[SCEO] 71: What’s Keeping You from Signing Clients on Social Media

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This week, I’m addressing something I get so many questions about: How to build a successful business on social media. I’ve actually created an entire e-book on this topic for my Mango Magic Business Academy ladies, so if you want the entire process and walk-through, definitely check it out there.

Today, I’m giving you five of the 10 BS stories that I cover in my e-book, to show you how the stories you’re telling yourself are keeping you from signing clients on social media. For each story that I’m sharing, I’m giving you a reframe that will help you think about that particular story in a different light, to be the ideal coach for your potential clients.

You can show up as the person you want to be in the future now, and reframing these stories will help you attract your ideal clients and break through whatever is holding you back. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Accelerate your impact and start signing clients, just by practicing some new ways of thinking.

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • 5 BS stories that are keeping you from signing clients on social media.
  • Why it’s possible to build a successful business using social media even if you don’t have a big following.
  • How to reframe your stories to add value to your potential clients.
  • A question I asked myself when I first launched my business about how I would be showing up at six figures.

Featured on the Show

  • If you are ready to take this work deeper and make your dream business a reality,  join my Mango Magic Business Academy.
  • Or if you don’t have a business and you are ready to bring your dream life to reality and know you are meant for more, my Mango Magic Life School is also available.
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Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for another beautiful week in California. I still feel like I wake up every day and I’m like, oh my gosh, is this my life? It is just so amazing and our house is starting to feel like a home.

Don’t tell Chris I said this, and actually, I wasn’t this crafty. But my mastermind girls are headed to California literally this week for – and by the time you guys hear it, it will be last week – for an in-person day and a half. And I’m just so excited. They are coming from all over the country, all over the world. One girl is flying from Switzerland and I just cannot wait to have them here in this space.

And I have to admit, the universe had my back because I like to get stuff in order very quickly. I have super high standards and I’m like, I want to feel like we’re living in our home literally the day we moved in I wanted that, which is a little bit much. But this mastermind event and VIP day fell at the perfect time where we’ve been here about a month, a month and a half, but it created this high sense of urgency because I’m welcoming these beautiful women into my home during the day and I, of course want it to be – the vibes to be so high.

And so it really pushed us, that means Chris in parenthesis and pushed me to push him to make sure everything gets put together and hung, and he’s so great about that stuff, but I also have a super high sense of urgency. Anyway, I’m just super excited. Our house is looking beautiful. I cannot wait for these ladies to get here.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. You guys know you can keep up with me on Instagram, @lindseymango_. I love interacting with you. Keep sharing the podcast episodes. I absolutely love it, and I love knowing that they are getting out to your followers too. Whether you are coaching people, whether you are building a business, whether you are just trying to spread your own inspiration into the world, you never know who needs this message and so I’m so grateful that you guys share these episodes and tag me in them.

So today I’ve got a little off track, but today I’m super excited about what I’m teaching you guys because it’s a little bit different than normal. It’s a little bit more business specific and I am just like, pumped to share it with you because so many of you guys ask me how do I build my business using social media, and I actually just created a bonus for my Mango Magic Business Academy that I was giving away for free upon enrollment I think a week or two ago.

And after the fact, I decided so many girls in the program had asked me if they could have access to it so I just decided to add it in as part of the program. And that’s the cool part about my Mango Magic Business Academy is it’s constantly growing and evolving. I’m constantly putting new content, new stuff in there, doing my job to make sure when you are in the program, you have everything you need to really bring your dream business to a reality.

And this little e-book that I made on how to sign clients on social media is just so amazing, so impactful, and so today I’m of course not going to give it all to you guys. It is a part of the program, but today I wanted to share the first five of 10 BS stories that are keeping you from signing clients on social media.

So again, this entire e-book, this is literally just one small part of the business academy, but it breaks it down on what should I be posting, how do I build trust, how do I actually sign clients, how do I add value, how do I connect with my audience, all these things. It’s step by step, broken down.

But I just wanted to share the first part where I talk about the bull that is keeping you from signing clients, and there’s a total of 10 stories that I talked about and kind of reframed in this e-book, and I only want to share five today with you guys. So this is literally just totally off topic but kind of on topic. My Mango Magic Business Academy is always available to you guys.

People are enrolling all of the time, so if you just go to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagic you will have access to check out the program and enroll, and you can get this entire e-book along with literally so much content, videos, access to a community, all the things. But that’s beside the point.

Here are the first five, like I said, of 10 of the BS stories that are keeping you from signing clients on social media. Here’s something else that I think is really important for you guys to understand. I have a very big following now but I built a well over six-figure business using social media as my main point of marketing.

I went out and met people, I networked a little bit, but I’ve really built the majority of my business using social media. And at that time, I didn’t have over 3000 followers on Instagram. I didn’t have over 3000 friends on Facebook. I didn’t even really have a business page, or at least I didn’t use it.

So the biggest thing I want you guys to take from this is that you can build a very successful and a very solid foundation in your business using social media without having this big giant following. I did it, I teach a lot of my clients to do it. A lot of the girls in the Mango Magic Business Academy are able to do it. But usually we’re not signing clients for a number of reasons, but first, it’s important to break through the things that are holding you back.

