[SCEO] 98: Do this One Thing for Massive Growth

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If you’re feeling like the excitement of the new year has worn off, and maybe you’ve slightly fallen off track from the goals you set at the beginning of 2020, this episode is for you. My goal with today’s episode is to help you recommit to your targets and fuel-forward, to end the year with results that are going to blow your mind.

If you’re listening to this, you’re most likely looking for massive transformations and results in your life. I know you’re just waiting for that explosive growth in your life or business, and I’m sharing how you can do this today. All it takes is one thing and it’s something you might have heard before, but I’ve seen a lot of people get confused when it comes to implementing this step.

Join me this week to discover the one thing you can start practicing today to start creating massive growth. What I’m sharing with you on this episode is going to help you identify the aligned action you need to be taking to get to that end goal, while eliminating the drama or confusion that could prevent you from actually starting.

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • What you have to do if you want different results in your life.
  • Where and why most people get confused in this process of creating new results.
  • Why the work isn’t about making the journey to the result you want comfortable.
  • How to identify which decisions you should be making to get to the result you want.

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Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? Oh my gosh, I am so pumped to be here for another week, and I have got to tell you guys, I am like, super jazzed this week. It’s been one of those weeks where I am just in flow, I feel like I’m just showing up in a really major way, and yeah, I don’t know, I just feel good and I hope you guys are feeling that way too.

But what I’m really excited about is today’s episode. I’ve been sharing a lot of this stuff on my Instagram story, so if you don’t follow me, go follow me. My handle is @lindseymango_. Because I want to deep dive into it, one, because you guys need this, and I’ve gotten so much feedback on my story about how helpful these 30-second coaching sessions or basically value that I’m adding on there, so I want to deep dive into it.

So today, what we are going to talk about is how to create massive growth. So this episode is going to still go live in January, it’s still the beginning of a new year. Maybe some of your excitement and motivation has worn off a little bit. That’s okay. But let’s take this moment to recommit to whatever goal you set, even if you fell off track.

I will tell you guys, the people who create results aren’t the people who don’t fall off track. It’s the people who get back up when they do fall off track. That’s the requirement to keep growing and keep creating success. So no matter if you are chugging along and you are reaching towards your goals or you are totally off bases, recommit in this moment and let’s use this episode to really fuel forward some massive growth.

So, how do you create massive growth? Some of you guys are listening to this and you feel so ready. Like you feel like you’re on that tipping point of just massive – like an explosive growth in your life, in your business, whatever it is. Or some of you might be listening and you might be starting your journey, but you are ready to get this train moving forward and start to create actual results and actual change.

So how do you do that? Well, the first thing is understanding that the way you current – and I’ve talked about this before but I want to deep dive even more into it. The way you currently make decisions has created your current results. You guys hear me say that over and over and over again.

And so if you want to create different results, you have to make different decisions. And what I mean by that is making different decisions from different places. So if you’ve often been making decisions out of fear, out of what’s comfortable, out of lack, feeling like there’s not enough money, not enough whatever, resources, that is what’s creating your current results.

And wherever you are in that spectrum, maybe you are doing some things that scare you a little bit, or have made some uncomfortable decisions. But wherever you are in that spectrum is going to dictate the level of results that you are creating.

I’m going to say that again. Wherever you are in the spectrum of where you’re making your decisions from, between total abundance and total love and total trust that what you want is going to happen, in between the spectrum of that and fear, lack, what’s comfortable is going to dictate the results and the level of results that you create.

So how do you create massive results? How do you create massive shifts, massive growth this year? You have to make decisions from a different place. Now, I think sometimes when people hear that that they think okay, I just have to do something differently. But it’s not just about taking a different action. It’s about taking an action that’s a byproduct of a different belief system and a different line of thinking.

So let me give you an example. If you knew that the money was going to come, your business was going to grow, all of the things, what’s a decision you would make, like now? Or if you knew that the guy, your dream guy or dream person was out there, what would a decision be that you make right now? Or if you knew – sorry I’m breathing so hard, I’m so intense about this.

Obviously, I’m a little stoked and high on life. But so if you believed wholeheartedly that your dream life, your dream results were coming, what would you be doing differently than what you’re doing now? Now here’s the thing; a lot of you guys probably just thought of answers.

Now, I think where people get confused, this is giving you a guide, a roadmap to your next level of results because it is telling you that if you had the belief system of the person who has the result that you want, that’s the decision you would be making. That’s the thing you would be doing.

So while that’s a different action, what you’re doing is you’re identifying what your unique different aligned action is based on your thinking. Now, this is where people I think get confused or where they stop. They’re like, okay, well that’s what I would do if I believed the money was coming, if I believed the business was growing, if I believed the dream relationship was coming, if I believed I was going to, whatever, lose the weight. Whatever it is.

