Ep #4: The Equation for Success

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I am so excited to bring you something that I’ve been teaching all my clients and something that I’ve been working on personally too, because I know it’s going to bring you so much value to go after your goals and creating the results you dream of. This concept will help you take massive action and create results in every area of your life and I’m going to show you how to use it today.

This process that I’ve been sharing with everyone in my program is called the equation for success and it addresses all the things that make successful people successful. It is going to provide a new lens for you to see your goals through so that you commit and don’t quit on yourself when you inevitably hit a few bumps along the road.

Join me this week as I show you what the equation for success is and why it’s so important in learning to create the results that you want in your life. Using this process is going to change your perspective on failure and show you how you can stay out of preemptively sabotaging your success or feeling stuck if something doesn’t work.

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • What the equation for success is and why it’s important.
  • How seeing the process of creating results in your life as an equation gives you a new perspective.
  • One of the biggest factors in creating success.
  • What happens when you’re not committed to getting a result no matter what.
  • Why we often don’t treat creating results as an equation.

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Welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast, where I, life coach and mindset expert Lindsey Mango will teach you how to master your mindset and get into massive action to create a life that blows your mind. Let’s get started.

Hey guys. Welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. I am so freaking excited to jump into today’s episode on the equation to success. I’ve literally been teaching all of my clients, all of the women in my Anything but Average program on this, and it has given them such a powerful shift.

And I know it’s giving to be something that will help you guys create results in every area of your life because that’s what this is really about. That’s what an anything but average life is about is growing yourself, growing your mind, growing your actions so that you can create the results that you want. And when you change in this way, it impacts every area of your life.

So no matter what your goal is, whether it’s to find your purpose and start a business, whether it’s to improve your health, whether it’s to improve your romantic relationship or make more money, it doesn’t matter. This work is going to change the results that you create in your life. And what I’m going to teach you guys today is going to do that.

But before we jump in, I just want to express my gratitude. I literally feel like I do that every week, but it has been so fun to watch this new podcast come to life and this new evolution of this work and the feedback and just you guys sharing the new podcast cover. I’m just truly grateful. So if this podcast episode impacts you today, please share it on your Instagram story. Tag me, @lindseymango_. You never know who needs to hear this message.

And one other thing, we are all quarantined right now, so if you are looking for more of this work, you can still binge-listen to all of my previous episodes that were on the previous podcast called Soul CEO. So if you just pull up Anything but Average, which you’re listening to it right now, and you scroll down, you will see over 100 episodes from that previous podcast. They’re still mind-blowing, they’re still life-changing.

I’ve literally been getting messages all week from people saying that they’re binging this work while they’re at home. So just make sure to go check those out if you haven’t already. So let’s jump into today’s episode.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I think on the first or second episode, I said I was going to share my process, my Anything but Average process with you guys. And that’s actually why I’m going to teach you the equation to success because in applying it, I already found – I just snapped my fingers if you heard that. I already found a new evolution of that process.

And so I want to make sure that when I’m bringing it to you, it is fine-tuned, it is everything you need. So that is really what the equation to success is all about. And so you guys are hearing me implement this in real time, to make sure that you guys are getting the most effective results and the most focused work.

So what is the equation to success and why is it important? So the reality is when it comes to people who create results and create success in their life is there is a certain equation that everyone applies that helps them create massive results over time.

And the reality is that every successful person talks about this time and time again, that they had to go through failures. They had to go through challenging moments in growing their business, their relationship, their health, whatever it is. And so I think the most important part about this is understanding that to create success, it doesn’t mean that you’re not failing. It doesn’t mean that you’re not getting stuck or feeling frustrated.

That stuff is definitely going to happen, but this equation is going to help you see it from a totally different lens. So what is the equation for success? The equation for success is all about seeing that creating the result that you want is just like a math equation. Or a science experiment.

So I want you guys to think about that for a second. If you just saw working towards creating results in your life as an equation or as a science experiment, how would that change your perspective about failure, about yourself, about the results that you’re trying to create?

It would change it drastically and let me explain why, if you’re not quite seeing it yet. Typically, when we are trying to create results in our lives, we make failure mean something. And we make our actions mean something and we make the results, whether we get it or not, mean something. And we have all this attachment to it working.

And all of those are the things that block us, that keep us stuck, that spin us out for months or years, that causes to sabotage our success in creating results. So taking this perspective of seeing it as an equation really allows you to see it differently. Because really think about that.

If you had no story about – let’s just say you even thought you were good at math. I studied accounting so I think I’m pretty good at math, which is funny. A lot of people are surprised by that. I don’t know why. I just have always enjoyed math. Kind of crazy. Kind of a nerd. Totally fine.

But let’s just say you had no story about whether you were good or bad at math, it was just an equation that you had to solve. You were taking a test. And let’s just say you had unlimited time to solve this equation and you knew the equation worked. There was an answer, there was a solution.

