Ep #52: How to Know If You Are Meant to Be a Coach

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One question I’ve been getting more and more lately is from women who reach out and ask, “What is coaching? How do I become a coach?” Maybe you’ve been tuning into the podcast every week and following me and the same questions have been coming up for you because these are the exact questions I had when I first found coaching too.

If you feel like you’re in limbo, trying to decide if this is your passion or if you should pursue something else, you’re in the right place. There are four main questions you need to answer to make this decision, and I’m laying them out here on the podcast.

Tune in this week if you’re wondering if you’re meant to be a coach. I’m running a free training tonight where I’ll be taking a deep dive into all of these questions and giving you the answers, so if you’re listening to this when the episode drops, make sure to sign up and join me!

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What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • Why so many people who deep down know they’re meant to be a coach don’t get started.
  • The 4 main questions you need to answer to make the decision to become a coach or not.
  • Where to go to find the answers to these questions.
  • Why you don’t have to know exactly what kind of coaching you want to do.

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Welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. How are you guys? I’m so excited to be in this closet recording this podcast right now, I just have to tell you. I told you guys I think on the last episode that we had a couple debacles with our Cabo trip to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday.

And good news, we ended up going, which was amazing, and the whole trip was just so beautiful. If you are following me on Instagram, we stayed at the Viceroy in Cabo. It is beautiful. And the service is unbelievable, so highly recommend it.

We had one last debacle though when we were on our way home. So the debacle that we had – I think I’ve said that word 20 times. But the issue we had was my friend got COVID I think right in outside of 14 days before we left for our trip. And so we made sure we had all the required paperwork, you have to get COVID tested to come back into the United States.

I’ve gotten COVID tested like three times in the past three weeks, all negative, and we were all good to go, but her paperwork ended up not – for some reason, the Mexico airport in Cabo did not like her paperwork so they told her she was going to have to stay with her husband for four more days.

And that was kind of crazy. And then we almost missed our flight because the line was long. So just a little FYI for international flights, make sure to give yourself like, three hours to get to the airport. And if you are traveling and you have had COVID in the last 90 days and you’re going out of the country, just make sure that you comply with the airline specific stuff.

If this can help anyone from having this issue, I am going to share it. So luckily, they figured out a way to get back and they just got back this morning. But if you can imagine how crazy that was, it was pretty insane. So when I say I’m grateful to be home, we almost missed our flight in Mexico, I am so grateful to be home. That is for sure.

Alright, so today I’m super excited about today’s episode and it actually is a lead into the free training that’s going to be happening this evening. I guess early evening/afternoon. And hopefully if you’re listening to it know it’s first thing in the morning on the 24th of March.

If you’re not, totally fine too but this is a little bit more time specific. So just to give you guys a quick heads up before I jump into the episode, tonight I’m doing a training called Are You Meant to Be a Coach? at 4pm Eastern time, March 24th. You can still join us.

Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/meanttocoach. The link will also be in the show notes so you can click it there and join us. Make sure to also check your junk. I have a lot of people who join and then they don’t get the follow up emails because they tend to go to junk. So if you’ve already signed up, make sure you have the information. It’s going to be on Zoom. Don’t worry, your face won’t be on there.

But the reason why I’m so excited about this free training and about this podcast episode is because I know so many women who follow me and I’ve been getting this question even more lately where they’re messaging me and they’re like, “What is coaching? How do I become a coach? How do I know if this is what I’m actually meant to do?”

And so many questions about coaching as a career and as a business owner and what that looks like. And I know for me, when I first came across coaching, I had so many of the same questions, or when I came across the business I had so many of the same questions. So this is the biggest question that I see that people need answered in order to know how to move forward.

It’s like if you’re not sure you’re meant to be a coach, then you don’t know if you need to start taking the necessary steps to get started as a coach and start your business and all of that. Or whether you should go pursue another passion. It kind of leaves you in limbo.

And I’ve seen so many people stay stuck in limbo for years, just feeling confused. Like how do I know if this is actually the next path for me or the thing that I’m meant to do? This question comes with a lot of – it’s not actual risk, but in our mind it’s risk.

