Ep #131: The Key to Creating an Anything but Average Life & Coaching Business

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How does one mastermind offer so many amazing results? Well, the work we do inside Anything but Average isn’t just about creating more clients, money, and impact. It’s about having it all, and the first step to having it all is focusing first on who you are being.

It’s so important to focus on the cause of every result in your life and business. So, when you can grow and change from that perspective, it touches every part of your life. That’s how I’ve created the life, motherhood experience, health, romance, and freedom that I have while simultaneously growing a business that I love, and I’m showing you how to do the same.

Tune in this week to discover the key to creating even more money, clients, and impact while living a life you truly love. I’m showing you how we help you get clear on what you really want and your unique path to getting there, so you can start taking the aligned action that gets you the results you truly desire.

Applications for the Anything But Average Coach Mastermind are now open. We’d love to see you there!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • How we offer and deliver amazing results for our clients in the Anything but Average Mastermind.
  • Why always acting in alignment with your identity is what will drive successful results.
  • The main reason some people get different results from one another.
  • How we help you get clear on your desires for your life and help you get to work creating it.

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Welcome to the Anything But Average podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything But Average. Guys, how are you? I hope you are having a beautiful week, I know I am. I’m actually simultaneously very sad and very excited.

Chris and I are headed to our first trip since Eva was born, and moms, you get it. I feel so heartbroken and sad to leave my baby girl. But also so excited that I get to sleep in and just do whatever I want. It’s going to be amazing and a beautiful place. I will tell you guys, we’re going to one of my favorite places, it’s called Nizuc in Cancun. Highly recommend checking it out, it is stunning.

Before we jump in I want to make sure you guys know that the Anything But Average Coach Mastermind is open for application. This mastermind is for you if you want to create both the impact, the clients, the money that you want in your coaching business while creating the life that you really want. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/A, B as in boy, A coach to apply.

And this actually leads us perfectly into today’s episode. You might hear that and you might think how does one mastermind offer so many results? Because again, this isn’t just about creating more clients, creating more money, creating more impact. It’s about having it all.

And the answer is simple, it’s because we focus on who you are being. It’s because we focus on the cause of every result in your life and business and change that, and grow in that. And it touches and impacts every part of your life. That’s what I’ve done. That’s how I’ve created the life, the motherhood experience, the health, the romance, the freedom that I have, while simultaneously growing a business that I love.

That’s what my clients are doing in this room. They are becoming moms. They are creating their dream marriages and weddings. They are creating the health they want, the freedom they want, the travels they want, the experiences they want, while simultaneously creating even more money, even more clients, even more impact. And that’s what this room is really about.

I was actually writing a post today about how if there’s anywhere in your life where you’re saying it’s this or that, that’s exactly why you need to be in the room. Whether it comes to like this mastermind or something else, or whether it comes down to I can create the income and the business that I want while sacrificing my freedom. While sacrificing this temporary moment, while sacrificing my dream of being a mom, or getting married, or whatever it is.

If you are saying or in any areas of your life, this is the room you need to be in. Because we are creating what I call and lives where you get to have it all, where you get to have both.

Now, again, how can one room offer so many results? It’s because we focus on who you are. And who you are is ultimately what drives forward every single result in your life. You will always act in line with who you are, with your identity. Because who you are dictates the way that you think, the way that you feel, the way that you make decisions, and the actions you take. And that ultimately creates your results.

So I was actually thinking about an example or an analogy to show you what I mean. And if you follow me, if you’re in any of my programs, you know that I am all about analogies. And I was thinking about how marriage is a great analogy to show this, right?

If you are showing up to a marriage with the mindset of someone who’s dating, right, if you’re being a person who is dating, but you’re in a marriage, you’re not going to create the marriage that you want. You’re not going to create the commitment you want because you’re going to make decisions that are in line with being someone who’s dating, right?

Dating other people, which again, everybody has their own way, maybe that’s your thing. But I’m thinking about a partnership and a marriage where people are only with the other person and that’s the type of relationship and marriage they want to create.

And the same is true in your coaching business and in your life. If you are first, not believing that you can have everything that you want, you’re always going to make decisions that align with that. You’re always going to say it’s either this or that. The decisions you will make well the end up proving that true. You’re going to end up creating results where you get this one thing at the cost of something else.

And that’s one of the first big things that we work on in the room, is expanding your awareness of what’s possible. That’s why it’s so powerful to be in this room, because you’re surrounded by other people who are showing you the contrary of what the world is telling you. That you can have it all. That you can do all of these things. That it’s simpler than you think because when you focus on just these pieces, it turns into results in every area of your life.

So we focus on expanding and questioning where are you telling yourself it’s this or that? Where are you telling yourself there’s limitation? And expanding it to limitless possibilities, to start making decisions from there. To start becoming the person who does have it all.

Same thing with health, right? If you want to create better health, the best place to go while, yes, starting to move your body, starting to eat healthy, are some of the actions that a healthy person would take. Your job is to become a person who thinks about themselves a way a healthy person does.

