Ep #130: The Woman You Become in This Room with Kaitlynn Norwood

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I’m so excited to be joined this week by Kaitlynn Norwood, a member of the Anything But Average Coach Mastermind. She joins me to talk about big transformations, bonded sisterhood, and how the Mastermind has changed her coaching.

Kaitlynn is a licensed social worker and a life coach who helps moms live a life they are obsessed with. She is on a mission to abolish “mom guilt” and the “hustle mentality” through radical acts of self love and action steps.

Tune in to hear Kaitlyn share the story of how she began coaching and what she has learned about herself in the last year and a half. She shares how operating with limitless possibility and a willingness to change made her a better coach, and we talk about what the Mastermind does for all the women who join it.

Applications for the Anything But Average Coach Mastermind are now open. We’d love to see you there!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • What the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind has done for Kaitlyn.
  • Kaitlyn’s path to hiring her first life coach and then becoming one herself.
  • The importance of making your time non-negotiable.
  • How Kaitlyn made decisions from limitless possibility.
  • Why Kaitlyn feels successful even when not getting the results she sets out to achieve.
  • Kaitlyn’s biggest transformations.
  • How Kaitlyn’s coaching has changed over time.

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Welcome to the Anything But Average podcast where I will teach you how to create a coaching business one step at a time. I’m Lindsey Mango, a life coach passionate about helping you create the life of your wildest dreams by creating a coaching business. Let’s get started.

Lindsey: Hello, and welcome back to another week and another episode of Anything But Average. This week I am so excited because I have one of my mastermind clients, Kaitlynn Norwood, on.

Kaitlynn: Yay!

Lindsey: Hi.

Kaitlynn: I’m like cheering by myself, yay!

Lindsey: Oh my gosh, people are going to love this.

Kaitlynn: I think so too.

Lindsey: Your energy is just so good.

Kaitlynn: Thank you.

Lindsey: So Kaitlynn is a life coach who helps moms live a life they are obsessed with. So welcome, Kaitlynn.

Kaitlynn: Yay. Thank you, I’m so thrilled to be here. And I don’t know if you knew this, Lindsey, but this round of the mastermind we started and you were off on maternity leave. And I was like having some thoughts about, you had some guest coaches that were members of the mastermind and I think other guest coaches that are in your mastermind.

And I was like, I didn’t get asked to be guest coach and I had so many thoughts about it. And so I posted about it in the group and I got some amazing coaching, from guess who? You probably won’t, I’m not going to put you on the spot, but it was a very similar experience to Amanda.

Lindsey: Okay, yes, that was actually in my head. I was like, I bet it’s Amanda.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, she gave me some great coaching that I know that you gave her when she had some thoughts about, I think it was like our first round of the mastermind, about it was like, oh, no, maybe it was like she didn’t get asked to do the interviews for the first round or whatever.

Lindsey: Yes.

Kaitlynn: And it was like she gave me almost the exact coaching and I was like, “Shit, I needed that, this is perfect.” It was like, who do I need to show up as? She asked me, like this going to be brutal, it’s going to be harsh. Are you showing up as a person that would guest coach in Lindsay’s mastermind? And I was like, I thought that I was, but perhaps I’m not.

And then fast forward about six months and here we are and I got the email come through from Stephanie. And I was like, “Oh my God, like I’ve arrived.”

Lindsey: That is so fun. I think that is like such a great place to start because I think that to change your life, to change your business, it requires such a high level of responsibility. And it requires to ask yourself and be willing to answer some really tough questions.

So I’m just curious, and we’ll backtrack to hear about your coaching journey, but what was your initial thought when she asked those questions? And where did you get to with it?

Kaitlynn: Okay, so when she initially asked it, I was like a lot of resistance and like, “Yeah, I am.” It was just like immediate denial. Like, yeah, of course I am. And then when I got really honest, I’m like I’m responsible for my results and I’m a person who teaches responsibility. I pride myself on taking responsibility. And I was like, all right, get your big girl pants on, Kaitlynn, and you need to take responsibility, are you showing up?

And it was at a time, it was like last spring and I know I’m an adjustment counselor, I work in a really diverse and urban school setting. So I felt like I was being swallowed by work and I was kind of using that as like an excuse as to why I wasn’t coaching myself, or why I wasn’t showing up fully, like why wasn’t showing up in the group.

And I think it just allowed me to like reroute myself back to like this is so important to me. I love my job and I also love coaching. And loving my job is kind of like this newfound place that I found within the last year because I’m back working with older students. So it’s like, I feel like I had to let go of the identity that I hate my job and I need to leave it in order to be a coach, because I was really hanging on to that for so long.

