Hi, I’m Lindsey,

I felt like I did everything right. I got good grades, a college degree, played college volleyball, got an internship, and took a full time job.

But I couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing.

I wanted so much MORE.

But I kept telling myself my expectations were too high and life was just “supposed to be this way.”

I told myself to just be happy with what I had.

And I spent the next 7 years sitting at my corporate desk daydreaming about the life I could have, wondering HOW to get there.

Then I would get a new job, hoping it would be the ANSWER to what I was searching for.  Only to find myself feeling the exact same way 6 months in.

7 jobs later, and 2 attempts at network marketing…  I still looked around at my life and thought

“Is this really it?”

None of it felt like the life I truly DEEPLY wanted.

Until one day, I just couldn’t take it any longer.

I couldn’t ignore the deep inner KNOWING that I was meant for something so much BIGGER.

That I was meant for MORE than these jobs that gave me 10-15 PTO days per year and left me scraping by each month with NO passion for the work I did.   I couldn’t ignore the feeling that I was wasting my time and life in a hamster wheel that just kept turning.

I KNEW something had to CHANGE.

And a rainy Wednesday night, I showed up to a networking event for my corporate job and met this girl who said she was a Life Coach.

I had no idea what a Life Coach was, but “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”

I knew I had to hear more.

So I met her for coffee.

And I walked out of that meeting  SCARED shitless to hire her but knowing I would.

knew my ONLY options were: stay where I am and keep doing the same things OR make a different decision to go for what I wanted.

Within 3 months of working with her, I had changed my life SO dramatically that I knew COACHING was what I had been searching for this whole time.

I was meant to do THIS work for other women.

So I started my coaching business and knew I could help people because of how I had changed my own life first.

I grew my business while working at my corporate job and within 6 months, I replaced my corporate salary and left.

6 months later, I hit six figures changing people’s lives, doing what I LOVED, with total freedom to travel where and when I wanted.

I was finally living the life I daydreamed about.

Today I am in my fourth year in business. I am married to my soulmate, I have a healthy body that I love, I make more money than I ever thought possible, I have freedom to travel and live life on my terms.

And I’ve helped hundreds of women create their Coaching Businesses.

That’s why I created Anything But Average.

Because the KEY To creating everything you want is having your own coaching business.  It’s doing what you love, impacting people’s lives, while creating the freedom you desperately want for your life.

This moment didn’t happen by accident.

You are meant to create a coaching business too.




For years, I struggled to turn my business full-time.

After working with Lindsey, everything changed in just 90 days! I went from making only $10,000 in one year to making $10,000 in one month! I could cry happy tears right now. I’ve invested in several coaching programs, but this was hands down the BEST investment I could’ve ever made!

Shaina Leis

I honestly could cry. I have spent years feeling like I was meant for so much more.

Joining ABA allowed me to get clear on exactly what I wanted and go all in on becoming a coach. I am stepping into who I’ve dreamt of becoming for so long and finally creating the business I really want

Jess Wallen

The first month I worked with Lindsey I hit 33k in my business.

Then together we worked on simplifying. my business to make it easier to scale with more freedom in my calendar. I was able to have a 40k and 50k launch working less time than ever.

Allie Reeves