Ep #56: Who Will Pay for Your Coaching?

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Why are you holding out on starting your coaching business? Is it because you don’t think anyone would pay for your coaching?

Guys, this is one of the biggest reasons people either wait to start their business or end up never getting going at all. So many of you are convinced there’s absolutely no one out there who would want what you’ve got to offer before you even take the first step of launching your business, so this is an incredibly important topic to debunk.

The reality is that making your first six figures is simple and easy. I’m proving this to you today by showing you the math involved, the 2 reasons why you might be spinning in drama right now about who would pay for your coaching, and then most importantly, how to move past this fear.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in my signature program, Anything but Average. It’s where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about starting a coaching business, so click here to enroll and I’ll see you on the inside! 

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • The reality of what it takes to make six figures in your coaching business.
  • 2 reasons why our brains spin in drama about who will pay for our coaching.
  • How to get over the fear that no one will pay for your coaching.
  • What it means to bring something unique to the table.

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Welcome to the Anything but Average Podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Hello and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything but Average. How are you guys? I am so excited. I am going to Vegas this week. By the time this episode comes out it will be last week. And it’s my first time in Vegas. One of my friends was like, how have you never been to Vegas? And I honestly don’t know the answer.

My husband does not love Vegas so that could possibly be why. But I am extremely excited because I’m going to the Two Million Dollar mastermind that I’m a part of, an in-person event, which we haven’t done for like, a year and a half because of COVID. So I’m going to be with all of my coach besties and we are going to spend the day – I’m just so pumped to see them and get to mastermind in person with them and have a fun weekend as well.

So before we jump into today’s episode, I want to share something that one of the students in Anything but Average literally just posted an hour ago. Here’s what Melissa said. She said, “Hey Lindsey. Just came to celebrate. I closed my first group coaching four-week container with 11 women enrolled. I even closed it four days early. I’m so happy and grateful.”

And the reason why I wanted to share this with you guys was I actually went back because she had messaged me right before she enrolled in Anything but Average and she hadn’t even started a coaching Instagram, she was literally starting from scratch with her coaching business, which is where a lot of people come to this program because that’s what it’s for.

But she had messaged me and said this is my first post, I’m so excited, I just joined Anything but Average. And it’s been so amazing to watch her growth over – you guys, she joined two months ago. She has already made back her investment and then some, and she just offered her first group coaching program and had 11 people sign up.

And I want to share this with you because that is the power of having a process to follow to get your coaching business started, and the coaching and support you need to continue to show up, to continue to add value, to continue to market, and to ultimately sign clients.

And that’s what Melissa is doing, so congrats Melissa if you’re listening. I’m so excited for you. And just so you guys know, Anything but Average is open so you can enroll right now. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage.

So what I wanted to talk about today was one of the biggest reasons why people either wait to start their coaching business or don’t start their coaching business. And that reason is this. Who’s going to pay for my coaching?

That’s what so many of our brains are doing before we even take the step of starting and enrolling in Anything but Average to get started. We’re already thinking way down the road like, who’s even going to pay for my coaching?

Because ultimately, in order for you to make this decision, a lot of us are looking for confidence that the investment is going to pay off, that it’s going to work, and that’s why our mind starts kind of going down this road. Now, one thing I want to share with you guys before we actually talk about this and how to get past it is really, I don’t want you to hear this and think I’m like – what’s the word I’m looking for?

Not thinking you guys are smart people. But I want to share this from the standpoint of how simple and easy it really can be to create a coaching business that replaces your income. And we’re just going to talk about the math for a second and then we’re going to talk about this fear, like, who’s going to pay for my coaching?

And I actually posted about this the other day and so many people are like, wow, it seems so much simpler when you put it like that, so that’s why I wanted to share it with you guys. So the reality is if your goal in your first year of coaching is to make $50,000 a year, you only have to sign four clients at $1000 a month packages for a whole year package. Four clients.

Same thing if you want to make $50,000 a year but you want to charge $500 a month for your coaching, you only need eight clients in order to do that. If you want to make six figures, you only need eight clients at $1000 a month for 12 months to make six figures.

Now, what I want to offer to you guys is that you know you have eight people, four people in your current audience, whether you’ve used your social media or not for a business, I call them an audience, or people in your sphere who need your help, who would be willing to take that step and make that investment and that’s how simple it can be.

Now, we hear that and this is the math side of the equation. But what happens is the drama pops up, and that’s where most of our brains are like, yeah, that sounds simple but who’s going to pay $1000 a month? Who’s going to pay $500 a month?

And that’s what I want to talk about with you guys today. So what I want to cover today is really three main things. I want to talk about where this actually comes from, like what’s causing us to think who’s going to pay for that. I want to talk about how to actually get past it, and actually, it’s just two things. That’s it.

So why does our brain tell us who’s going to pay for your coaching? It only comes down to two things. The first one is you don’t believe that you have something unique and valuable to offer as a coach. Think about it like this.

If you knew you were going to bring something super unique or really amazing, that was so valuable and would change people’s lives, help them lose the weight or create a balanced life, or get over their heartbreak or find love, or just feel better in their life, if you wholeheartedly believed you were going to bring something amazing to people and would help them create the result, you wouldn’t have this thought.

You’d be like, this is so valuable, of course people will pay for it. And so when you don’t see that what you have to offer as a coach is unique and valuable, then your brain thinks, “Who’s going to pay for that?”

The second thing is you are not thinking about the right people. Most of our brains want to focus on our cousin Sue who would never in her life pay that much money for coaching or we think about our friend who has a very limited money mindset, who balks at the idea of spending that kind of money. Maybe even think about yourself a little bit.