Where now I’m like, I can do both and I’m great at both. And even if I felt like I was being swallowed, I’m responsible for not allowing that to happen to me. So I really just took radical responsibility and took care of myself and put myself first and put my coaching business first. And I feel really, really, really good about it.

But hearing it initially, it was like a little zing, I’m not going to lie.

Lindsey: Totally. The best coaching always is, I feel like. Because it’s like your response where you’re like, “Oh, no, it can’t be that.”

Kaitlynn: Yeah, they see it, for sure.

Lindsey: But also, now being on the show, can you see the difference between who you are today versus who you were then?

Kaitlynn: Oh my God, yeah. And it’s so funny because hindsight is obviously 20/20, so cliche to say. But when I was there, thinking about who I was, like I can even remember sitting where I read the coaching in the group. And I was like, again, kind of stunned or whatever. But thinking of that version of me, even though it was roughly six months ago, and then who I am now, like I am a totally different person.

And if I got that coaching today I’d be like so happy. I’d be like, yes, great point. Like I’d be more than willing to receive it. Whereas back then I was a little salty about it. That’s one example.

And then the second example of like how I’m just so much different and how I would receive that coaching now is that, yeah, I can look at it really honestly to, like I wasn’t. I can be honest and be like I wasn’t really showing up. And of course, that showed up not only my results, but I guess it was evidence, you know?

So I was just lying to myself, and really nobody because it was so apparent, you know?

Lindsey: And I think it’s so powerful because it’s not even like a, I’ve used this coaching on myself when I haven’t gotten opportunities that I wanted. And it’s not like someone, it’s not like I’m going through the list and I’m like, “Kaitlynn, no,” right?

Literally, it’s just like how we create our results every day, right? There’s just like a certain feeling where you’re like, “Oh, this, this and this person.” And it’s not like, oh, this is what’s lacking. It’s just like there’s just a feeling that’s not there, that you’re now showing up with that immediately made my brain go to, “I need to talk to Kaitlynn.”

Kaitlynn: Totally. I think another big distinction between then and now is like when I was asked that question I was, of course, resistant, but then I was unclear. I was like, I don’t know, am I? When I really sat and I was like, but what would I need to do? Like I was really stuck in confusion. I was in the confusion mode and I was very unclear as to what I was doing and what I needed to do and who I needed to be.

But right now I’m just like, oh yeah, I just am, I’m being her. I’m becoming the next version. Like there’s no confusion about it. It doesn’t feel like I can’t answer the question. I feel so certain, I feel so sure. And yeah, I just love that. And I posted in the group like of feeling this freedom, whereas before my coaching business always felt like a tightness, or like I needed to get this certain result in order to feel good or like I was successful. And I’ve really let that go this round and yeah, it’s felt really fun and freeing.

Lindsey: That’s so good, I love it. Okay, so let’s go back to how you got into coaching, like where your journey really began.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. And what’s also pretty cool about how I’ll tell this story, is that without working with a coach, like without being in the mastermind and just like having this deeper level of self-awareness, I think how I would have shared the story I’m about to share. Like this is the first time that I’ll ever share it like this because I was thinking about it last night. I was like, she’s probably going to ask me like what brought me here.

And the way that I thought about it was just, it was so reflective and so deep, whereas before I’d be like, well, I was a mom and I was having a hard time, and then I hired a coach and like everything’s fine. But really what happened, what had happened was this.

So five years ago I had my first daughter and I started a blog just as a creative outlet. I’m a creative, I like to do things and I’ve always loved to help women. And I just started a blog out of nowhere and I was so proud of it. I had a website and I would just post little stories about things that had happened with my daughter.

Like I was just in it, I was so thrilled to be a mom and I just was like, I need to share this with everybody. And women were responding. And I felt like I was helping women in an indirect way. And it felt really, I felt really connected to who I was, I was just like the happiest person ever and I loved it.

And I was also kind of working with women, I was also a personal trainer like on the side. So I was working with women in some capacity pretty much for like pennies, and I didn’t really understand my worth back then. But I was writing workout plans and I like hated writing them. Like hated writing the workout part, but I loved, I was obsessed with connecting with the clients and hearing their transformations and hearing their non scale victories.

And I was like, oh, I love this part. But writing the workouts, like I don’t love that part. But this is the part that I loved. And that kind of just like was always going on in the background and it helped me determine that I loved working with women, but not the workout part. So that kind of lit me up and I was going on whatever. And it was the happiest that I had ever been. And I was obsessed with it all, I loved it all.

