Ep #67: Possibility Investments

by Lindsey Mango Coaching | Podcast

I was at Chris Harder’s For The Love of Money mastermind a couple weeks ago where we were talking about money mindset. I haven’t done a whole lot of teachings on money here on the podcast, but this mastermind gave me a huge realization that I thought would be super valuable to share with all of you guys here.

I feel abundant pretty much all the time. Even when thinking about paying boring bills or for things that might not traditionally be considered an investment by financial advisors, I am energetically excited about it all. You might not be quite there yet, but today I want to share how you can start making financial decisions from a place of love, instead of fear and lack.

Listen in as I explore the idea of treating your money the way you envision treating it in the future when you’re at your goal. I’m asking you a few questions to identify your money mindset, and hopefully, you’ll be able to start seeing money as a way to create more space and possibility in your life!

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  • Why I feel abundant all the time, even as my expenses have grown over time.
  • My beliefs about making decisions from love and abundance.
  • Why I see expenses that might not traditionally be considered investments to be an investment.
  • 2 ways you can start making decisions abundantly.




Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hey guys, another beautiful and amazing week and another beautiful and amazing podcast. At least in my mind. I’m just kidding, but seriously. I am so excited to dig into this week’s topic. I’m pretty sure I start every podcast with that.

I will tell you guys though that I don’t plan much of these podcasts. Like, I come up with an idea that feels inspiring, that feels exciting to me because I know when I take action and create from that place, it is 1000 times more powerful, more amazing. And so I don’t overthink it. I just get in here and I do my thing and I teach you guys what I feel inspired to talk about.

So I wanted to share something that I had a huge realization at the mastermind that I’m a part of, so I am a part of Chris Harder’s For the Love of Money mastermind, and a couple weeks ago – actually, it was last weekend now that I’m recording this, but when you guys get this episode it will be a couple weeks ago.

I was at his mastermind and we were talking about some money beliefs and how people are feeling and scarcity and all of these things. He asked us a few questions that allowed us to dig deeper on what was going on, and just to give you guys a quick gist of it, he was showing us that we keep moving the bar. We keep moving the line.

Our lives keep expanding and we keep growing and investing and spending more money on more things and then sometimes we get stuck in this idea that there’s not enough. And what he was showing us was that we were ultimately creating that. And it was a really powerful exercise and something that I – I feel very abundant pretty much all of the time.

I mean, I have my moments. I’m human, but yeah, it was just a really interesting exercise to hear everybody else’s feedback and to go through it myself, and I wanted to share something that I realized in the process that I thought would be really, really valuable for you guys.

But at the end of the day, what he was showing us was that we were the creators of any scarcity because if you keep expanding your life and what you’re spending your money on and then you keep feeling in lack, you are moving the bar, even though what you create in your life now, four years ago, you might have been like, mind-blown.

It was just really cool to see and watch how we have created this, and when you see that you create it, you see that you have power, and that’s really ultimately what Chris was showing us. But he had us write down a list of all of the ways that we had expanded, the ways that we spent money in our lives.

So like I said, I’ve talked about this before on social media, but I would say three years ago now even, I would not have been able to even walk into Target and buy things that I wanted. I would have stood at the register and picked between the tank top or the short-sleeved top that I wanted to buy.

So you know, three years ago I lived a much different life, and this was also the cool part about this exercise. We really got to see how quickly – I got to see how quickly my life has grown and changed, and that’s really cool because we’re all high-achievers and it’s easy to get stuck in thinking like, we need to go more, we need to go faster.

But anyway, he had us write down all the ways that we had expanded our spending, like did you get a more expensive car, did you just move to California and have a much more expensive house that you’re leasing instead of owning, and do you buy more expensive clothes and take care of your hair, lashes, whatever it is. I’m just telling you guys these are some of the ways that my expenses have changed over time.

And as I was writing the list, like I said, the point of the exercise was to see that we were creating our scarcity, but I wasn’t really feeling scarce at all in the moment. In fact, I’m feeling, like I said, super abundant. But as I was writing out these things, I realized the perspective that I had on all of them and I realized it’s what makes me so powerful when it comes to my abundance and the abundance I’ve created and the abundance I’ve attracted, which is something that I want to share with you guys of course.

So as I wrote down things like I dress a lot different than I used to, I have a more expensive car and all the things. Some of the things I named earlier. But as I was looking at this list, I didn’t feel bad or negative about any of it. I didn’t feel like oh yeah, I probably didn’t need to spend money on these things.

And I realized it’s because I do not spend anything, I do not spend money on anything that I do not feel is an investment in myself. Now, some of you guys might be thinking like, leasing a house in California, leasing a car or paying for your lashes, how is that an investment, right? On paper to a financial advisor, they might be cringing as they hear this. That is not an investment, right?

