Ep #18: Making Decisions

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How often do you find yourselves being stuck in indecision, or have some big things that you’ve been putting off deciding on? Whatever it is you want for your dream life or business is available to you, and my goal today is to show you that it’s only a few decisions away.

We get stuck in not making a decision, weighing all the possible options on the table, figuring out how not to fail or make the wrong decision. But the truth is, all you need to do is decide and then deal with the roadblocks that may come up for you later. Making this a practice is going to propel you forward and help you grow into the woman you need to become to have everything you want.

Join me this week as I show you how not making decisions is stealing your dreams and is literally keeping you stuck. Drama is inevitable in any decision you choose to make, but don’t worry, because on this episode, I’ll be showing you how to effectively make decisions and how to bring more clarity to your decision-making process.

We are changing the structure of Anything but Average, and enrollment will be closing at the end of July. In honor of that, I’m giving you guys the opportunity to talk with me one-on-one for 15 minutes to discuss whether Anything but Average is a good fit for you. So if you’re been thinking about it or you’re on the fence, schedule your call by clicking here and we’ll get chatting!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • The truth about making decisions.
  • How not making decisions is stealing your dreams.
  • The difference between productive drama and unproductive drama.
  • Why we don’t make decisions.
  • How to effectively make decisions.

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Welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast, where I, life coach and mindset expert Lindsey Mango will teach you how to master your mind, yourself, and take massive action to create a life that blows your mind. Let’s get started.

Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. I am so excited to talk about today’s topic, making decisions. But before we jump in, I want to share with you guys a transformation and celebration from one of the women in Anything but Average. Here’s what she had to say.

“It’s so insane to look back on where I was just a year and a half ago before this program. Vicious eating disorder, absolutely desperate to find a job, so, so close to giving up on all of my dreams, awful experiences with men, had no idea how to take care of myself and make myself feel good, a very gross old apartment, and look what I have now. My dream apartment, dream job, soulmate roommates, amazing friends, financial abundance, no eating disorder or weighing myself ever, freedom, fun, adventure. My mind is blown at how much this work changed me.”

Oh my gosh, that makes me tear up. That’s what’s so mind-boggling about this program is it changes you and when it changes you, it changes every single area of your life. So yes, we focus on specific goals. A lot of the women come in there and they want to start their dream business, figure out what their purpose is and start signing clients.

Some of them want to lose weight and have a great relationship with their body. Some of them want to find their dream apartment or make more money or find their soulmate. Everyone’s working on kind of different specific goals, but through the process of achieving that goal, we’re focused on them.

And when they grow through that process, other areas of their life change. That’s what’s so powerful about this work. That’s exactly how my life changed is I was really focused on changing my mindset and myself and how I was showing up when it came to my business and my relationship.

And in the process of that, I lost weight, I made more money, I grew in every other area because when we focus on you as the whole person, your mind, how you’re showing up, the actions you’re taking, it affects everything.

The reason why most people only create one result at a time or hit one goal at a time is because they’re focused on that one goal and the action to achieve that one goal, instead of focusing on themselves, their minds, and how they’re showing up, and achieving that goal while growing and becoming who they need to become to have the life that they want.

Because you guys aren’t here to hit one goal. You’re here for a mind-blowing life in every way, shape, or form possible for you and that’s what Anything but Average is all about. So, let’s jump into today’s topic on making decisions. I actually think this is such a perfect topic to end the month with because I shared on last week’s episode that Anything but Average, the open enrollment process for it is closing.

So, Anything but Average isn’t going to be open all the time for you to enroll, so it closes July 31st. It closes, which means that this episode is coming out literally three or four days before it closes and we’re talking about making decisions. Honestly, I didn’t plan that, but when I was just looking, I was like oh, there we go, that will work.

So why do we want to talk about making decisions? I want to talk about making decisions because not making decisions is stealing your dreams. Not just about this program. I just mean in general. I want you guys to – I can’t see you right now, but I want you to put your hand in the air, like, how many of you guys are indecisive or you have some big things that you haven’t made decisions on?