Then let’s fast forward, like two years later I was doing this and also still working at the school and I got so sick. I got so freaking sick that I ended up making an appointment with my primary care doctor. And a little backstory is I had to do IVF to get pregnant with my first daughter. So there was a lot that I went through.

And I got so sick, we had started our second round of IVF to hopefully get pregnant again. And I went to my primary care doctor and he was like, first thing, just take a pregnancy test. I’m like, I’m not pregnant. I wasn’t able to get pregnant, there’s no way, and I didn’t take it. And so we’re sitting there, he actually prescribed me a medicine for GI, he referred me to a GI specialist.

And as I’m leaving he was like, “Can you just please take a pregnancy test just to rule it out?” And I was like, fine sir. Like whatever, I’m going to the IVF doctor next week for my next thing, whatever, I hadn’t like officially started. And I was pregnant. And I was like so, I was so shocked. I was so happy, but also know that I wasn’t ready.

I had so much control, the element of control over like I knew exactly when I was being inseminated when I was getting pregnant with Mia, my first daughter. I knew down to the moment I was pregnant. It was like actually scientifically mapped, out every shot that I took, every blood draw, everything.

And so when I got pregnant with Ivy, my youngest daughter, I was like, oh my god, I’m not ready for this. Even though I was so happy I was like, it felt so different. And so I was very sick, my entire pregnancy was very, very different. I loved being pregnant with my first, I was pretty much miserable with my second. But I think that it all, now when I think about it retroflectively, like retroflectively I don’t think that’s the word but you know what I mean.

Lindsey: That’s fine, we make up words on this podcast, that’s totally fine.

Kaitlynn: I do too. Retroflectively, tag that. When I was thinking about it I was like, I was so stuck in this mindset of like this isn’t how it’s supposed to be, I’m miserable, like I was feeding into that. And so I had Ivy, she was born great, healthy, awesome. And she was, it was challenging, as you know, you have little Eva.

It was really challenging and I didn’t experience that with with Mia, with my older daughter. And it was like so much drama, Lindsey, so much mind drama about like what’s wrong with me? It wasn’t like this last time. It was so unfamiliar, I was like, oh, I’m a mom. Like I crushed this, I started a freaking blog my first time around.

I had so much drama about how challenging it was for me. And then I had a ton of stuff, I had another C-section, I had a ton of stuff going on with my scars that I was constantly at the doctor’s. And I felt really badly about my body. I was like, I’m already behind because I had a C-section. I had so much drama.

And my six month appointment, or my six week appointment rather was like March 15th of like 2020. And my doctor comes in, she’s like in full hazmat, full everything because this is the very beginning of Covid, right?

Lindsey: Oh, yeah.

Kaitlynn: And so I’m like, “Doc,” and I have a good relationship with her, I’m like, “What the hell are you wearing? What is going on?” Like I was in total oblivion. She’s like, “Kaitlynn, this is going to be it, I won’t be seeing you for a while, you’re definitely not going back to work.” And I was like, “You’re crazy. You’re absolutely nuts, whatever.”

Like the next day everything shut down and, you know, wasn’t able to go to the gym, wasn’t able to see my family. I was just in such a place that it was the darkest moment of my life, like I could cry thinking about it. And just I remember sitting on my couch and I was like it can’t continue to be like this, my life can’t continue to be like this.

And I remember having a conversation with my husband, I was like I need help, I need to do something. And I was like, why am I so scared to admit that I’m struggling? I shouldn’t have to struggle in silence. Because even throughout Covid, my husband is a small business owner, he worked the entire time so his life didn’t change much, he still had to go to work.

I mean, it changed very much, but not like mine. Mine was home with two girls, a newborn at that. And it was so, so, so, so tough. And I just, I don’t know. I knew a person that, she posted something, my first coach that I initially hired, and it was like, why would you continue working, like not going for something? Why would you continue living out your worst case scenario?

And I was like, I’m sure I’ve heard that quote a bajillion times, but for whatever reason that day, that moment, I was sitting on my couch, I’ll never forget it. And I was like, yeah, why the hell am I still doing this? So I hired my first life coach.

And I hired her because in my mind I was like, I know that I could help moms, I want to help moms. And I really hired her for like business, because I was like, oh, she can help me with my business. And I have a master’s degree in counseling, I have a ton of experience in mental health.

And I was like I know that I could help moms and I talked to moms all the time for my students. And I was like, moms are struggling right now, I’m struggling right now, I could help with this. And when I hired her, it was like the logistics. I was like, okay, I need strategy, I need to do this.