The mindset things that are keeping you from really stepping into social media and utilizing it as the tool that it is. It doesn’t have to be hard; it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be fun and it can help you create amazing results and get your impact out into the world and sign clients and all the things.

So really, this kind of pertains to the first BS story you might be telling yourself, but here it goes. So the first BS story that is keeping you from signing clients on social media relates to what I was just saying, which is I don’t have a huge following so I can’t sign clients from my social media. And here is the reframe I wanted to share with you guys.

The number of followers you have is especially not important when you are pre-six figures in business. In fact, having a smaller and loyal following of people who love you is much more valuable than having 100K followers who don’t care about what you’re doing. Your smaller, more intimate following is an asset.

Like I said, I had under 5000 followers when I got past six figures in business and believing that you need to have a huge social media following is keeping you from showing up and speaking to your ideal clients and adding value the way you could be, and ultimately signing the clients. So that’s number one. I would love to hear if you guys are sharing this on social media, which one is the biggest one for you.

Number two, the second BS story you are telling yourself that’s keeping you from signing clients is my value doesn’t translate in that medium. Or maybe you’re like, I don’t know what to say or people aren’t getting – it doesn’t seem like they’re getting anything from what I’m saying. Here is the thing; value is value, period. If you can write or speak words, you can translate your value on social media.

If there was no right way to post, speak, or write on social media, what the hell would you want to say? What would you feel inspired to offer your audience and the world? Remember, your value isn’t for everyone. It’s for the right people, and the right people will see value no matter what or how you decide to put it out there. Just get it out to them.

Usually people get stuck in this the most because they feel like it’s supposed to look a certain way or should be something, and that’s what blocks them from just speaking their message and sharing their heart on social media, which will immediately make you magnetic for your ideal people.

Alright, number three. I don’t even know what to say. I love this one. Sometimes this happens to me too, guys. Like, this is reality. But my response to this and a reframe for you guys to see this differently is the only reason you don’t know what to say is because you think your quote is supposed to say something or you should say it in a certain way.

If you were to just have fun with it, what would you feel inspired to say? If you had an audience of 100 ideal clients who are captive and listening, what would you want to tell them? It is your job to be inspired. Not social media’s job to inspire you. What things get you connected back to your work and offer? Go do that and then come back to share your message on social media.

Alright, number four. The right people aren’t following me or aren’t seeing my stuff. My response to this and my reframe is I would be willing to bet that there are at least 10 humans who follow you who are the right fit, if not hundreds more are the right fit for you and what you offer. It’s your job to be the light and be the magnet.

Your milkshake has to bring – my clients love this. Your milkshake has to bring the clients to the yard. If you knew the right people were following you, how would you show up? What would you say? Be that person now and know there are humans who follow you who are ideal and more are coming and you may turn some people into ideal clients by sharing your message and your work.

Alright, number five. The fifth BS story. My stuff doesn’t look pretty enough or good enough. People won’t buy it until it does. I said value, content, and authenticity beat looks and appeal any day. If you want it to look pretty, make it look pretty, but know the right people will love what you offer no matter what. They don’t care if it looks pretty. They care about getting the message you intend to share.

Now, I am – you guys know if you follow me on social media or just in general, I am big on aesthetics. I enjoy that. I spend time making my photos looks great and it took practice. I’m willing to take 20 photos to get the right one because I’m committed to it. I like it and I want that to happen.

So what I think is important about this one is you know, something that I asked myself very early on in business is if I was a six-figure earner, when I first launched my business and had no clients, how would I be showing up on social media? What would I be saying? What would I put for photos?

And I made sure that I aligned those actions with what I would be doing at six figures. I wouldn’t be posting a dingy photo of something. I would want it to be bright and well lit. And so I spend time doing that because that’s how I would personally show up.

So you don’t have to have perfect content. It doesn’t have to all match. That stuff is not that important, but also know that if you would show up and make that important and make the aesthetic important, then you can still do that now. It doesn’t have to be perfectly Photoshopped photos or having a photographer take your photos and all well-lit.

Again, it takes practice. Put your face in front of a window, take selfies. People want to see your face. Take pictures of things that you think are beautiful and pretty and that you enjoy and that you like. Share it with the world and get your message out there. Make sure that you love your content and your photos and what you’re putting out there because that’s going to reflect in the energy you put behind it.

So I just wanted to share that with you guys because I get so many questions about this. Again, that was only five of the 10 and then the entire process that the e-book walks you through. And like I said, this is just like, a little tiny piece of the entire program. I would love to hear you all’s feedback. I’m so grateful for you guys and I hope you have the most beautiful and amazing day. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you are ready to take this work deeper and you want to bring your dream business to reality, I wanted to make sure that you knew that Mango Magic Business Academy was available to you. Head to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagic.

Or if you don’t have a business and you are ready to bring your dream life to a reality and know you are meant for more, my Mango Magic Life School is also available. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagiclifeschool for all the details. These programs are both life and business changing and you get access and coaching with me to walk through the modules and ask questions and get support to make your dream life or your dream business, or both a reality. I love you. I can’t wait to see you in there.

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