Ep #68: How to Be Brave

by Lindsey Mango Coaching | Podcast

I love hearing from you guys and from my clients about how grateful they are that I do the work I do. Similarly, I am so thankful to my old coach and now lifelong friend for being brave and stepping out of fear to pursue a career in coaching, because I wouldn’t be here today without her doing that.

This week, I’m diving into the topic of bravery. Going after your dream life or business, or putting your soul’s work out into the world requires an enormous amount of guts. The power of being brave has a trickle-down effect that will impact your current clients, potential clients, or really anyone in your life, and I’m exploring how important it is to continuously choose to be brave, even when you’re terrified.

Join me this week as I give you a new way to think about how to be brave. If your goal is just to keep taking the actions to get the result you want – whether you’ve been successful so far or not – the questions I’m leaving you with today will hopefully lead you down the path to creating bravery always.

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  • The power of bravery.
  • Why it’s hard to be brave.
  • The trickle-down effect of being brave and committing to being an example of what’s possible.
  • How to be brave even when there’s fear and potential failure.




Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello. How are you guys? Welcome back to another week of the Soul CEO podcast. I am so excited you are here. It’s so fun for me to record these. This is three weeks ahead of time and I love to think about the possibility of what’s happened in the last three weeks. I feel so excited and full of opportunity like, I can just feel the possibility just bubbling to the surface and I cannot wait to see what life is like by then for me and for you guys.

So today, I’m going to start with my typical sentence. I am so excited to talk about today’s topic, but I am being dead serious because I had such a cool experience and I’ve had this experience over and over and over again and it’s something that I think is really important to share with you guys. And it was the experience of now one of my really close friends, she was my first coach and we are now friends and we are literally in each other’s weddings and all of the things.

Her name is Stacey still Smith, but she will be Boehman I think next summer. But I always think about her and when she started being a coach and when she chose to be a coach. And we had her and her fiancé over for dinner the other night before we left for California, so I guess that really wasn’t the other night, but it feels like it.

And we were just talking about how excited we were and sharing pictures of the house we’re moving into and we were just all so excited. And when she was leaving, she was like, I’m just so excited for you, and I looked at her and it just washed over me, and I just told her this wouldn’t be possible without you. And we teared up and did the whole thing and hugged each other and all of that and I truly, truly deeply mean that in my soul.

And I think sometimes when coaches or people say that about their mentors or anything like that, they think it means that the coach or the person is responsible for their results. And that’s not really what I mean here. I truly know in my heart and soul I have been the creator of my reality, but Stacey was a huge part of that and was kind of like a guide at the beginning of my process of getting here.

A huge chunk of my process to getting here. And what I always think about is the fact that I wouldn’t even know what a coach was if she wasn’t brave and decided to become a coach. Because guys, you know how it is. It requires being brave to go after what you want. It requires being so brave to put your soul’s work out into the world and like, just have it out there.

It’s like your little baby and have it out there for people to scrutinize and for the potential of failure. It is a whole different ballgame when you put your heart and soul into something and I always think back to when she chose and decided to get over her fear and get over her ego and get over whatever it was for her to choose to become a coach and how unbelievably grateful I am that she did that.

Because if she hadn’t and I didn’t meet her on a rainy day at a random networking event when I didn’t even know what a coach was and thought she was going to be a referral partner for me, my life would not be what it is. Do I believe that I would have created an amazing life and figured it out at some point and who knows, but I truly believe I would not be here today if she didn’t choose to be brave.

And I know she feels the same way about her past coach and it’s just such an interesting thing because I see the power of bravery, and it makes me think about myself, honestly. If I didn’t choose to show up and be brave every single day and grow and work through my fears and work through the BS that shows up when you go to expand and live a next level life and continue to grow, the trickle effect of that.

Because for my clients, for my audience, I know, not in a bragging sort of way but I know I’m committed to being an example of what’s possible. I’ve been getting so many messages from people, especially with this move to California because I think so many people see themselves and the whole inner battle of wanting to make a huge move and just living somewhere that they would love to live in say how inspired they are by me.

And I’m not saying that to toot my own horn. I’m saying that because of the kind of responsibility I feel to be brave and the trickle effect that that would have. And then that makes me think about my clients and them going out and being brave and the trickle effect that that has on the people they’re serving. And it makes me think about the power of being brave.

Now, here’s the thing; the reason why we aren’t usually brave is because of our fear. We’re afraid. We’re afraid of what could go wrong, we’re afraid of what could go happen, we’re afraid of not getting the result and what that means about us and all of these things. We’re afraid. And here’s what I want you guys to know; the feeling of bravery isn’t created by not being afraid. The feeling of bravery is fully created because fear exists and in your mind, you chose to do it anyway. That’s what bravery is.

And so what I think is so important because fear and love ultimately are guiding all of our decisions, and again, the reason why you guys don’t have what you want on some level is because of some sort of fear that’s holding you back. I want you to make your action and your journey about just being brave instead of making the action about getting the result or not and what that means, and the potential doom and danger.

Your brain is just doing its job when it comes up with all that stuff. I don’t want you to make it about that anymore. I don’t want you to make your action and whether it’s successful or not about that being the thing on whether you do it or not. I want your only goal to just continue to create the feeling of bravery in your life every day.

I really freaking believe that if you do that, you will blow your mind. And I want you to think about how if you don’t choose to say yes, if you don’t choose to be brave, what happens? What happens to the people who would be inspired by you if you don’t choose to be brave?

And so again, I think so often people make their actions – we make our actions, I do it too – our ego likes to make our actions about getting the result or not. And we’re not going to do it if we know we’re going to fail or something could go wrong. And I just think if you don’t make it about that anymore, your life will be changed.

So what if the new action taker, the new thing, the new goal setting was only about going out and creating the feeling of bravery? You can hit that goal all the time. You can hit that goal when you fail. You can hit that goal when you’re successful. The only time you don’t hit the goal of creating the feeling of bravery is when you listen to the fear, when you don’t do the thing.

And I want to be surrounded – I don’t care if you guys fail 100 times and I’m committed to this journey too. I don’t like to fail, but I do. And I know I got to show up and my only goal is to be brave. And I want you guys to try that too. Your only focus is to create the feeling of bravery. That means being afraid and doing it anyway. And when you do that, you’re successful 100% of the time.

I don’t mean the results are successful 100% of the time. I mean you hit the goal of creating bravery 100% of the time. If you do that for life, I literally – my mind is blown at what would happen. My mind is blown thinking about hey, I really need to take this whole concept to the next level and just be brave over and over and over again.

I wanted to share that message with you guys because again, I just think about how powerful it is and how grateful I am for my old coach and now great friend, bravery, and how my clients are grateful for that for me and how their clients are grateful for them. And I don’t care whether it be business or anything, but I want you to think about who’s going to be grateful for you choosing to be brave.

I love you guys. Thank you for being here. I would love your feedback. Tag me in your story. My handle is @lindseymango_ and I will talk to you guys next week. Bye!

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