I actually even started a new Instagram page. I was like I’m going to have this business, I’m going to I help moms. It was even called whole at home, I think it’s still an account. For those listening you can like go and look at it, like just the evolution of my brain.

But I was like people are going to be at home, people are going to be needing this. And what I got out of my first experience working with the coach was it was actually like life coaching. She crossed my path, the universe put her on my path so I could really just hash through all of the things that I was going through at the moment where I was like maybe not so eager to get a life coach per se, but I was okay with hiring a life coach for my business or like getting strategy.

And I’m so happy that happened because when our six months was up I had so much transformation and she was actually a one on one client of yours. And then she connected, like I was following you on Instagram just because she had tagged you on stuff and I was like, oh, there’s the next best thing for me.

Then I think the deadline was close for the mastermind but I still reached out anyways and it all ended up working out and then here we are, one and a half years later.

Lindsey: That story is just, like I was over here crying.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, it was so tough and I’ve never told the story like that. I can think about where my mind was as a result of like starting from the moment that I found that I was pregnant it was kind of just all, and anybody that’s trying to get pregnant. I know a lot of moms listening to this, I have so much compassion and love for those trying to get pregnant, that to hear me say I was upset, or not upset to get pregnant, but I was kind of shocked and, yeah, upset.

I mean, that with so much love. It just wasn’t the way that I was planning it. I was so used to having so much control over what was going to happen that the not control part I was like, I’m not ready, this isn’t what I imagined. And it just kind of threw me for a loop.

But looking back on all of that now, Lindsey, I’m just like that was meant to happen. Of course that was meant to happen. And the way I think about even IVF, like I was supposed to go through IVF because I have like such medical phobia and IVF set me up for birth, because I had a pretty traumatic birth. And if I hadn’t had to go through all the blood draws, all the internal sonograms, if I didn’t have to do that I feel like birth would have been even more traumatic because I would have been like, what?

So I just feel like the universe was like you need all this, this is like your prep. This is what you need, this is your prep. And yeah, that’s how it brought me here.

Lindsey: So good, wow. So you reached, I remember you reaching out to me, and I think this is going to be so powerful and it sounds like there’s going to be this theme throughout the whole episode of just like responsibility. And I remember you being like, well, when are the calls? I feel like we got connected kind of last minute and I remember telling you, they’re on Wednesdays at 1:30pm Eastern Time. And do you remember what happened?

Kaitlynn: Yeah, I was like, “Yeah, sorry, it’s not going to work out because I work at a school and I’m going to school at that time, I have to service a kid. They’re on IEPs and I’m legally obligated.” And you’re like, “Well, what if you can make it happen? How could you make it a non-negotiable? That’s your time.”

And that is exactly, I was like, damn, I guess I could talk to the teacher and move the time and I guess that could be my lunch period. I guess I could do that. And like for the last year and a half that’s what I’ve been doing.

Lindsey: That is such a like simple thing, but I also want to celebrate you so deeply because you showed up to every like challenge, right, and that like next level of responsibility. Instead of being defensive, instead of being like, no, this just isn’t possible. Being like, oh, it is possible. And if I am committed to it I’m going to find a way, and you always have.

It’s just so fun to think back on that because I never thought about that again because you’re on like every single call and sometimes you’re like in your class or like, you know, in like your office.

Kaitlynn: I’m like biting my nails. I’m like, no crisis, please.

Lindsey: Yeah, but it’s like, you just were like, oh yeah, you’re right. I can find a way to do this. And I remember you telling me at first you’re like, “I am legally obligated.”

Kaitlynn: Yeah, I was. And I still am.

Lindsey: And you are, yeah. And I was like, all right, let’s challenge this. And you were game. And I think that is what, that’s what makes magic. That’s where growth comes in. And I think that’s part of this room and coaching and the coaching that I do, and one of the big elements of this room is like, and I’m adding this more in an even big way. Well, I even just made up a bunch of words there. But you know what I’m saying.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, a bigger way.

Lindsey: Yeah, making decisions from limitless possibility and getting clear on all the available options. Because what it does is it just expands your mind and then you go to work to create it, even though on paper, in reality, it feels impossible. And that is where you create a limitless reality, that is where you create everything that you want. And I just think it’s so fun that you’ve always been game for that.

Kaitlynn: Yeah.

Lindsey: Even though you could have totally been like this girl’s an asshole, she doesn’t get it. This is like legal shit.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, no, I never thought about it that way. I think one of the coolest things about you, Lindsey, is like you say the hard shit but you’re not, I never took it as an asshole. I don’t think anybody has ever taken what you’ve said as an asshole, but like you just offer possibility in such a way that it’s kind of like the no brainer question.