But then they don’t do the thing because they feel afraid and it feels uncomfortable. But the reality is that the reason it feels uncomfortable and the reason you feel fear and the reason it feels like something you don’t want to do, like your body goes into like, fight or flight mode is because it’s going to help you grow and become that person.

So the truth is the work isn’t about making that thing more comfortable. It’s about doing the thing anyway, when it feels very uncomfortable, when you have fear, when you do all that stuff because that is a part of what’s going to help you become the woman who does that regularly without even thinking twice about it.

And I think that’s what a lot of people miss. They’re like, “I’m on the edge, I’m ready for massive transformation, I’m ready to just get out there and create the results that I want,” and my question is are you making different decisions from a different place? Are you doing that one thing that you know – think about it right now. What pops into your mind?

What’s one thing, if you knew the result that you wanted was happening, that you would be doing differently, or that you would for sure be doing? Whatever popped into your head, if you are not doing that, you are going to keep creating the same results.

Now, let me be clear that let’s say you’re like, okay, if I knew my multimillion dollars was coming out, I would buy a private jet. Now, the reality is that buying a private jet right now might not be your best idea, and let me explain how to identify which decisions you need to be making. You need to be making the decisions in your current reality from that future place that fit into your current reality.

Here’s what I mean by that. If I was the woman who was buying a private jet, then I’d also be the woman who – let’s just use examples – owned her house, had a full-stacked team that she was working with first and foremost, that was coaching, paying $100,000 a year for coaching. Do you see what I’m saying? Those would be the priorities before the private jet came.

So the things I have to start doing, which I do, hiring the people, having the coach, investing a lot of money in myself, all of that, before the private jet. And I have to look at am I making my decisions the same way that that version of me that already has the result would be making decisions?

So again, you have to look at your decision-making process, where it’s coming from, but I want you guys to really identify that one thing that popped into your head on this episode, you’re like, oh, I’d definitely be doing this. I’d definitely be going live, I would definitely be showing my face on Instagram. I would definitely be investing in a coach. I would definitely be taking every Friday off.

Your work is to start doing it right now. The reason it’s uncomfortable is the exact reason it needs to be the next action you take. So if you guys, you listen to this podcast, so I know you’re those types of people, but if you guys want massive transformation, do the most uncomfortable thing you can possibly think of.

Do the thing that makes your stomach feel like, almost sick but you know is that – you know it’s an uncomfortable but right decision when it makes you really scared, but it invigorates you and excites you at the same time. Do that. And if you do that and you do that all year long and keep making those decisions, your 2020 is going to blow your mind.

And it’s going to feel uncomfortable. It’s meant to. You guys know I like to use fitness as an example, but it’s just like, if I went to the gym, I want to lift a weight that’s going to make my muscle get tired so that it breaks down and it gets stronger. That’s exactly what’s happening here.

So I want to know, if you guys got value from this episode or you feel like somebody needs to hear it, please share it with your audience on Instagram. Tag me @lindseymango_. I’m so freaking excited to see what you guys create this year and I cannot wait to serve you in an even more powerful and amazing way.

Before you go, I have something amazing to offer you guys. So it’s actually happening today, when this episode goes live. I am doing a training, an intimate and exclusive training, unlike anything I’ve done before. So this message is for women who have already created some success in their careers and in their business, have passed six figures, or make at least a couple 10K months.

But they want to know how to create more impact, more income, 500K, to be exact, in their business or in their career with ease. Without sacrificing everything, without feeling like you’re constantly grinding, without getting burnt out. If that is you, you’ve got to be on this training. It’s going to be super intimate. It’s going to be super exclusive. I’m going to give you all of my top tips on how to do this and open it up for total Q&A. You can ask me anything.

It’s a 90-minute call. You’ll get a replay. If you want to check it out, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/500K. I know you guys have big dreams. This is where it all starts. I’m so excited to connect with you on there. It literally, for a 90-minute call, it would be over $1000 with me. It’s going to be a group setting but again, I’m limiting it to 50 people.

When this goes live, spots are going to almost be gone, if not already, so get on it as fast as possible. And I’m charging for it only $25 a spot, for only 50 women. I love you guys, I am so excited to see you on there and I will chat with you soon. Bye.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you are ready to take this work deeper and you want to bring your dream business to a reality, I wanted to make sure that you knew that Mango Magic Business Academy was available to you. Head to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagic.

Or if you don’t have a business and you are ready to bring your dream life to a reality and know you are meant for more, my Mango Magic Life School is also available. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagiclifeschool for all the details. These programs are both life and business changing and you get access and coaching with me to walk through the modules and ask questions and get support to make your dream life or your dream business, or both a reality. I love you. I can’t wait to see you in there.

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