[SCEO] 83: How to Be Your Highest Self

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If you’re ready to finally start creating your dream life, this episode is for you. The concept of stepping into your highest self is one of my core teachings, and it’s something that I implemented early on to create the life I have today.

When I was living my old life, dreaming of the life I would eventually have, this tool is what helped my life catch up with the woman I was becoming. Today, I’m outlining how you can step into your highest self. It’s not about becoming someone you’re not, but rather fully embodying who you’re meant to be, and I’m giving you all the steps.

This process requires you to really get aligned with the thoughts and feelings you imagine your future self to have. I’m showing you how to connect the dots between where you are now and where you see yourself in the future so that eventually, the actions you take are going to manifest the life you want.

I have a program called The Coach Business Academy, which focuses on helping service-based, heart-centered coaches and business owners attract and sign clients in their businesses. This is a program that is going to help you challenge beliefs that aren’t serving you and change them to bring your business to the next level. You also get lifetime access and lifetime support, so what are you waiting for? See you there!

What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • What stepping into your highest self means and what it doesn’t mean.
  • The questions to ask yourself when envisioning your highest self.
  • How to connect the dots of your vision of your highest self.
  • What to do with thoughts you don’t believe yet.

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Hi girl, welcome to Soul CEO; a podcast for women who know they’re destined for more. I’m Lindsey Mango and I’m going to show you that you can have it all and teach you how to get it by becoming the CEO of your soul, life, and business. Let’s get started.

Hello, how are you guys? Happy Wednesday. At least that’s when this episode drops, so if it isn’t a Wednesday, happy Saturday, Friday, whatever. Happy day.

I’m pumped to be here and I also, as always, love thinking about when these episodes are going live and when this one goes live, we are officially a week away from Chris and I heading to our wedding in Asheville, North Carolina. I’m so excited.

If you guys get a little sick of my wedding excitement, I apologize. I do have to say before I met Chris, I never understood why women were so excited about their weddings, which is kind of funny. It probably was a sign. But I totally get it now.

So if you guys want to keep up with the fun, follow me on Instagram, @lindseymango_. Again, I love it when you guys share my podcast episodes on your story. You never know who needs to hear this message. And so if you feel called to do that, I would love for you to tag me and I’m eternally grateful.

So let’s get to it. Today I wanted to teach something that I used and implemented early on in my journey of being a coach and learning this work, and it’s something that I still use to this day. And I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually taught it on a podcast before.

And so this is the idea of stepping into your highest self. So for those of you who don’t know what that is, your highest self is the version of you who already has what you desire. She is that confident, badass version of you that when you dream of what’s possible for yourself and your life and your business and your relationship, she is the woman in that vision.

And what I think is so important and so powerful for us to understand is our highest self is accessible to us at all times. And a lot of times people think that their life circumstances have to change in order to be that woman. The reality is the way you create that life is by stepping into that woman right now. Showing up as her today.

Now, the other thing I want to touch on before I jump into how you can actually start implementing this and stepping into your highest self literally right now, like yesterday, is to understand that your highest self isn’t about being something that you’re not. It’s not about stepping into something that you should be, or anything like that.

It’s really about being who you’re really meant to be and confidently owning that and showing up the way that you truly want to show up in the world without the fear. Without the discomfort. Without the worry. That is who your highest self is.

So I always like to preface this work with that because I think sometimes people get stuck thinking that they’re supposed to be something else and that’s not at all the case. To me, it’s more about reminding you of who the heck you are, how powerful you are, how confident you can be right now.

So let’s get to it. How do you actually step into being your highest self right now in this moment? The first part of this process for me is getting clear on what you want in your life. So if you were to close your eyes and envision your dream life, your dream business, your dream relationship, your dream whatever it is, I just want you to take yourself to that place of what you truly desire for yourself in your life.

Now, as you’re thinking about this, what I want you to do is I want you to connect to who you are in that vision. What is she like? How does she show up? What does she do on a daily basis? How does she interact with people? What is she wearing?

I want you to really get a clear image of what she is like. Now, as you’re envisioning her and the life she has and the way she does life and the way she interacts and who she is, I want you to really tap into how you feel in your body. When you envision her, how does she feel on a regular basis?

The next piece of this is once you identify – I want you to identify five feelings. So is she confident? Is she free? Is she excited? Is she motivated? Is she committed? What does she embody? I want you to jot them down.

Now, here is where we’re going to connect the dots. For each of these feelings, what I want you to do is identify the thoughts that she has. So what makes her feel confident? What makes her feel committed? What makes her feel excited? What makes her feel motivated? Why does she feel those feelings?