You didn’t offer this but I was like, yeah, I guess I could talk to the teacher and see if I could move the time. That’s a no brainer, that could be like an easy solution to the problem, everything could be figured out. But sometimes we’re just not willing to see the easy or the, well the easy or the possible solutions.

But you hold space for that in such a great, great way that sometimes we’re just like, all of us are just like oh yeah, I guess I could do you that. That’s like one of the coolest things about being in that room, I think.

Lindsey: I love it. Yeah. And I think that’s what it honestly takes to create an anything but average life and coaching business, is it takes that constant questioning of where am I putting like blocks on myself? Where am I limiting myself saying this isn’t possible, this can’t be done? And removing those and saying if anything was possible how could I find a way? That is what is required.

So that first decision really set you up for that next level of commitment. I think that’s really important for everyone listening, that that’s a part of the growth, is putting yourself in the room. Deciding that whatever things are, like in your mind right now telling you that it’s not a good time, or that circumstantially this doesn’t make sense. It’s like your path to everything you want is asking yourself, how could I find a way?

That’s how you’re going to get the coaching business you want. That’s how you’re going to create the life that you want. And I think it was just such a fun first transformation you got, like by just joining the room.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, by just saying, yes, you’re totally right. And I feel like you have this magic, Lindsey, a lot of us, I’m sure, probably feel the same way that I’m about to say, like you hold all the answers, when in fact, in my brain I know that that is not true. And the answer is like we all hold the answers and the wisdom for ourselves.

But it’s like you have this ginormous, endless, limitless mirror for you to be like, and the way you asked me like, well, what could that be? What could that mean? And it’s just like, in my mind whenever you ask me or whenever you give coaching to me, in my mind, you already know the answer and so it encourages me to search deeper for the answer, where maybe you’re just asking the question and you don’t have the answer.

But I feel like you are such a great example of showing us what possibility is for every single one of us. And I feel like in every situation, whether it’s a personal thing or a business thing, I just feel like you have this wisdom that you pull that out in each of us. And I really love that about you.

Lindsey: Oh, thank you, Kaitlynn, I love that.

Okay, so you got in the room, and tell me about your journey, right? You’ve been in multiple rounds, tell me about what has been your biggest transformations and what that journey has looked like.

Kaitlynn: Okay, like so many things. So many things that I’m like, where do I start? I think the first round was like a wash. My mom unfortunately passed away in the first round so that was just like super hard. But I’ll never forget the way everybody in the room, you guys will always be so special to me, but everybody held such space and was just like, “You just need to feel. You don’t need to do anything, you just need to feel.”

And I think that’s probably the theme that was woven into every single round of the mastermind. And it’s kind of like what we coached on today too. I feel like all of us, myself included, are looking for the next best thing or like how can we get ourselves like back on track? And how can we make this right? And even if we feel like we’re behind, or we’re doing it wrong, or that we don’t want to feel disappointed.

I’ll also never forget coaching that you gave me, which I feel like this is one of the biggest my biggest transformations was just being, sitting with and identifying feeling disappointed. Like disappointing in not signing clients or disappointing in not being where I want it to be.

And that’s kind of like how I felt for the first two rounds, was a lot of disappointment with not getting like the results, and I’m saying air quotes. But the results that I was setting out to do which was like having a full practice, or signing 10 clients, or filling a group room.

And even though I don’t have those results yet, that doesn’t define my success now. I think that I’m so successful. Like in my brain I’m like, I’m so freaking successful, I’m an amazing coach. I have that true believing about myself. And even though I don’t have the results I thought he wants needed, it was never about those results. It was about feeling a certain way and creating that feeling for myself without having the tangibles or without using past evidence against me.

And I think I can say that that is true for all three rounds in the mastermind, that that is my biggest takeaway or that is my biggest transformation. Because even though things might show you one way or even though you don’t have the results that you thought you set out for, you can create so much more.

Like I’ve gotten so much more out of, you know, rather than signing 10 clients per mastermind, I’ve gotten so much more personal growth and personal development that is just like setting me up. So it’s like putting another brick on the wall and another brick on the wall. And before I know it I’m already looking back and I’m like, oh shit, that’s what I built? Oh shit, I’ve done all of that?

That’s why I love when you have us identify our biggest 10, our 10 biggest transformations. And mine, I thought mine would be like I made $100,00, which I did last year with my salary and my coaching business. So that’s a win that I easily breezed over and looked over. But I was like, oh wait, I actually like love and care about myself. I actually am not looking for previous evidence to use against me.