You’re like, I don’t know if I would spend that amount of money, right? That’s where you have an opportunity to grow, especially when you make an investment in yourself. But when you are thinking about the wrong people, of course you’re thinking they’re never going to make that type of investment into coaching.

Now, how do we get past this? For the first one, not believing that what you have to offer is unique and valuable, there’s a couple things. One, you have to believe you are a great coach. You have to know exactly how to help people get results.

This is the first step in the foundational part of my program. When you change your life, that’s the first module, when you know how to use coaching tools to get results in any area of your life, you’re going to build confidence that you can help other people do the same.

When you lack the belief that you can create results in your life or create the result you want to help others create, you’re not going to believe that it’s very valuable. The reason why I signed a client literally the first day I opened my coaching business and three months after I just spent time really coaching and learning myself and growing is because my mind was so blown by what coaching tools had done for me and the perspective shift I had and how my life changed right before my eyes, I was like, oh my gosh, everyone needs this, this is the most valuable thing.

I don’t understand why people – this is the key to the universe. Why don’t more people know about this? That was the energy I was in because I’d gotten such dramatic transformation from coaching. And so I saw it as extremely valuable.

So the first thing is you have to see your coaching as valuable. It’s okay if you’re not there yet. That’s what I teach you inside my program. The second thing is you have to see that what you have to offer is unique. Unique doesn’t mean you’re doing a niche or doing something in the industry that no one’s ever done.

Unique means seeing your unique gifts, your unique perspective that you’re bringing to the table. Think about it like this. If you were like, this is going to change people’s lives, this is the most valuable thing they could ever spend money on, and again, you only think that if you believe that too, which is why taking the step to join Anything but Average is such a huge shift.

And you’re like, I’m bringing something unique to the table, no one is doing what I do, no one’s offering what I offer, no one has the perspective that I have to offer, you’re going to believe that people are going to pay for it. This is what I cover in the second module of Anything but Average.

Finding your unique purpose. We identify what type of coach are you, what are you actually going to tell people, like, I help blank do blank. We call it your mission statement. What is the unique perspective you’re going to bring?

So that’s how you get past number one. Not believing that what you have to offer is valuable and unique. Number two, focusing on the wrong people, how do you handle that? The answer is simple. You focus on the right people.

You identify who your ideal client is. Who’s the person who is willing to invest money into themselves? This is something I teach in the launch your business section of the portal, of the process in Anything but Average. We get really clear on who is this person, who is willing to pay this amount of money and invest in themselves?

How do you need to speak to them? How do you need to show up for them? What kind of confidence do you need to bring to the table when you launch your business to attract people like this?

The other piece I want to offer when it comes to focusing on the wrong people is that the right people are people who want their problems solved because that’s what coaches do. And people who want their problems solved are everywhere.

I’m going to say that again. People who want their problems solved are everywhere. So many people get caught up and they’re like, but people don’t know what coaching is, they don’t know that that’s what they need, so they buy other things, they do other things. And my thought is exactly.

People everywhere all day are constantly spending money to feel better and to fix their problems. Now, the reality is usually, the human brain is just buying things to try to put a Band-Aid over the problem and not actually addressing the cause, which is what coaches do. We address the cause so they can create long-lasting change.

And so what I want to offer is that you could see everyone who is spending money all the time to try to feel better and do things differently could be an ideal client. Because they’re spending money to fix their problems and that’s what you do as a coach.

So you’re not fishing in this limited pool of fish of people who want coaching. I want you to imagine you’re fishing in a pool of people all over the world, of millions of people who want their problem solved. Now, in order to be able to make that connection for them, you have to be able to show them how your coaching will help them solve their problem.

I think of it like fertilizer. I don’t need to know how the fertilizer works for my lawn. I just need to know my lawn is brown and I want it to be green. Can you tell it’s spring here? So if you can show people your lawn is brown because of this reason, we’re going to address what’s causing the – we’re going to fix the soil and so then you’re going to have green grass for the whole summer and it’s going to be great.

You have to be able to show people how your coaching will solve their problem. This is something I teach you in the last section of Anything but Average. I keep saying section, but the last module of Anything but Average where I teach you how to start changing people’s lives by signing clients.

We talk about marketing. We talk about how to illustrate this and how to show up confidently that you can do this for people. When you do that, you will find people who will throw their money at you for your coaching. You won’t have to deal with the problem of who’s going to pay for that. You’re going to have people who want to pay for it because you are going to show them how valuable what you offer is.

So if you have the thought, if you heard the beginning numbers, the math, and you’re like, but who’s going to pay that? I just want to offer that that thought isn’t a problem. There’s a simple process to get past that. There’s a simple process to develop the confidence, the belief, and the strategy you need in order to attract and sign clients who want to pay for your coaching.

It all starts with you. It all starts with you making that decision to first invest in yourself, to first see the value of what you want to create and the life you want to create with the coaching business. So join us in Anything but Average. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage.

I will walk you through this whole process. You get lifetime access to the step-by-step modules, lifetime access to weekly coaching with me as you’re executing this process with whatever drama, whatever questions you have pop up, access to one of the best communities in this industry of women who are starting their coaching businesses, and it’s one investment of $2000.

I’m not just going to teach you how to make that investment. I’m going to give you the tools to recreate and make that investment back over and over and over again.

Alright, I love you guys, so who’s going to pay for your coaching? Everyone is going to pay for your coaching when you know how to show up and see the value of what you have to offer and show them how coaching will solve their problems. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper and create your own coaching business, join us in Anything but Average, where I will walk you through the step-by-step process to become a coach, start your coaching business, and start signing clients. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage and I will see you on the inside.

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