But here’s what I truly believe; I truly believe it is my life’s work and commitment to be an example of what’s possible. And to be an example of what’s possible in my mind, it’s to continuously make decisions over and over and over again from an abundant place. It’s to do the things that when I do feel discomfort but I feel pulled and drawn to them and I feel the desire in my heart to do it anyway.

And so when I looked at this list, I saw things that yes, on paper, on a balance sheet would not be considered investments. But I see them all as investments because I see them all as decisions that I made from an abundant place, and to me, that’s an investment in possibility, and that is what I wanted to share with you guys.

I believe that every single thing I spend money on and I choose to only spend money on things that I see as an investment. If that means going to Soul Cycle and also having a membership to another workout facility because I want both and because knowing that my business is going to continue to grow, my impact is going to continue to grow that I would have both, I do it. It’s an investment in my health.

And when I show up in peak performance, that pays dividends. Now again, when people think about investment, they think about like, did I give money and did I get money in return. In the world that we live in, it doesn’t always look like that, especially in the world I live in, in coaching and being my own brand. My life is an example. My life is the investment because that’s what I’m representing to the world.

And that is what is so powerful. And so what I find really interesting about this is one, the idea of committing to only spending money on things that are like, coming from love and abundance and that also means those bills that maybe aren’t the most fun to pay like – I don’t even know. I don’t really pay attention to when I buy gas or pay my phone bill or anything like that because I’ve actually worked my mindset around it so much that I don’t even think about it.

Because spending the money isn’t about spending it. It’s an investment. It’s an investment in my life and in my wellbeing and in me living my best life ever. And I believe always that when I make decisions from love and abundance, that’s an investment on my best life and that it always comes back to me tenfold.

And I truly believe that. Now, as you guys are listening to this, you might be thinking like, I’m not even close to being there yet, and that’s okay. But what I want you to start to see is that you have the choice to start investing in possibility, to start making decisions from love and abundance, even when fear is there, even when it’s really uncomfortable.

Now, I’m not telling you guys – this is not financial advice. I’m not telling you go and buy a private jet because from abundance, you want to buy a private jet. I’m saying start to make small decisions from that place. Do you want to become the person who invests in personal development? Start investing in a smaller scale now. Do you want to become the person who invests in your health? Start doing that on a smaller scale now.

The work is about treating your money and treating abundance the way you envision treating it when you’re attracting abundance now at like, the same scale. That also means for me that I save a certain percent. And I could spend it but I choose not to because from an abundant place, even though I know tons more money is flowing to me, that I abundantly want to save some of it.

And so here’s the thing; like I said, you guys might not be there yet but I want you to think about all the ways that you spend money. And I want you to identify, are you investing in possibility? Are you making all of your decisions from fear and lack and making payments on things from a negative energy and think about what that puts out into the world, or are you making decisions from love and abundance?

And something that I would recommend doing is two things. Start to invest in things that are going to create space for possibility, and the things that you are spending money on, either stop spending money on them if you can, if they are not coming from love and abundance, or if they’re things that you’re committed to, fixed expenses, maybe you hate paying your cellphone bill but you must have your cellphone for your business or for your job or whatever it is or you want to have your cellphone, start to change the way you’re seeing it.

Start to see like, why it’s such a gift and an opportunity that you can pay money to have a cellphone. I will tell you guys, I really do not spend money on anything I don’t want to spend money on, ever. That means when our rent check goes out for our California beautiful home that has an ocean view, I feel genuinely excited about it and grateful for it.

And that might be something that people will be like, well of course you feel grateful for that. But let’s think about something even simpler. When I have to get my car fixed or something crazy like that, I choose – every time I go to energetically spend money, I choose to see how it’s an investment and possibility, how it’s coming from love and abundance. I choose to feel good about it and address what doesn’t feel good and either change the action I’m taking or change the way I’m seeing it.

This will change everything and I want you guys to ask yourself, if you were to write down all the things you spend money on, where is it all coming from? Fear or love and abundance, and are you making investments in the possibility of the amazing future you want to create? Or is none of it?

And just start to think like, what does the next version of you do? I love you guys, I’m excited to hear your feedback on this one. I haven’t done a ton of teaching on money but I teach it in my Mango Magic Life School and we have had such a mind-blowing month going over money and all the things financially. Again, not a financial advisor at all, talking about the mindset of money and how to attract and create more of it and feel more abundant in your life.

But I just wanted to share that with you guys because I thought it was such a powerful thing. I would love if you interacted with me on Instagram. Tag me in your stories when you’re listening to this episode and I love you guys. I hope you have the most beautiful day and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

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