I’m so freaking confident in myself that I’ve never felt this way before. My marriage is great. I’m a great mother. I can walk into a room and I know that I’m magnetic. All those things, they weren’t results that I was trying to create, they were just like a byproduct of everything that I gained from being in the mastermind.

Lindsey: And I think what’s so powerful about that is like that is the work that creates what we want. It’s like when you stop needing the external validation, the money, the clients, the things to believe what you want about yourself, that’s when the clients and the business and the results that you want start happening.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. And I remember like a couple of weeks ago, you’re like, “Yeah, I see a big shift in you.” I’m like, I don’t think I’ve done anything different. I have no strategy, like no big things are changing. I just feel different.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Kaitlynn: So it’s just like a feeling that I’ve created.

Another thing popped into my head too, Lindsey, about one of my biggest transformations. I feel like this is probably so overlooked, but again, one of those no brainer things.

When I started in the mastermind I feel like I was a good coach. I’m a great counselor, I’ve been doing it forever. But I feel like I was like kind of weaving the two together, which I still do and that’s not a problem. But being in the room and watching you, hearing you, seeing you coach and also getting the coaching from the other coaches in the group, I was like, oh shit, I’m an even better coach because of my witness to you and the other coaches.

I forget that you’re surrounded by 20 other coaches that are also badass coaches, and I’m like, oh, that’s a great question to ask. Oh, shit, I never thought about looking at it like that, I’m going to use that with my client. It sharpens your coaching skills in such a way that I was like, I never thought that I was going to, like I came to be coached not to like sharpen my coaching skills.

And I feel like it’s just something that is, yeah, something that I’ve kind of overlooked. And I’m like, oh yeah, I’ve gotten to be such a better coach and such an open mind and ask way, way, way better questions than I ever would have if I hadn’t joined this group because I would have been stuck in like my own way.

And through the mastermind, you get to see 21, well, 20 including yourself, 20 people’s way that you can kind of morph into your way or it’s like to add tools to your toolkit. I think that that’s pretty cool. Kinds of like a glass bowl that you get to see see into.

Lindsey: Yes, and I think that’s really one of the premises of the room. Like I think coaching skills is like a byproduct, I don’t really talk about that all the time.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, you should though, that’s a good one.

Lindsey: Yeah, really. Because well when you’re transforming, and I think that’s one of the biggest things, is I’m always talking about leading by example, right? It’s really hard to sell coaching when you are like, “Hey, moms, create a life you’re obsessed with.” But over here I’m definitely not obsessed with my life.

It’s like, no matter how great you are of a coach, it’s like there’s some part of your belief that isn’t there because you don’t have the results that you want to offer other people. And I think that’s such a big component of this room, is making those changes and being a byproduct of coaching to where you’re like, “Oh my gosh, everyone needs this. I need to run out in the world like I’m on fire because this is so groundbreaking.”

If you don’t feel like that about coaching, if you don’t feel like that about your life or whatever result you’re offering, it does not matter how great your strategies are, it doesn’t matter how many classes you take, I mean you have a masters, right? Like how much you learn and how much you know cognitively, when you embody that then it’s like all of your actions start to shift.

It’s kind of what Kaitlynn was just saying, I pointed out like I can feel such a shift. It’s like she didn’t go, “You know what I’m going to change? I’m going to change this, this, and this.” But what she did was she changed internally and then that is what is sending a different message externally.

Kaitlynn: 1,000,000%. And I feel like when I first started out I was definitely coaching the A line. I was definitely like, this is the action. Actually my first group program was called Love and Action, like bless her soul that Kaitlynn back then, it was called Love and Action and it was like all about taking action, which I still believe in.

I feel like there needs to be like a melody between like all the lines, but I was like do this, do this, do this, but not really realizing that it wasn’t working for myself included. Because really okay, where do your actions come from? Your actions come from what you’re feeling and how you’re feeling. Well, they come from your thoughts, so if you’re not looking at your thoughts, you’re missing the biggest component, so that whole like harmony.

I was definitely coaching the actions. But then when you think about it really logically, take a step back, like even if you’re a new coach or even if you’re someone that’s been doing it for a while and all you’re doing is being like okay, well if that’s not working try this. Okay, that didn’t work try this. Okay, that didn’t work, try this. Rather than like really like getting to the root cause, but why? Okay, but why? What might be happening? What might be going on here?

Yeah, like I’m just like sitting on this call and I was like definitely I used to just do that, I was coaching on the A line.

