Ep #1: What Is an Anything but Average Life?

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Welcome to the first episode of the Anything but Average podcast! This is an evolvement of the work I do with my clients and what I coach myself on in my own life, and I’m so motivated by the possibility of helping thousands of women create the life of their dreams. I am often gobsmacked by my own life and this is what I want for you too.

On this first episode, I’m showing you what an Anything but Average life means. I’ve blown my own mind with how far my life has come and how every single aspect of my life is thriving, and this is what is possible for you through the work I’ll be sharing with you here. My mission is to show you that you can have it all, because once you change one area of your life, the rest will follow suit.

Join me this week for the first episode of my new podcast! I want to offer you this opportunity to recommit yourself to create a life of your dreams, and I can’t wait to share my foundations and step-by-step process for doing this in the coming weeks.

If you are ready to finally commit to the change you want to create in your life, whatever area that may be, you need to join my Anything but Average program. You’ll learn the step-by-step process on how to make real change, and you’ll also get a lifetime of coaching with me and support in a wonderful community. Click here to find out more and I can’t wait to see you there!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • The reason why I started this podcast and why it has evolved.
  • How I managed to change things in my life that I wasn’t even focused on changing.
  • What it means to live an Anything but Average life.

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  • You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

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Welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast, where I, life coach and mindset expert Lindsey Mango, will teach you how to master your mindset and get into massive action to create a life that blows your mind. Let’s get started.

Hello guys. Oh my gosh, I am so freaking pumped to be here on the next evolution and the first episode of Anything but Average. I cannot tell you guys how much I’ve been dreaming of this moment, to have this podcast and my mission and my purpose and my service to all of you, like all line up, and this is that moment for me.

So I just want to welcome you, whether you’re new or someone who has been listening from the beginning. I just want to welcome you and express my gratitude and tell you this is about to be a hell of a ride and an amazing opportunity for you to take what I have learned and what I teach my clients and what I coach on in my own life and in the lives of hundreds of women, thousands of women that I have helped, to create the life of your dreams.

Because here’s the thing; the reason why I started this podcast in the first place and the reason why it’s evolving and the reason why I do this work isn’t so you guys can just accomplish one goal or one thing in your life. It’s so that you can create a life in every single way that you wake up to and you are like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I get to be me. I can’t believe this is my life.”

And to a point where it almost moves you to tears. I think in the book You Are a Badass, she says like, one day you can wake up to a life that you used to be jealous of, or a life that makes you giddy, and that’s what I want to help you do with this podcast.

And the reason why I can teach about all the different areas of life and creating a life where you have it all in one podcast is because it all comes back to the same things. When I learned how to change my mindset, when I learned the step-by-step process I’m going to teach you in this podcast, and I teach all of my clients in my signature program, every single aspect of your life will change.

There are things that changed in my life that I wasn’t even focused on changing because who I was being, the way I was thinking, and the actions that I was taking changed. So I want to jump into this first episode of this next evolution and I want to talk about what is an Anything but Average life? What does that even mean?

So an Anything but Average life is a life that blows you away. Some of you might hear the word average even and just cringe. I know I do. And the reason why that’s a part of this podcast title and my signature program and my mission in this world is because I know all of you do not want to settle for average. The word average makes your skin crawl.

And so I want you guys to create lives that are anything but average. I want to help you have a thriving life. I want you to be able to get to the end of your life and look back and be like, that blew me away, that was everything that I wanted, that was everything I could have dreamed of and more, and that’s what this podcast is all about.

So an Anything but Average life, that is a life that is thriving. That is a life that is growing. That is a life that has a thriving financial world. It’s a life where you make lots of money, there’s abundance. It’s a life where you have a once in a lifetime romance and love life. It’s a life where you have health, where you feel good on the outside and on the inside and feel confidence and your health is thriving.

It’s a life where you have freedom, where you can live your life the way that you want. It’s a life where you have a mission and you have a purpose. So to me, an Anything but Average life requires those five things, and everyone’s Anything but Average life will look a little bit different.

The type of financial relationship you want to have and the relationship you have with money might look a little different than another listener. That’s okay. It’s meant to give you the opportunity and the possibility to dream of everything that you want.

But here’s what I do know and here’s why I built this podcast and my programs and this next evolution the way I did. I know that women like you want all of those things, in some way, shape, or form. I know that you want to have it all, and I want to give you permission to have it all. I want you to know that it’s possible for you.

I want to show you how I took what I’m going to teach you in this podcast and applied it to my life and created everything I wanted in all five of these areas. So the work we’re going to talk about is going to help you in all five of these areas and beyond that. It’s going to even help you focus, even if you just want to change one of these areas, when you change one, it impacts all of them.

When you grow, it impacts everything. When you change your mindset, it’s going to create results and things in your life that you never even dreamed possible. It’s going to expand your awareness of what’s possible. You’re going to dream bigger than ever, and that is what I’m put on this earth to do.

To teach you how to think differently, how to be differently, how to show up differently, how to take massive action, so that you are freaking in love with your life. And that’s what this podcast is all about. So you might be new here, you might be coming from the past episode, the past podcast, the Soul CEO podcast that I had before this.

And I want to offer you this opportunity to recommit to yourself to this podcast and to your life that you are all in on creating an Anything but Average life. That you are willing to practice believing that you can have a thriving life in all of those areas, that you are willing, even if you don’t believe in the possibility yet, but you are willing to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before, you are willing to take this work and this podcast and apply it, and you are going to keep showing up until you get results because that’s what I want this podcast to do for you.

Add so much value to your world and your life that you turn around in six months, in a year, in two years, and you think, “Holy crap, I have everything I ever wanted. My life blows my mind.” And that is a product of you. That’s going to be a byproduct of your mindset. That’s going to be a byproduct of the actions and the commitment that you make right here and now with this podcast.

So in the coming weeks, I’m going to be teaching you guys the foundations and the simple step-by-step process that has helped my clients, helps me every single day, and helped me create the life that I have today, so that you can have a rock solid foundation and then we can take that and create any result that you want throughout the duration of this podcast that’s going to continue on forever and ever.

So let’s create a life that is Anything but Average. Your life is meant to blow your mind, you are meant for it all. That desire, that pull in your heart is there for a reason and this podcast is going to teach you and show you how to have it all because you are Anything but Average. I love you guys. I can’t wait to jump in next week and I will chat with you soon.

If you want to take this work even deeper and coach with me in my signature program, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. In this program, I will teach you how to take this work and create results so you can have a life that blows your mind in the areas of money, purpose, health, lifestyle, and romance. I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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