. Completely blows my mind. I am so excited.

And I have to tell you guys before I jump in, as well as my podcast producer Pavel, who is going to listen to this, if you could see me right now, you could die because I’m literally sitting in our laundry room on the floor. My mic is on a little garbage can because we have like, nothing in this house yet. Our stuff doesn’t get delivered until Wednesday and we’re waiting on all of our furniture to get delivered.

And so every single room echoes so bad that I’m like, huddled in the corner in my laundry room and I have to say, I feel like there’s going to be a little bit of an echo so I apologize ahead of time. The quality will continue to be wonderful as it always has been, but this week you might just have to just stick with me on this.

I’m serious guys, my computer is sitting on a pile of laundry. My set up is completely hilarious. But I just had to tell you that because I’m cracking up at my current situation. Anyway, we made it across the country. We officially live here. It has completely blown my mind. I am so excited for this new chapter and I just love interacting and engaging with you guys on Instagram.

So many of you guys have been reaching out, following our journey. So really quick before we jump in, make sure to follow me @lindseymango_ and interact with me. Tag me if you’re listening to these episodes. I love it when you guys share those on your stories. I try to interact with all of you. But anyway, I’m just so grateful and I love this community and I’m just so honored to be here teaching and doing what I love with you guys.

Also, not to mention really quick, it’s pitch black in here because the light also turns this fan on. So again, situation looks hilarious. But anyway, let’s get to it. I am so freaking excited to talk about this week’s topic because it was something that I realized literally like, three days ago that blew my mind, and I think it’s going to be so powerful and helpful for all of you guys who are working to live your best lives, all of you guys who are working to build an amazing business and an amazing life in general.

And I am just pumped. So this is for the woman out there who loves her to-do list. I know you guys are out there crushing your list, doing all the things, and I wanted to share how you can completely change your life by changing the way you see your to-do list and by changing your to-do list.

So I’ll tell you guys a quick story on how I came upon this realization. The other day as I was looking at my to-do list, I had unpack on there and some other things. And I was like, ugh, I do not want to do that. And what I realized, one, is that my job is to protect my energy as a business owner, as a coach, as a woman who’s working to create her best life because when I have energy, I’m inspired and I’m able to give so much to the world.

And what I realized when I was looking at this unpack on my to-do list was that that was not going to give me energy. And so it’s so funny because four years ago I would have hardcore judged myself to think about not unpacking myself, which there’s so much growth in that and that’s a whole ‘nother podcast.

So if you’re judging me right now, that’s totally fine, there’s space for that, but just look at what you believe to be true about the world and life and how it’s holding you back from living your life to the fullest. But anyway, going off of that tangent, what I realized was that wasn’t going to give me energy.

And so I started to creatively look at this task on my to-do list. I thought okay, I can either outsource it, so I can literally go find somebody to unpack for me, or a personal assistant, which we are going to be looking for here in California, or I can reframe how I’m looking at it, which would look like okay, so I could listen to a podcast or a few podcasts while I unpack so that I can have everything away the way that I want it to be and get energy by learning and growing while I’m doing it. That would give me energy.

And so what I realized was that I needed to change the name of my to-do list to my energy plus list, or energy positive list. Whatever you want to call it. And when I retitled it that and I started to look at everything under the to-do list, it really changed the way I saw it. I was like, wow, I can totally see that there’s some things that I’m doing that aren’t giving me energy and that aren’t protecting my energy.

And that’s where again, I was given the creative opportunity to come up with solutions to pull some of these things off of my to-do list in order to continue to pursue and create my best life and give my energy out into the world the way that I want to have the impact that I want.

And it made me think about all of you guys, whether you have a business or not, and made me think about how some of you guys I know live and die by your to-do list and how maybe you feel accomplished by the end of the day but completely drained, and how completely changing your to-do list could change your life.

And by seeing your energy as the most important thing in your world and in the life that you are creating is such a powerful transformation. And then taking it a step further to make sure your energy plus list is giving you energy. Like, so simple but so transformative.

So something I want you guys to do right now, if you have a to-do list in front of you, on your phone, however you keep your to-do list, I want you to look at it and scribble out to-do at the top and put energy plus list and go through the list and see how much of my list is taking my energy. That’s going to tell you where your energy is most likely at right now because it’s probably how you typically do your to-do list.

And then I want you to work on changing your perspective on these things that are on your list that are taking your energy. Either find a way to outsource them – yes, I’m going to challenge you to grow, to protect your energy, to create the life of your dreams. Or I’m going to challenge you to see it differently.

How can you see these things on your to-do list differently? How can you see that you are choosing to do them? I think back to years and years ago. I hire somebody to clean my house now, which again, I totally would have judged that as well, but I remember I used to think it was my duty to clean the house every week and it was on my to-do list and I hated it and I would get so resentful over my boyfriend in the past who wouldn’t help me.

And it’s kind of similar to this situation where I started to see like, I was choosing to do it. And when I started to see that I was choosing to do it, I stopped cleaning the house when I didn’t want to clean the house, and then I cleaned it when I wanted to clean the house. And I think it’s the same thing here.

Seeing these tasks on your list and seeing that you’re choosing to do them and seeing them from the lens of like, how can I protect my energy and taking ownership so you don’t feel like you have to do these things, you see that you’re choosing to do them, and then choosing differently if you don’t want to do them or choosing to see them differently so that you can live a fuller, more abundant life.

So here’s the thing; today I am challenging you guys. We are changing the to-do list. Like, the to-do list does not exist anymore, whether it be in your business, whether it be in your life, whether it be in your home, it doesn’t matter. The to-do list is no longer a thing. The energy plus list is a thing. And make sure that if you’re spending your days by your to-do list that no longer exists, now called energy plus list, that you are living it in a way that you love, that you are doing things every day that give you energy.

That’s how you create the life of your dreams. That’s how you leverage yourself in your business, in your career, as a mom, whatever it is so that you can continue to fuel yourself forward. We are creating movements here on the Soul CEO Podcast.

To-do lists are no longer a thing, and I’m really excited to hear y’alls feedback on this because you also have to get really creative in how you could outsource these things, but it will be such a powerful transformation. Then if you have mind drama about outsourcing it, we can talk about that another time, or go and listen to some of my other podcasts to see how to shift and see that differently.

Anyway, I love you guys. Thank you for coming along with me to the journey to California. I can feel a new phase of Lindsey Mango and Lindsey Mango Coaching. I am so excited to continue to share it with you guys and help you create the life, the business, the everything of your dreams because you want to have it all.

I love you guys; I hope you have a beautiful day and make sure to share this podcast with someone you know needs to hear it or on your story and tag me. I love you guys; I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks. Bye.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you want to go even deeper into how to create a vision of the life you really want, how to become the woman in that vision and how to deal with the roadblocks we all face along the way, head over to lindseymangocoaching.com/high-vibe-formula to get your free training of my High-Vibe Formula.

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