Lindsey: And I think that’s such a great point. I think great coaching is a dance of the two, because it’s like if you’re not taking action, or anyone, your clients aren’t, right? It’s like, okay, sometimes we just got to like try some stuff and the ball moving.

Kaitlynn: That’s true too.

Lindsey: And then we get to evaluate why it’s working or why it’s not working. And that is going to come into your mindset and how you’re approaching it. If you take a step back, right, for business in particular, it’s like everyone’s doing the same stuff, right? We’re all posting on social media, we’re all adding value, we’re all doing all the things.

The difference is in these minute shifts, in the way that you’re feeling, and how you’re showing up, and the thoughts that are driving them. And that’s what ultimately is the difference between signing clients, creating the business you want, creating the life you was versus not.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, totally. And I remember you like inviting us in the group to post. You were like, if you want I’ll help you with marketing. You guys can post your social media posts in the group and get coaching on that before. And you’re like, I’ll be able to tell you the kind of energy that you were having when you were writing this post and we can coach on it.

And back then I was like, again, that confusion, that like, “Oh, I don’t get it. I don’t know how she can tell that. I don’t understand, like how would she be able to know what kind of energy?” And I’m like, “Oh, now I get it. Now that I’m where I am I’m like, oh, I can totally tell.” Like if I would look back on my posts from like a year ago I would be a little to cringey, like, no, I am a little cringey about it.

But I needed to have those cringey posts because now I can look back and be like, okay, maybe that didn’t work, but this is the way that works. Like it didn’t make sense and it wasn’t clicking then. And now it’s clicking, but it’s because I’m here. Do you know what I mean?

Lindsey: Yes. And it’s because you’re this person, right, who believes so deeply in what she has to offer. Who’s running out in the world like she’s on fire because she knows how powerful her coaching is and that moms need this.

Kaitlynn: Yeah. And this is very recent, by the way.

Lindsey: Yeah, it is.

Kaitlynn: For everybody listening this is very recent, like summertime recent. We’re in September now, I remember getting coaching on this, I was sitting on the beach. Like what will make you run out like your hair’s on fire? Like you said, and I was like, oh, damn, okay, that’s the energy that I need to get into.

And I’m like, well, how can I relate to that? I am obsessed with my life, I love my life, I have a great marriage, a great partnership. I love my daughters. I love to have fun. And I’m like, how can I take that with me into my coaching? And how can I inspire other moms to feel the exact same way? Because I want other moms to know that this is possible to, you know? So here we are.

Lindsey: So good.

Kaitlynn: It’s so exciting.

Lindsey: I love it.

Kaitlynn: Me too.

Lindsey: So what else? Is there anything else that you wanted to share that you didn’t get to touch on? This mama has to get her kid off the bus, so we’ve got like, 10 minutes? Yeah, I’m looking at the clock, I just want to make sure that we stay on track here.

But is there anything in particular that you feel like you wanted to share? About the room, about you know, like if there’s somebody listening who wants to join and they are on the fence, is there something that you would want to share with them?

Kaitlynn: Yes, 100%. I don’t think I’ve ever been in, no, I can say with certainty I’ve never been in another group of women that claps and cheers for each other. Like I could cry, I love all of the women that are in the mastermind.

But it’s like a tribute to you, Lindsey, to the room and the space that you’ve created. When other coaches are in our group and they’re like celebrating signing a client, or like increasing the price to 10k, or like going over the 100k mark for the year. We are all, like I sense that we are all genuinely so fucking happy, oh, I swore. That’s okay.

Lindsey: Doesn’t matter.

Kaitlynn: Okay. We are so fucking happy for each other in like this heartfelt sisterhood kind of way. And I feel like that’s not something that you’re putting in marketing because it’s like how could you even encapsulate the love that we have for each other? And some of us have been around for three rounds now, where I’m like be my best friends. I love these women and I love seeing them win. I love watching other women win.

So if you are someone that is looking for a community of women that sincerely and genuinely has your back and wants nothing more than to see you win, like making referrals for you of clients that they have like, “Oh, you have to check out Kaitlynn Norwood,” that’s happening in this room and it’s all because Lindsey has created this space for us to be like these are my standards, this is what they expect. And that’s how we show up.

We love each other so much and we’re all winning and it just kind of expands like the winning energy, the celebrations. And if you’re wanting that in your life, this is the spot for it because it’s just so heartwarming. I know that you feel that too. And I know that the other women love each other.

Lindsey: Yes, that’s such a great way to like describe it. It’s really fascinating because you’re right, I don’t talk about that a lot.

Kaitlynn: Nope.