Starting a new career, business path, and leaving behind maybe what we thought we were going to do or leaving behind a college degree that we paid for and went to school for eight years for, or leaving behind kind of our path, even if it’s good and we’re somewhat happy with it, for something that is kind of unknown can be a scary decision and an important decision.

So tonight’s training is called Are You Meant to Be a Coach? and today’s podcast is called Are You Meant to Be a Coach? because I wanted to provide you guys the opportunity to hear more about the four main things you need answered, the four main questions you need answered to know if you’re meant to be a coach.

On today’s free training, I’m actually going to go through the answers to these questions and how to find the answers for yourself. So don’t worry, if you’ve signed up, make sure to come to the free training. There’s going to be much more in-depth, in detail information.

This episode is going to be a little bit more broad strokes over probably the four questions you’re already asking yourself but I just want to make sure you guys are clear on what are the four most important things that you need answered for yourself in order to be certain of your decision as you move forward on whether you want to be a coach or not.

So you can actually decide and move forward and either choose to be a coach and know exactly where to go and how to follow that path or go find whatever your real passion is. So let’s jump in.

So when I was thinking about making the decision on whether you’re meant to be a coach and figuring that out, I actually was thinking about the decision that a lot of us make when it comes to going to college. And I know not everybody goes to college, but it’s just so fascinating to me how we – a lot of us, that’s the natural progression, right?

We go from middle school to high school and then high school to college. And I love this comedian, I forget exactly what he says, I’m going to butcher it, but he says something like, “College, we have to stop going until we figure out what it is.”

And I’m not against college at all. My whole college experience was amazing. I think it’s totally necessary for a lot of the careers that are out there, like doctor, lawyer, all of that. But I don’t think necessarily think it’s necessary for all career paths.

But that doesn’t matter because I went to college. We’re not going back in time or anything and changing those decisions. But I was thinking about how so many of us go to college, make the decision to go to college without knowing what we even really want to do with our lives, without knowing what path we’re going to take, and we just kind of decide to go to college, we make this probably $50,000 to $100,000 commitment.

And we have all these unanswered questions that we kind of hope we figure out throughout college. A lot of us do. I have to say I didn’t. I just picked a degree and I went with it. And then we end up kind of getting out and we feel confused because we never found that clarity that we needed.

I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to think about the decision to be a coach with a little less pressure. The way we kind of decide to go to college and we figure it out while we’re there, but I also wanted to give you the opportunity to have more clarity around the decision so you’re not just like, doing what you did when you went to college, paying $100,000 and then not knowing what you were going to do with your life and kind of getting out and still feeling a little bit lost on why you made that investment and what direction you’re going to go.

So there are four questions that you need to have answered in order to know whether you specifically are meant to be a coach. We’re going to talk about those four questions.

So the first question – it’s going to sound like, duh, but it’s coaching the right career and business for you? So a lot of us – and that might sound similar to are you meant to be a coach, but a lot of us don’t actually know what coaching is and what owning a business and owning a coaching business actually looks like and what we need to be good at, what is okay for us to not be good at in order to have coaching be the right career for us.

Oftentimes we’re taught if you have this skillset – we do those personality assessments, rights? If we have this skillset, if we do this thing, and we get those little forms at the end that tell us you would be a great teacher, you would be a great doctor, you would be a great architect, or whatever it is.

But a lot of us don’t know – I mean because coaching is a newer industry. We don’t always have all the information on what coaches do, what it actually looks like to own a coaching business, and how to know whether you are the right type of person to be a coach and whether it’s the right career for you.

So the first question you have to have answered is is coaching the right career and business for you. On today’s free training that I talked about at the beginning of this episode, I’m going to talk about the actual detailed things about coaching and how to know if it’s the right thing for you.

So I’m going to get into what you have to enjoy, what you have to not enjoy, what qualities or traits you have to have as a human that’s going to make you a great coach so that you are clear on whether it’s the right career and path for you.