You would just try different things and plugging in different numbers to figure out the solution to the equation. Same thing with the science experiment. They’re kind of similar, but I just like to use a math equation because that just works for me and my clients and for you.

So I want you guys to imagine, if that’s what’s happening and you put in – you’re like, okay, maybe x equals two. And then you do the equation, you’re like, okay, x definitely doesn’t equal two, that doesn’t work. Let me try five, let me try 10. Do you see how if there’s no attachment to the equation working and it meaning something about you or if there’s no attachment to the timeline of how quickly you figure out this equation, then there’s a different energy around solving it.

You’re just there and you’re working towards finding a solution and you know there’s a solution so you’re attempting different things, and you’re going to keep trying until you create the result. And that’s what I really want you guys to take from this. The biggest nugget I want you to take, and we’re going to go in depth into this.

But I want you to take that if you just treated working towards creating results like it was an equation and you just saw this as an opportunity to keep trying different things and evolving and growing and plugging in different things into your equation for the result that you’re trying to create, that you would figure it out, that you would get there.

And that if you didn’t have all that attachment and all that drama, then it would just be like okay, let me try this, okay, that didn’t work, let me try something else. And you would keep going until you created the result. And that’s literally how simple success can be.

We would handle failure differently, we would handle trying new things differently and just taking an action and putting it out there. We would keep trying and going until we create results. So you guys might be hearing that and you’re like, okay, that’s simple.

But I really want you to think about something that you’re going after, like a goal that you’re working towards hitting right now. And just ask yourself, if I just approached this as an equation, something that needed to be solved, how would I show up differently? What would I try differently? How would I look at the failure maybe I’m experiencing differently?

You would just see it as an opportunity and that you’re getting one step closer to solving the equation. And that’s what’s so important about this is what most of our minds like to do is they like to say well, I haven’t solved the equation before so I’m probably never going to solve it, instead of saying every time I fail at solving this equation, I get one step closer and I eliminate one other thing, and so that’s helping me get closer to find the solution.

That little difference is the difference between you creating results and success and not. Now, as you guys hear this, you might be thinking, “But it’s not an equation. I don’t know if I’m going to get the result. I’m scared. I make it mean that I’m bad at ‘math.’”

So just to give you a couple of examples of the important pieces of this equation to make it feel like an equation and to make it feel neutral is one, being committed no matter what to finding the solution. So if you guys go after a goal or decide you’re going to find your purpose and start a business, or you’re going to hit a health goal.

One of the biggest factors in you creating success is you being committed no matter what. Because think about that. If you’re committed no matter what to solving the equation, you’re going to keep trying things, even when it doesn’t work, even when you get frustrated, even when you fail. You’re just going to keep going.

And that’s what successful people do that separates them from the people who don’t succeed. It’s because when those failures happen, they’re committed. So they don’t have to question their commitment every time they fail or every time something doesn’t work. They just get to say okay, onto the next thing, let’s try something else.

So the first thing you need in order for that equation to work is to be committed no matter what. So whenever you’re going after a goal, whatever goal you guys are working towards right now, I want you to ask yourself, am I committed no matter what? Am I willing to try this equation and to keep pursuing this for the next 50 years?

If the answer is no, I would look at why. Because what you do is when you’re not committed in the first place, you’re removing yourself from the opportunity to find the solution to this equation. So that’s where you have to start. So why aren’t you committed no matter what? And what would it take for you to be committed no matter what?

One of the biggest things that helps my clients be committed no matter what is they commit ahead of time, meaning they take an action and make a commitment to something that will keep them committed even when they don’t want to be. That looks like, oftentimes, hiring me and getting in my program, Anything but Average.

Because they know that there’s going to be life and things that get in their way, that get in the way of their commitment. There’s going to be failures. So they’re like, I’m literally willing to invest money and commit myself, do something uncomfortable and hire somebody who I know is going to show up and keep me committed even when I fall off track.

Because again, if you are committed to making the equation work, to finding a solution, there’s no way in my mind and yours too, there’s no way you’re not going to solve it eventually. So that’s the first piece to have this equation work and to see this as an equation and something that just needs to be solved.

The other thing is looking at the drama you have about the equation. So the reason why we don’t just treat our results and creating results as an equation is because we have all this drama about it. We make it mean I’m not good at math, or I’m dumb, or it’s never going to work, or everybody else is figuring out their equations faster than me, I need to hurry up.

When you bring all that drama to the table, now, you have to work through that instead of focusing on finding a solution to your equation. Now, I want to be clear that we all have drama about the equation. That is not abnormal. That’s literally why I have a job, why I have a podcast, why all of my clients show up in my program and get coaching.

Because when they show up and they fail, there’s usually this deep stuff that bubbles to the surface that they need to work on. So the biggest thing when you’re working towards creating your results and creating success and you’re working on solving your equation to create that success, you have to ask yourself, what am I making it mean?