Raise your hand right now. I can’t see you but I’m guessing a lot of you guys are raising your hand. And here’s the thing; when we are stuck in indecision, we’re spending all of our time and energy thinking about the decision and what we should decide and what we need to decide and all the options on the table, instead of deciding and then getting to deal with all of the drama or the road blocks that come with making the decision.

So, a good friend of mine, I actually talked about this in my mastermind, she calls it productive drama versus unproductive drama. Unproductive drama doesn’t move you forward towards your goal and help you become who you need to become. It just keeps you stuck, which is being stuck in indecision.

Productive drama is making a decision and then having all of the new drama that you have to grow past to follow through on that decision and to create the results that you want. One of them helps you grow into who you want to become, one of them keeps you stuck exactly where you are.

So how do you make decisions? How do you actually move past this? Here’s what I want to share with you guys. Decisions do not take a long time to make. They just don’t. I know some of you guys think you have to collect all of the information and do all of the things, and I’m not saying to just run around like a crazy person and just decide on things.

Some decisions, you might need to collect just a little bit of information. But decisions really take one moment. The moment that you decide. So, all the other time that you’re spending is time that you could be in productive drama.

Now, what I’m going to talk about is how to effectively make decisions on this podcast, but before we get there, I want to talk about why we don’t make decisions. You might think you’re not making a decision because you need more information, or you need to see what happens, or you need to prepare for all the potential problems for all of the decisions that you’re going to be making.

But the truth is the only reason that you’re not making a decision is because you’re afraid to make the wrong decision. It’s because you’re afraid of what will happen when you make the decision, like what’s going to happen next, or if you make the wrong decision and what that will mean for you.

And so again, what we do is we avoid making the decision. I want to use a quick example. I actually used this in the group, in Anything but Average when I was teaching about this topic a couple weeks ago. I want you to imagine if I was in Kentucky and I wanted to drive to California.

And I was like, okay, there are 70 different ways I can get from Kentucky to California. I could drive down this path, I could drive down this path, I could drive down this path. And I was like, okay, there’s 70 options. Let’s look at them all.

Now, I want you guys to imagine, I don’t decide on one of them. I just am like, okay, there’s 70 options and here’s all the potential problems with all the potential options that are on the table. Well, if I go the southern route, there could be tornadoes here, and then what happens if there’s a cow crossing the road in Arizona?

And then okay, there’s all these other potential problems. It could snow over here; we could run out of gas over here. Come up with all the potential problems. And the reason why our brain does this is it thinks if we prepare for all the problems, we won’t fail and we won’t make the wrong decision, but really when our brain does it, it’s just keeping us safe because we don’t actually have to deal with the failure or actually have to deal in real life with the potential problems.

Now, if you have 70 options on the table, you’re just going to stay stuck thinking about all of the options. The work is about picking the route, being like, okay, we’re going to go this way, and then you get to actually deal with and prepare for the problems on that one way instead of the million other problems when you have all 70 options on the table. It’s actually easier.

It’s actually way easier for your brain too. You don’t have to spend all your mental energy thinking about all of the potential decisions and all of the potential problems. You actually get to deal with the problems for the one decision you made and start driving, and then you’re going to work through it as you go.

So that’s why decision making is so important. Because ultimately, when you make a decision, then you actually get to take action. And when you get to take action, then you get to start to create results, and that’s why you guys are all here, right? So you can create results, so you can change your life.

So how do you actually make decisions? One, the question I always ask my clients and I’m asking you right now is if both options on the table or whatever options on the table were win-win, what would you decide? Which one would you choose?

Now, what’s most important about making decisions isn’t in picking the right decision. It’s in learning to trust yourself to make decisions. You might pick the “wrong” one and you look back and you’re like, I probably should have decided this.

But you build trust in yourself when you make decisions and you roll with it and you fail and you figure it out, which is the most important part about creating your dreams and creating your results. But again, if there was a win-win, if both options, you would get exactly what you wanted, which one do you actually want? Which decision would you make?

Now, the reason why I frame it up this way is because most of us try to weigh all of the potential problems, like I’ve talked about, or like, okay, well we want to weigh the risk. And when we do that, we’re not making decisions from best case scenario. And when we’re not making decisions from best case scenario, we’re kind of cutting ourselves short of creating the life that we really want.