The second question is is coaching something that you can be successful at? So a lot of times we have this feeling that we’re meant to be a coach. I know a lot of you guys are hearing this and you’re shaking your head and you keep having that nagging like, you’re drawn to it, you’re curious about what I do, you follow me, you listen to my episodes, and you’re like, “Gosh, could I do that?”

You feel that pull and you do have that sense of like, I really feel like this is what I’m meant to do. But then we get stuck in moving forward with that decision because we’re afraid we’re not going to be successful. And you guys want to get into a coaching business and you want to pick a career that you’re going to be successful at and be able to provide for yourself and your family and your future and the abundance that you really want.

So we’re going to talk about on this training, and you can even sit with this and answer this for yourself. Is coaching something that you could be successful at? I’m going to talk about what it’s going to take so that you can get into it knowing and having confidence that you can be successful, so you can get the ultimate life and career that you want.

It’s kind of funny to call it a career. It’s a business. But I’ll just kind of use the words interchangeably. But you have to have that belief in yourself that you’re going to be successful at it. A lot of you guys I know have tried other businesses in the past. Network marketing. For me, I had seven jobs before I found coaching and I tried network marketing twice.

A lot of us are trying to figure out what we’re meant to do and that leads us to a lot of different businesses, failures, changing our mind and all of that. And so we want to make sure that you are confident that you can be successful at what you’re doing and in this industry so that you can step into being a coach confidently. Before you even get the training, you need and all of that.

The third question is what if you don’t know what type of coach you want to be? What direction do you go? You have to have an answer to that question before you feel secure and know whether you’re meant to be a coach or not. And we’re going to talk about how to move forward, even if you do have some uncertainty there.

Because you don’t have to know exactly what you’re meant to do. My coaching has evolved, but we’re going to dig deep into that and give you confidence and certainty knowing either what type of coach you want to be, or that it’s okay that you don’t know and you can still move forward to start your coaching business and learn and grow and figure out what type of coach you want to be.

The fourth question and the reason why so many people who deep down know they’re meant to be a coach but they don’t actually start following that path is because they don’t know where to get started. They’re wondering like, how do I actually get started as a coach?

We’re so used to being trained by society and our families and all of that that you want to be an engineer, you go to college. We know exactly the path, so that gives us a lot of clarity. But when it comes to coaching, it can feel very elusive, like, how do you actually get started?

And a lot of times I find people question am I meant to be a coach when they really have confusion about how do I get started. When really deep down, they know they want to be a coach, but they’re confused about that so they kind of spin in that cycle of I don’t actually know, so they can stay safe and not make that decision to move forward.

So in this free training, I’m actually going to dig deep into how do you get started as a coach. What is that path, so you have a clear journey and path to starting your coaching business and creating the kind of coaching business that you really want.

So that’s it. Guys, if you can answer these four questions, you will know if you are meant to be a coach. Is coaching the right career/business for you? Is coaching something you can do and be successful at? What do you do if you don’t know what type of coach you want to be? And how do you actually get started if this is something that you want to do?

If you have the answer to those four questions, you will know clearly whether you are meant to be a coach and how to move forward, or that you’re not meant to be a coach, which will also give you so much clarity so you can move forward and figure out what you’re actually passionate about or what your purpose is and start following that path.

Alright, so if you keep thinking – even if you have a little curiosity about coaching, what it is, and there’s something about it that appeals to you, the freedom, the fulfillment, the sense of mission and purpose, come to the free training tonight.

If you hear these questions and these are the questions that are spinning in your mind, come to the free training. Again, go to lindseymangocoaching.com/meanttocoach. It’s at 4pm Eastern time, it’s March 24th when this episode goes live so if you’re hearing this after the fact, that’s okay.

But there is not going to be a replay. Make sure to be there because I’m going to answer these four questions, I’m going to help you discover for yourself whether coaching is a hell yes or a hell no so you can finally move forward. Alright, I love you guys, I will see you tonight on the free training and I will talk to you next week on the podcast. Bye.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything but Average, where I will walk you through the step-by-step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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