Every time I fail, every time I plug a quote, this is just an analogy, but every time I plug a number in and it doesn’t work, what am I making it mean about me? And really looking at that and asking yourself those questions. What am I making this failure mean about me?

And really just shifting it from that to well, what else could it mean? Could it just mean that I’m brave? That I’m willing to put myself out there? That I’m courageous, that I’m one step closer to success? That now I know that two doesn’t fit in x, so now I get to try something else?

How could it mean something amazing about you instead of making it mean all of this terrible stuff about you? Then the last piece of getting this equation to work – and before I jump to that piece, I just want to be clear that you’re going to have drama about it. So make sure that you work through it. Make sure that you’re aware of it. Make sure that you shift it because if you don’t, then you’re just going to be stuck with all this drama and never solve the equation.

And again, this is why I have my program, Anything but Average, so that you can solve this mind drama and it doesn’t keep you from solving the equation. Because at the end of the day, the results you want are on the line. If you let that drama get in the way, if you let what you’re making it mean get in the way, then you’re not going to solve the equation. And guys, if you don’t solve the equation, if you don’t create the results, what is that going to cost you?

And then the last piece – I’m obviously very passionate about this. But then the last piece is trusting that there’s a solution to the equation. So what mean by that, to actually tangibly apply this to you and your results, it’s trusting that you are going to create success. Think about that.

If you knew deep in your soul that it was impossible for you to not reach your goal, then every time – or that it was impossible for you to not find a solution, then every time you fail or something goes wrong or you have drama or whatever happens, you’re just going to show up to that with the intention of moving through it, to show up again because you know eventually you’re going to figure it out.

So for any result you’re working on creating in your life, how can you see, what would help you believe that you are going to figure it out eventually? Could you just see that if you try long enough, that there’s no way that you won’t succeed? And looking for evidence of that. Looking everywhere.

Lindsey has the life that I want or this person online has kids and she’s created the results that I want. So there is a solution to this. Showing your brain evidence is so powerful and so important because then it helps it see like, okay, there’s absolutely a solution. We never have to question whether there’s a solution. We just get to show up to the equation to figure out what the solution is.

Guys, that’s how simple it is, and that’s what I teach all of my clients in my program, in our work, is how to remove all of this stuff. Because the commitment piece, the drama, and then worrying about whether there’s a solution or not is all keeping you from solving the equation. And if you could just show up to solve the equation, then you would for sure solve it faster and solve it more effectively and look at it from an objective mind instead of through these lenses.

When you’re not committed, when you have drama, when you don’t think there’s a solution, it’s like you have these skewed lenses on and you don’t see the equation for what it is. Guys, this is literally something I’ve been implementing every week. I’m like, okay, this is just an equation. Because at every level of growth, no matter where you are, there’s going to be new equations to solve.

There’s going to be new growth you want to make. You guys are all on this lifelong journey of growth and unlocking your potential and creating your best life and continuing to move your upper limit of what’s possible for you. And if that’s what you’re committed to doing, there’s always going to be new equations.

So every week, when I am showing up, if I’m failing or something’s not quite working the way that I want it to, I just look at it from this lens of this is just an equation. What else can I try? There is a solution so let’s try to adjust this, or let’s try to adjust this.

And it just helps you see it from such a different lens to keep showing up for it. I’ll just give you guys a quick little example. This is more of a business example, but it can apply to everything. If I’m posting on social media and I see it as an equation that I’m going to solve, every time I post, I’m just going to look at it objectively. I’m going to be like, oh, this post seemed to really work or this one didn’t.

This one had a bunch of people sign up for Anything but Average, this one didn’t. When I look at it through that, it’s not like, oh, I’m bad at posting or I don’t know what I’m talking about or I’m not clear on this. It’s just like, no, this is objective, this is just data. I just get to look at it for what it is.

So when you can see creating success as an equation and just show up to it as a formula that you need to figure out, it’s going to change everything. And if you can work through your commitment, commit ahead of time, if you can work through your drama and show up for that, and if you can be committed to the fact that there is a solution, you will reach success.

That’s the equation to success. It’s knowing that you’re going to fail, it’s knowing that you’re going to plug in the wrong numbers, do the wrong things, have drama about it but keep showing up for the equation because you are going to solve it, there is a solution and it’s meant for you. That’s what I want you guys to focus on this week.

And I want you to see that maybe with quarantine, maybe with COVID-19, it’s brought up some new elements into your equation. I still want you to see this as an equation you can solve. I love you guys and if you want to take this work deeper, I am still doing daily coaching every weekday inside Anything but Average.

If you are ready to dig in, to master your mind, master yourself, master your actions, commit ahead of time, just like I talked about today, have the coaching you need to get through your drama and be committed to finding the solution, you want to be in this program. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. I will see you guys on the inside and I will chat with you next week. Love you. Bye.

If you want to take this work even deeper and coach with me in my signature program, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. In this program, I will teach you how to take this work and create results so you can have a life that blows your mind in the areas of money, purpose, health, lifestyle, and romance. I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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