Who makes decisions the way a healthy person does, who believes things about themselves that they can be healthy the way a healthy person does. And that automatically drives forward your decisions and your actions, which will ultimately create the health.

And that’s what this process does. And we do it with joy, with desire, with fun. It’s about getting clear on your desires for your life, whatever that version looks like, and creating that.

So while yes, there’s a process walking you through step-by-step of how to get into limitless possibility, how to believe your success is inevitable, and how to step into this version of you, it’s about getting clear on your unique path so you can create what you want. Because I’m not here to tell you here’s what your life is supposed to look like.

The world is already doing that. Business coaches are already doing that. Life is already doing that. I want to create your version of an anything but average coaching business and life. I want to get clear on where you’re limiting yourself, blow the lid off of what’s possible, and help you become the person you need to be to create all of it.

So while yes, you can go to the place of, well, I need all these strategies and I need all these very specific things to be different. What’s more important is who you’re being. Because when you are truly being that person, your actions will automatically create the results.

There’s no forcing the action, there’s no pushing the action of what you should be doing. You just become a person who shows up like a married person, you become a person who is a healthy person, and everything you do after that will create your result.

This is also one of the biggest reasons why there are people in the world, right, like a lot of us do the same things in life and business, right? Like create content, create value, post on social media, offer our services, go to the gym, whatever it is, right? But why people get vastly different results is because of this thing right here.

I want to take you guys to a place, really quick, where you have it all. Close your eyes. Imagine truly, like that little voice in your head that is going to be like, “You can’t have that, that’s not possible, blah, blah, blah,” I want you to be like I’m going to put you on a shelf right now. I want you to daydream about what it would really look like to have everything that you want.

I want you to think about that version of you. What does she believe about life and business? What does she believe about herself? What does she believe about clients, money, freedom? And then what decisions is she making? What is she doing? What actions does she take?

That right there gives you a clear guide between the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  That right there gives you a clear indication of what are you not believing about yourself? What are you not thinking? What decisions are you not making? What actions are you not taking that will create this? And that’s the gap we close.

That’s how we have people taking four months of maternity leave and creating dreams that they’ve envisioned for 10 years. That’s how we have people creating better health, better marriages, while crossing the six figure mark, while crossing the multiple six figure mark. Because when you change, every result in your life changes.

And I’m not here to mess around and focus on all these nit-picky, like I almost imagine it like there’s dominoes lined up. Like yeah, we can go to the last two dominoes and try messing around with those. But why not start with the first domino, the most important one that impacts every result in your life?

That’s what has to change for you to have it all. Otherwise, you’re always going to be thinking, well, first I’m going to focus on this thing, then I’m going to focus on this other thing. Then I’m going to focus on this thing over here. And you’re always going to be piecemealing results where you get some results in certain areas and not in others.

Where you’re forcing and pushing and grinding to get one result only to find once you get it, then you take your attention elsewhere and now that starts to waver and you’re trying to create results in other areas.

When you become the person who has the life and coaching business she wants, when you start thinking, feeling, believing, acting like her, when you break the ceiling off of what you think is possible and expand it and get clear on what your desires are, and then start acting in alignment with that, that’s when your life will blow your mind. That’s when you will truly have the vision that you have for yourself.

And that’s what this process is about. That’s what this room is about. And that’s what we’re here to do. And the more you do that, the better you lead by example for people, for your clients, for people who want to work with you. The biggest thing that it requires for people to decide to work with you as a coach is to believe that the result is possible for them and that you can help them. There’s no better way to do that than you being the example.

If you’re telling yourself the same stories that they are, that you can’t have this, or it can’t be that simple, or that you have to choose, they’re also going to think that way too. You’re showing them the exact limits that they’re putting on themselves.

So being in this room is about going first. It’s about being the example. It’s about leaning into your joy and what you really, really want. And when you do that, you become a living breathing example of the power of coaching and people will throw their money at you. People won’t be able to keep from wanting to work with you because they’ll say there’s just something about you, you’re living and breathing exactly what I want for my life.

And until you lean into that, you can try to say the right things, you can try to have the perfect strategy, you can try to create content or give free trainings or do whatever it is. But if you are not in the embodiment of it, it’s always going to limit you from possibility in terms of how you can help them, it’s going to limit their possibility, and it’s also going to limit your own.

Because the reason why you started a coaching business was, yes, to help people, to make money, to do something that you love, which we do more of, way more of in this room. But it’s also to create the life that you want. That’s why you love personal growth. So if you want all of that, you need to get in a room where you get all of that.

All right, I’m going to go pack. I’m going to go get ready to get my beach chair and have a spicy Margarita and enjoy my trip. So if that’s what you want, if you want to be able to travel, to do what you love, to create the health, to create the money, the success, to follow your passion projects and have a coaching business and, and, and.

If you want to live an and life, there is no better room to be in than this one. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/A, B as in boy, A coach and I will see you guys on the inside. I love you. Bye.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything But Average where I will walk you through the step by step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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