And break it down for every single feeling. Now, what we have is a clear guide to who you want to be and the woman you’re meant to be to have the life you dream of having. Now, this is where you really connect the dots.

So you see where you want to get, these thoughts, these feelings, this is what she embodies, and the work now is to identify which of these thoughts could be true right now. Where could you see – and I want you to challenge your mind – where could you see that these things are already true about you and your life?

Maybe in the future you imagine yourself impacting thousands of people. And the thought is I’m changing people’s lives. How can you see that you change people’s lives right now? Maybe even if that’s two people.

Look for evidence to create that thought. So again, identify which thoughts are true right now and jot next to them where there is evidence that they are true today in this moment. Boom. You’re already seeing that you are her. It’s all about your perspective.

Now, what do you do with the thoughts that you really don’t connect with, that you can’t believe? Here’s how you will know you will believe them. You will actually feel the feeling in your body now. So for the ones you don’t believe, here’s the next piece of this work.

Find a thought you do believe that is a step towards that thought. So let’s just say the thought you have in your future self, in your highest self is I’m impacting thousands of lives. And you’re like, okay, I don’t believe that I’m impacting thousands of lives.

But maybe right now you consistently feel like ugh, I’m not helping enough people. So what you want to do is you want to find a thought, I call it a bridge thought. I think Brooke Castillo calls it a bridge thought, in between there. So instead of believing you don’t help anybody now, or you’re not helping enough people, what else could be true that will help you bridge the gap towards that future thought of I’m helping thousands of people?

Could it be like, I’m helping lots of people, or I’m definitely helping some people? Find something that helps you shift out of your current feeling of I’m not helping enough people towards something that gets you more in line with your highest self.

So for the thoughts that you don’t believe, identify a new thought that helps you step towards that feeling and that thought. This is where you get to connect the dots and see that you already have access to believing this about yourself. And this is where people get stuck is they’re constantly thinking, when I get there and that life, then I’ll have those results.

But again, you create those results by being that woman now and you become that woman by recognizing and realizing that you already are her because it’s all about your perspective. I would tell you guys that I always thought when I got in this moment in my life with this business, with this life that I’ve created, that I would be constantly thinking, holy crap, I’m a badass.

And unless I choose to actively create that, I do not think that because our minds aren’t wired to think that way. And so it’s so important to recognize and see that this person is already you so that when you do get to the future point, you can realign yourself and constantly see how amazing and how badass you are.

Now, here’s the last piece of stepping into your highest self. Now that you recognize that you can create these feelings within yourself right now, the question you have to ask yourself is if I felt these feelings and if I was this woman, what actions would I be taking on a daily basis right now?

What things is she doing that I could be doing right now? Is she getting out of her comfort zone and doing Facebook Lives? Is she speaking in front of people? Is she reaching out to people who she thinks would be an ideal client? Is she putting herself out there and going on dates? Is she treating herself like a queen? Taking bubble baths and creating amazing experiences?

Now, what this is going to do, these actions might make you uncomfortable or they might take active work but these are the actions that are literally the doorways to your future and highest self. So it’s good if they’re uncomfortable because that discomfort is what helps you grow your strength and who you’re becoming.

Those actions are going to be the thing that help fuel you forward to continue to step into her. So now you’ve identified exactly what you need to start doing today to be that woman. I love highest self. It is one of the things when my life wasn’t super amazing, it was one of the things that I constantly practiced that helped me manifest and create the life that I have today.

I was able to change my experience of my life when I was waking up at 4:30 in the morning, going to my job, doing all these things, I was able to step into my highest self and be that woman in that life. And slowly but surely, my life started to catch up with who I was becoming and that’s how I grew.

I would love to hear y’alls feedback. I love you guys so much. I’m so excited for another week, another episode, and next week we’ll be even closer to my wedding, so I’m going to be even more hyped. I love you guys. I hope you have a beautiful week and please, step into your highest self right now. That’s how you create your dream life. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Love you. Bye.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode of Soul CEO. If you are ready to take this work deeper and you want to bring your dream business or a reality, I wanted to make sure that you knew that Mango Magic Business Academy was available to you. Head to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagic.

Or if you don’t have a business and you are ready to bring your dream life to a reality and know you are meant for more, my Mango Magic Life School is also available. Go to lindseymangocoaching.com/mangomagiclifeschool for all the details. These programs are both life and business changing and you get access and coaching with me to walk through the modules and ask questions and get support to make your dream life or your dream business, or both a reality. I love you. I can’t wait to see you in there.

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