Lindsey: It’s just been like so authentically created where it’s like your results matter as much as everyone’s personal results. And everyone deeply cares and they’re there in the tough moments, they’re there and the high moments, they’re there to remind you who the hell you are. They’re there to show like, I think that is such a big thing, is being around people who show you what’s possible.

Because we are just naturally limited by what we’re surrounded by, our society, our family, the people who are around. Putting yourself in this room is about putting yourself around other people who you’re going to go, “Wait a minute, you can do it like that? You can do life like that? You can do business like that?” And that immediately expands what’s possible for you. And that is just like such a huge asset.

Kaitlynn: It’s invaluable. We could all sit in a Zoom call like with, I feel like we could really do this. We could all sit on our call with the mics off and we could just like stare and I just feel like we all would have this like heartfelt connection, and love, and admiration, and respect for every single person that is going through something hard.

Or every single person that is celebrating the hugest win. Or a huge milestone in their business, or a huge milestone in their personal life. And we’re all just like, “Hell fucking yeah, I knew you could do it. Oh my god, you’re such an example.”

We are just like a group of bad bitches and we’re just like doing the damn thing. And everybody is here for it and I love that. Because when this is happening in the group you’re like, “Oh, I can’t wait to get on there and celebrate what I’m doing. And I cannot wait to sincerely express my happiness for Rebecca over there that’s celebrating this.”

It really feels so nice and I don’t have that with any other friendship group, or women, or group of moms or anything. And there’s just like something so nurturing and connected in what happens in the mastermind that, and I know it’s magic, that’s just like invaluable. I love it.

Lindsey: And they’re there, like all of you guys are there when it’s tough. I think it’s also important too, it’s like everyone equally is there when it’s like they’re celebrating your biggest moment as well as like holding you up when it’s hard, when it’s challenging, when you’re feeling broken, and when you’re feeling all of that.

Kaitlynn: Yeah, yeah. And I know I got emotional for a second, but I’ll forever be indebted to you and the mastermind for like just holding space after my mom, especially, because that was just awful. And I still have women checking in on me like to the day, like how are you doing? You know, especially on anniversaries or the holidays. And I’m like these are like lifelong friends that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. So it’s really, really special.

Lindsey: So good.

Kaitlynn: It’s really awesome. Juicy things are happening in there.

Lindsey: What did you say?

Kaitlynn: I said juicy things are happening in there.

Lindsey: Oh, yes, they are. And that is, like the next round we have the retreat, which is even more because some of the you guys haven’t even met yet in person.

Kaitlynn: That was my biggest FOMO in last round, that I didn’t go. I felt like I was the only one, I probably was the only one. But I was like I missed out on the biggest and best opportunity of my life for like not allowing myself to create space for that. But yeah, that seemed like it was so magic and it kind of binded you guys all in this way that I’m like, I’m in there, but I feel like I did miss out on such a huge piece of that journey.

Lindsey: Well that’s why it’s in the next round because it is, it’s such a big piece of it.

Kaitlynn: It was such a great addition.

Lindsey: Well and I think that it’s important for everyone listening, if you’re like, oh my gosh, this group of like bonded sisterhood, I’m not going to, like I’m on the outside. Just know that you are welcomed in with just as much like love.

Kaitlynn: Because yeah, I mean, I’ve seen women come and go, like there’s been a couple of shifts. And it’s like we just we pick up on it. It’s like, “Oh, you’re in.” Like you’re just in, like you show up on Zoom and you’re like, oh, you’re one of us and we love you too. I’ve never felt like there’s ever been like, “Oh, she’s the new girl.” It’s never been like that. It’s always love, it’s always welcoming, it’s always just awesome. So yeah, it’s not like that.

Lindsey: So good, I love it. So Kaitlynn, where can people connect with you and your badass self?

Kaitlynn: Gosh, I love me some Instagram. I’m always on Instagram. I should probably get off Instagram a little bit. But I’m always on Instagram, I have a podcast, it’s called Confident Like a Mother. And my Instagram is just my name, it’s Kaitlynn with an underscore Norwood. And yeah, I want everybody listening to follow along. I love meeting new people, new podcast listeners are awesome and that’s where I’ll be.

Lindsey: So good, we’ll make sure to link everything so you guys can find her.

Kaitlynn: Cool.

Lindsey: And if you want to be in this room go to lindseymangocoaching.com/A, B as in boy, A coach and we will see you on the inside. Thank you so much for your time, Kaitlynn, and we made it with five minutes to spare for you to get your kids off the bus.

Kaitlynn: Oh my gosh, I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Lindsey: You’re welcome, I’ll talk to you guys soon, bye.

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