I want you guys to think about if I had my business and then my job on the table, and I was making a decision between the two of them, if I thought okay, well most people aren’t that successful in business so my job is much safer, I’ll probably build it up and I’ll make consistent money and all of that, versus who knows what’s going to happen with business, I would have picked that.

But if I looked at it from best case scenario and I’m like, okay, let’s just say my business got to be everything I wanted it to be and my job got to be everything I wanted it to be, what would I truly choose? I choose my business.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s going to go that way, but what you do is you bring clarity to making the decision on what your heart really wants. What you really want. Otherwise, if we make the decision based on all of what makes sense, we keep creating a life that makes sense.

So if they were both win-win, you got every single result you wanted on both sides of the coin, which decision would you make? Then you guys get to see the drama. So great question when it comes to signing up for a chat, a call with me, a 15-minute call, I’m offering those this month to talk about joining Anything but Average.

If you had a conversation and you got clarity from that call and it was everything you wanted it to be, would you do it or would you not do it? Or if you signed up for Anything but Average and you got every single result that you wanted, is that the program you would want to be in? Am I the coach you would want to work with?

That’s going to bring a lot of clarity to your decision. Then you know the decision you need to make. Even if it’s a no. And then you get to actually deal with the drama of that decision. So what’s going to happen next is once you have that decision, even before your brain could get involved and get all the problems and the worries and all of that, it probably was like, this, when I said that, now you get to see all the drama that comes up with the decision.

That doesn’t mean you don’t make the decision. Making decisions is about actually making them, not thinking about the decision that you want to make. Then you get to work through everything that comes up after the fact. That’s productive drama. That’s drama that’s going to change your life.

And the question I ask my clients that blew their mind the other day was which drama is going to help you grow the most? Like if you were going to look at both sides of the coin and both decisions and you were like, okay, well I would have this drama over here and I’d have this drama over here, which drama is going to help you become the woman you need to become? Which drama is going to challenge you the most?

Because that’s the drama that’s going to help you create your Anything but Average life. So, what you guys are going to witness now is any drama that you have and that’s what you get to work on. That’s what you get to grow through.

And you don’t get to do that until you make the decision. That’s what you get to problem solve for. And that’s why when you make the decision to join Anything but Average, why it’s so powerful because once you decide, click that button, say yes, even though it’s going to scare the hell out of you and it should stretch you, maybe it won’t for some of you and that’s good too, but then you’re going to have all the drama about actually chasing the dream that you’ve been wanting to chase and actually creating the life that you want to create.

And here’s what’s so beautiful about that. Then you have the program and all of the tools inside of the program and me, literally, I will tell you guys, I’m going to brag about myself for a second. Doing that is something I’ve had to work so much on, but the women in there are like, oh my gosh, I just cannot believe how much support you give us.

I take screenshots if somebody posts in there and I can’t get to it in the moment. I come back; I coach them. You can literally post in there at any time and I’m going to coach you. Right now, we’re doing two coaching calls every single week in there where you get to ask questions and get coaching.

So now that you’ve made the decision, you get to have coaching on all of the drama. And that’s what guarantees your success. You’ve decided, you’ve gone all in, and now when all the problems and all of the drama and the failures and when your husband doesn’t get it and all of that, you have the support you need. You have the tools that you need to work through it and grow, instead of allowing it to hold you back.

So, when it comes to making decisions, whether it’s about this or anything, remember, staying in indecision steals your dreams and actually just keeps you exactly where you are right now. Deciding and then going with the drama and learning from the drama is where your next level of growth is. And that’s where I can help you the most.

So, I love you guys so much. If you loved this episode, share it on your Instagram. Tag me @lindseymango_ and if you want to set up one of those 15-minute chats with me, I think there’s only like, two days left, and probably only a couple time slots left, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/abachat.

Or if you’re ready to sign up for the program, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. It’s only open right now until July 31st. I love you guys and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

If you want to take this work even deeper and coach with me in my signature program, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage. In this program, I will teach you how to take this work and create results so you can have a life that blows your mind in the areas of money, purpose, health, lifestyle, and romance. I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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