Ep #69: One Year to Live

by Lindsey Mango Coaching | Podcast

If you only had one year left to live to get your message out into the world and reach as many people as possible, how would you show up? What actions would you be taking?

Chris and I were recently having a discussion about this topic when I realized I’ve lost some of the fire I had at the beginning of my business when I was going after everything I wanted. Now that I have all the things I could possibly dream of, I’ve had to stop and think about how to reconnect to my purpose and reach that level of intensity again.

This week, I’m sharing why this question I’m posing to you has got me fired up, to want to reach more people, and give all of you as much value as possible now. While I believe in abundance and that there is time, I want today’s episode to inspire you into the same kind of action, or if you don’t have a business yet, to inspire you to go find what makes you light up.

  • One question that made me reconsider how I’m strategizing in my business.
  • 2 realizations I’ve had about the work I do and how I’ve been approaching it.
  • Why it’s easy to lose the fire behind a goal when you only think about the end result.




Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello. How are you all? Oh my gosh, I am pumped to be here in my newly organized closet, I have to say. I hired an organizer. That was inspired by my coach and I am really happy about it. I feel so good when I come in here, and I record podcasts, so we need the vibe and the energy to be really, really good.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m doing an episode on today. I will have to say that I’m not the most organized person in the world, and that’s okay. I’m totally okay with that, but I am a little particular about my space and how it feels, and so I’m really, really grateful for this. But anyway, I wanted to share something.

This past weekend, by the time you guys hear this it will be like, one or two weeks since this moment, but Chris, my fiancé and I, his Instagram handle is @goodmancoaching if you want to go check him out or if you follow me I’m sure you already follow him. But he is also a coach and that creates such a fun and interesting dynamic because we not only connect on a love and soul level, but we connect on a mind level where we get to have really deep discussions and banter about concepts and ideas and we challenge each other.

We have to be, I have to admit, very good and I’m not the best at this, at asking if we want the coach version of us or the significant other version of us because it can kind of mess with the dynamic of our relationship if we’re coaching each other all the time. But this past weekend, Chris was walking me through his process. He just launched a mastermind. I highly recommend to go check it out. It’s called 24 Hours to Freedom.

I’ll link the link for it in the show notes. But it’s all about helping business owners create freedom through profit, through people, through their mindset, and really create the life that they really want. Anyway, that’s my little plug for him.

But he was walking me through the process that he’s walking these people in the mastermind through and I lately, I have to say that I’m so passionate and excited and I love my life, but as you grow and some of you may have experienced this, sometimes what drove you immediately or early on can change and evolve over time or needs to change and evolve over time.

And I think that I’ve been in this phase of really reinvigorating and reigniting kind of my purpose and my mission and why I do what I do every day and why I need to run out in the world like I’m on fire to offer it because it’s a much different place to be in when you have everything you want in your life.

A lot of you guys are driven by “the pain” of not having the life that you want, not having the freedom you want, not having the money you want, not having the relationship you want. And there’s a transition that happens when you start to have all the things that you want and there’s this adjustment period, and then there’s this adjustment of really getting fired up and connecting back to why the hell you do what you do and what’s going to push you and get you up out of bed every single day.

And I mean, I’ve always been deeply passionate about changing your all’s lives and really changing the women that I’m meant to impact lives, but when there’s not the pain behind it, sometimes it can be just this adjustment if that’s what driven you for a really long time.

Anyway, that’s a really long preface, but Chris and I were having this conversation. He was walking me through this process, and what we were realizing was that I wasn’t – I’m all in, but in a way I haven’t been going guns blazing at my goal because there’s some sort of disconnect in my heart to it.

And so we were really just like – he was taking me through this process, we were navigating all these things, all these thoughts, all of these blocks. I’m a human, guys. My work is your work, and so we went through all of these things. It was so impactful. I discovered so many things through the work that he was offering, but then he asked me one question that I think will stick with me for the rest of my life.

And I wanted to share it with all of you guys, and I wanted to give him credit because he’s such a brilliant coach and sometimes I think it gets so easy for us to go back and forth and not really give each other credit for the impact that we both have on each other’s lives in our businesses, so I wanted to share it with all of you guys because it’s something that I keep thinking about and I’ve been sharing it with my audience and I’ve been thinking about it every day.

And that question is this; if you only had one year left in your life to offer your work and your business and what you have to offer with the world, how would you be approaching it? Or what would that look like? Or how would it look different than what it looks like now?

And as I sat there, I’m going to get emotional now. I just had this realization about how a lot of things would be different, that a lot of times in our businesses, we get really stuck in the day-to-day of growing our business and posting on social media and doing all the things that we need to do and launching free trainings. All the things, which are important things.

And we strategically think about like, this thing that I want to offer right now or this idea that I have, or this truth that I want to speak, maybe it should wait, does it fit into what I’m doing now, or maybe I need to get more clear on this thing before I offer it out to the world. And this one questions just melted it all away because I’m stuck in that sometimes.

And I just swelled up with tears and felt like oh my gosh, if I had one year left, one, I would 1000% do the work I’m doing in the world, and I hope for you guys when you ask yourself that question, you’re either pursuing something that you would do even if you had one year left to live, or that the business you have qualifies under that, or hopefully this inspires you to go find that thing.

But one, I realized that I would do this regardless. If I had a year left, this work is my purpose on this planet. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that beyond a shadow of doubt. But then the second thing I realized was the intensity that I would be showing up with, that every single thought, every single idea, every single thing that I could add value to the world and to you all’s lives and to my audience’s lives, and every single way I could get in front of as many humans as possible, I would be doing it.

And I realized that I’m not because I think I have more time. What’s really interesting is one of the reasons that I truly believe that I became so successful so quickly is because every single decision I made, I truly believed and I saw the weight of my life on it. I realized if I didn’t start making different decisions, that my life, the way I was living and having memories and time and freedom, the things that I really wanted, it was on the line.

And as that’s evolved, I have everything I want, I’ve realized your all’s lives are on the line. And when I think about not showing up with that intensity every day, knowing that maybe no, I don’t have a year to live left, but let’s hope not. We don’t actually know, right? But maybe you – one of you guys only have a year window to finally take action and make different decisions to create the life of your dream.

I will never be this exact human in this moment where I am right now today, have this perspective to offer the world. So at the end of the day, what it made me realize is that there is limitation, there is only a limited time for me to get my message out into the world. And while I know that can kind of sound like a lack mindset, but I truly believe there’s an abundance of time, energy, all the things in the world, what it did for me was create this intensity of like, I have to get my message out into the world every single day.

I have to add as much value as humanly possible. I have to share my message; I have to record every single idea that I have because I know the world needs it. And that just really opened up this window for me to see where I have so much opportunity to show up in that intensity, and when I can say that I would be treating my business and my life the way that I am, if it was the last year that I lived, I literally guarantee in my soul, in my heart, I know I will have every result that I’ve ever wanted.

Because here’s the thing; when it becomes only about trying to hit the goal or the result, we lose the fire and the fuel behind it. When it becomes about something much more meaningful and purposeful and like, not about the result, knowing the result of course is going to come when you show up and you do the damn thing, that’s when the magic starts to happen.

And so I want to ask you guys, if you had one year left, maybe you haven’t even started a business, maybe you’re like, a little bit into it. This is a little bit more of a business-focused podcast. But if you only had a year left to live and get your message out into the world and get your business into the hands of as many people as humanly possible, how would you show up?

What would you be doing? What intensity would you have? What would you make sure was happening? And how can you create that now? Because your people, your audience, your potential clients need you that bad. They need you now. They need your perspective right now in this moment.

And I’m ready to bring my freaking A game for the rest of this year from this place because I know you all need my message. You all need to be an example of what’s possible, and I know that the result and the goal is going to come. That’s not why I’m doing it. And I hope this allows you to reconnect to why the hell you are doing this all in the first place.

Because you never actually know, and I’m not foreboding that and I’m not manifesting that, but the problem usually is that we think we have time, we think things can wait, and that’s why we put off our dreams and put off our desires. The world needs your message, the world needs your gifts, and I know the world needs me to show up at this intensity every single day.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for being here and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

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